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  • 1. Lunch Diary Study December 2010Image:
  • 2. Agenda Background and methodology Key findings What do we eat for lunch? Where do we eat our lunch? Where do we source our lunch? What do we spend on lunch? DemographicsImage:
  • 3. Background and Methodology Background We are looking to explore possible opportunities for expanding the proposition of wet soup as a year round credible lunch option. The objectives of the research are to: Determine the current top lunch options for Australians Identify top 10 lunch options by demographics in the warmer vs cooler months of the year Establish if there is an opportunity to own the lunch occasion more overtly, particularly counter - seasonal Methodology Online survey conducted in two waves: - Summer (Nov 2010) and Winter (April/ May 2011) Sample of n=1,400 (200 per day) 50/50 Male/Female (with 50/50 working / non working women) Survey infield 23-29 November 2010Image:
  • 4. Key findings Key findings Based on total lunch items consumed among 1,400 Australians in the last week of Spring, it appears that soup does not strongly feature as a popular lunch choice. Less than 3% of total people consumed soup for lunch across the week. More popular items include sandwiches/ rolls, salads and fruit - all items that are easy to prepare and are readily available to purchase ready made in supermarkets or from food outlets. Interesting, the majority of reported lunch choices appear to be relatively healthy options Across all lunch occasions throughout the week, among all demographics, at least 70% of lunchtime meals are eaten at home or at work. For most people, wet soup would be a viable lunch alternative within these two venues In total, across any given week, around six in ten people either buy ingredients to make their own lunch, buy lunch items with their general grocery shopping, or visit a supermarket to purchase lunch items for that day. All of these people represent possible soup consumers who have an opportunity to purchase wet soup from a supermarket as a lunch option Overall, six in ten people spend $5 or less on their lunch on average across both weekends and weekdays, while nine in ten spend no more than $10 on their lunch on average. Wet soup is a viable lunch option in terms of budget parameters. While not specifically explored in the research, it appears that the main barrier to soup consumption throughout the warmer months may be driven by more of a mindset limitation, and less visibility of soup as a credible option during warmer seasonsImage:
  • 5. Agenda Background and methodology Key findings What do we eat for lunch? Where do we eat our lunch? Where do we source our lunch? What do we spend on lunch? DemographicsImage:
  • 6. Top 15 Lunch items Lunch item Number (n) Percent 1. Sandwich/ roll with meat + cheese or salad 240 17% 2. Salad (alone or with chicken/ steak/ fish) 183 13% 3. Fruit/ fruit salad * 173 12% 4. Sandwich/roll with meat ( eg ham, chicken) / tuna 133 10% 5. Steak/ chicken schnitzel/ BBQ/ roast # 120 9% 6. Sandwich without meat (eg salad, cheese, vegemite) 119 9% 7. Chinese/ Thai/ stirfry/ noodles 86 8% 8. Toast with topping/ bread 85 6% 9. Quiche/ omelette/ eggs/ rice 75 5% 10. Fries/ hot chips/ wedges 71 5% 11. Pasta/ risotto 70 5% 12. Yoghurt/ ice cream 67 5% 13. Tuna/ fish/ seafood 66 5% 14. Sweets/ pastries (eg cookies/ slice/ cakes) 65 5% 15. Fast food (eg meat pie/ hot dog/ kebabs) 61 4% * 31% of fruit eaters also ate a sandwich, # 30% of meat eaters also consumed vegetables with their mealBase: Total sample (n=1,400) Q: What did you have for lunch yesterday? ( note multiple responses)
  • 7. Observations of top lunch options The top summer lunch options among Australians share a number of common attributes. In particular, lunch items such as sandwiches, salads and fruit are: reasonably healthy food choices quick and easy to prepare commonly available food options whether they are prepared at home or purchased from a food outlet can be consumed cold, although warm food is not necessarily a barrier for summer lunch choices a number of people chose toasted sandwiches and the majority of meat dishes were consumed warm However, in terms of developing soup as a credible out of season food choice, the need to heat the soup prior to consumption, and the lack of availability via food courts/ food outlets in summer means soup is perhaps not top of mind.Image:
  • 8. Top Lunch items Top Ten Lunch Choices Males