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A presentation on social media content strategy made for TiE Mumbai.

Transcript of Samit Malkani_TiE Institute_Social Media Content Strategy_280712

  • 1. Content StrategySamit Malkani, Creative Head, Jack In the Box Worldwide

2. Lets start by understanding one key point. 3. Thisis social media. 4. Thisis rocket science. 5. Thisis SPARTAAAA!! 6. What is content?Anything that keeps people coming back for more and opens a dialogue with them.It could be read, watched, listened to or interacted with. 7. The not-so-secret formulaHow Social What you saymediayou sayit content 8. What you say. Put yourself in your audiences shoes and ask,What would I like the brand to talk to me about? The expected, and the unexpected. 9. I could go on with some gyaan Or we could actually answer this question together. 10. Now for the how.(This is how we social media junkies pay for roti, kapda, makaan and beer.) 11. You arent the only brand in your category. You need to stand out from the crowd. Your content needs tolook different and sound different. Think of your brand as a person. And write the way that person would speak. 12. Dont try to sell to your customer.Instead, tell stories about your brand and products. Amuse them, amaze them. Talk about the world and the lifestyle that your brand portrays. 13. Be topical.Pranabda becomes President. The Olympics. Scams. Sherlyn Chopra nude.Keep your eyes open, pick the topics that work best for the brand,and figure out how to repurpose those for your brand. Hint: Amul. 14. This day, that year.2001: Ian Thorpe won 6 Gold Medals at a single World Championships. 1929: Jackie Kennedy was born. 1983: Dhanush was born. Today is World Hepatitis Day. 15. Entertain them. If you think people are on Facebook and Twitterto buy hair dye, you are kidding yourself.Or, as we say on Twitter, Agar aap sochte hain ki log Facebook aur Twitter pehair dye khareedne aate haintoh #AapChu****Hain. 16. Content MixIt doesnt have to be plain text all the time. Use pictures, videos, polls, links, hashtags, games and audio embeds to vary your content and keep your audience interested. 17. The thing about social media is that people talk back. 18. How to respond is equally important. 19. A few tips.Be honest. Dont overpromise. Apologise if you are wrong.A little bit of humour, well applied, can ease even the toughest situation. Treat your audience as people you know and want to have a chat with. 20. Faster is better. On Twitter, aim to reply within the hour.On Facebook, 12-24 hours is fine for most categories. 21. Tip: Set up Facebook and Twitteron your smartphone. 22. Facebook gyaan. Facebooks hierarchy of posts: Images Text Videos Links Plan for 2-3 posts a day. Most people will tell you long posts are boring. I say theres no such thing as along post only a too long post. Use apps and tabs to build engagement when you have something special to talkabout. 23. Twitter gyaan. Have a conversation. Dont spout monologues. Use TweetDeck as your Twitter client. Try to avoid telling people what you ate for dinner, how frequentlyyou use the loo, which celeb youre crushing on, etc. Build influence through networking, content and conversation. Use hashtags to create specific conversations. 24. Boo-boos to avoid. Rudeness and arrogance. Racism. Casteism. Gay jokes. Responding only to positive reviews. Knocking your competitors. 25. And so, with that said,lets get down to the workshop!