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SAMASOURCEAshley Cline, National Sales Manager415-797-9448,

2017 Mission St. Suite 301San Francisco, CA 94110

Founded in 2008, Samasource is a social enterprise that provides high quality data solutions for enterprise clients.




DATA PROJECTS THAT REQUIRE A HUMAN TOUCHCONTENT SERVICESContent curationContent digitizationContent moderationSentiment analysisSAMASOURCE SERVICESDATA SERVICESData collectionData verificationData enrichmentIMAGE SERVICESImage annotationImage optimizationMACHINE LEARNINGImage annotationData verification & classification

CONTENT SERVICESContent CurationProvide high-quality product descriptions, content reviews and editingContent DigitizationMake your images and written content discoverable Content ModerationProtect your community from inappropriate contentSentiment AnalysisDetermine and score the sentiment of your audience

When we first started the project, we didnt know the exact scope. Samasource let us be flexible and experiment until we found the perfect solution. RAM RAMPALLI, DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT MANAGEMENT

Fast turnaround, excellent quality, and impressive customer service Samasource definitely delivered for us. MONICA ROGATI, SENIOR DATA SCIENTIST

DATA SERVICESData CollectionEnhance your data through gathering, sorting and cleansing data setsData VerificationValidate accuracy and consistency of your dataData EnrichmentEnrich existing data sets through research

Optimize your images to improve user experience by editing them

Samasource has been extremely responsive to our needs and the quality of the results that we've seen has been really compelling. It's been a fantastic partnership and I can see it growing from here. JOHN KELLEY, DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT MANAGEMENT

IMAGE SERVICESImage AnnotationMake your images searchable and classifiable through tagging, captioning, and assigning keywordsImage OptimizationOptimize images through photo moderation for a better user experience

MACHINE LEARNINGImage AnnotationDeliver a superior end-product by training your computer algorithms with accurately annotated images including plotting of points, polygons, lines, and rectangles with specific metadata tags. Data Verification & ClassificationCreate a precise and structured data set for training your algorithms

High-TechCustomersCommunications, Media and EntertainmentE-CommerceAutomotive


DISCOVERClient Objective AlignmentGather RequirementsScopeContractSERVICE DELIVERYProject LaunchSLA ManagementKPI ReportingPLANPlatform ConfigurationWorkflow ManagementTrainingQuality StrategyENHANCE & EVOLVEProcess ImprovementsChange ManagementIterateSERVICE DELIVERY METHODOLOGYCONSULTATIVE SERVICESEnd-to-end account management supportSecure technical infrastructureOnshore project managementOffshore, nearshore, and onshore operations

TECHNOLOGY: SAMAHUBThe SamaHUB is web-based application for managing large data projects, including task workflow, distribution, quality control, and project-based training Anytime, anywhere accessWeb-based software that is accessible anywhere with an internet connection

Scale projects quicklyTask-distribution engine enables fast distribution of projects

Customized for you Client portal that is customized to your project requirements

Quality assuranceBuilt-in quality control tools ensure 99.9% SLAs

Impact TrackingSurvey, track and assess worker benefitsWorkflow Management Work management for teams from 2 people to 1,000sReal time views of work being completedTraining workflows to ensure quality workCustomer Specific ConfigurationRoles based accessCustomer specific workflow, labels and fieldsCustomer data delivery through API or CSVQuality ControlInspect quality of tasks Review and manage tasksAutomate quality assurance through goldAnalyticsMonitor project progress and quality score by individual, team or project


FACILITIESPHYSICAL SECURITYAccess card security and alarm systemsBackground check on all employeesData security agreement with each employeeBlocking of recording devices (Floppy Disk & CD-ROM Drives)

TECHNOLOGICAL SECURITYEncryption devices / Firewall & VPNLAN & WAN 100% redundancy in power and controlBack-ups for all applicationsISO certified sites

IT INFRASTRUCTURE & SUPPORT CAPABILITIESIn house expertise in technical domains Software, Networking, Help deskBusiness Continuity Planning (BCP), Data Recovery DRCustomized Reports and client-specific tools24 X 7 technical support; Real-time network monitoring & management


IMPACT SOURCING: SOCIAL IMPACTImpact Sourcing is a business process sourcing model that provides quality and cost at parity with traditional BPO services. Our Impact Sourcing model allows people to improve their condition on their own terms, learn new skills, and become producers in the global economy, not just consumers.IN JUST OVER SIX YEARS, WEVE INCREASED HOUSEHOLD INCOME FOR OVER 27,000 PEOPLE FROM LOW-INCOME COMMUNITIES IN KENYA, UGANDA, INDIA, AND HAITI.FOR COMPANIES IT MEANSAccess to a qualified, reliable, rigorously trained talent pool with skill sets closely aligned to client needsAbility to increase footprint in new markets and access opportunities to fulfill CSR objectivesOpportunity to make a positive impact on society while doing business

$804 / YRBEFORE$2,974 / YRAFTER



COMPARING SOLUTIONS: BPO, CROWDSOURCING, SAMASOURCEBPO (WIPRO, Cognizant, Infosys)Crowdsourcing (CrowdFlower, Mechanical Turk)SamasourceScalable modelStandard 90-95% SLA quality rateDedicated workforce & project managementCustomized solutionsMeasurable impact

SAMASOURCE PARTNERSHIP MODELSAMASOURCEHiring criteriaRigorous scoping, set-up, and allocation of projects from customers in the US such as Microsoft, Walmart Labs, eBay Project management, including workflow design, execution support, client communication and relationship management Quality control and re-packaging of project work to meet client requirementsHolistic worker services, including training and resources (e.g. financial literacy)Operational support and feedbackImpact tracking and reporting

DELIVERY CENTER (DC) PARTNERSRecruitment of workers Training of workers (with support of Samasource Pro Serv)Management including HR and Accounts PayableInfrastructure including facilities and technology (internet, devices)