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Sample Pages from an Insulation Company's sales book.

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  • 1.Introduction

2. What Our Customers are Saying ... I would strongly recommend using ClassicI have used Classic Insulation and Pest Control Insulation and Pest Control. I received 3 differentfor a number of projects over the last eight bids for putting insulation in my 1930s home. The years, including removing and replacing insulation Classic Insulation team shined high above theirin large apartment structures. They have competition, from the front desk to the estimator, consistently done an excellent job, staying on to the installation crew, their professionalism wastime and on budget. Other contractors, working impressive. Plus we haved saved approximatelyon my properties, have commented highly on the 30% on our heating cost!quality of their work. - Gregg Murphy -Gary BurchardMount Vernon, WAKent, WAMy house is over 35 years old and Classic These guys were quick! They gave a good Insulation removed all of the old insulation in both service with no problems afterward. When we my attic and crawl space and re-insulated both need more work in the future, we know who to with more modern materials. In addition, theycall. put down new vapor barrier in the crawl space. -Tim Epps I have had two other professional insulation Seattle City Light people review the work and they both said that it was one of the best professional jobs they had seen in a crawl space and attic. I have been very pleased with their work and the timeliness of the job.-Dean CruzeMercer Island, WA 3. We Plug the Big Holes First! Although you must seal the small cracks because conditioned air escapes through them, the biggest savings will come from plugging the largest holes. Like... a Where interior and exterior walls meet the attic floor.a Soffits and other dropped-ceiling areasa Behind attic kneewalls To address these issues, here are some of the steps we take to fix the problem and insure the proper insulation of your home. 4. ... for FREE!* At Classic Insulation and Pest Control we feel strongly that sealing all the openings in your home are critical to insure proper insulation. Thats why we seal these often overlooked areas for free. We seal openings around plumbing vents, pipes, electrical boxes and wires. Once the foam or caulk is dry, we cover the area with insulation. * Classic Insulation and Pest Control will seal all the leaks mentioned above for FREE as long asremoval of existing insulation is included in the work order. 5. Frequently Asked Questions What Is an R-Value?Why Insulate? An R-value is a rating used to measure how wellInsulation is one of the smartest investments you insulation can resist heat flow. The higher thecan make in your home because it provides year- R-value, the greater the insulation properties round comfort and savings in three important ways: and the slower heat and cold flows through it. Because insulation with higher R-values is Lower Energy Bills more energy-efficient, the colder the climate, the Insulation keeps your home warmer in the winter, higher the required R-value. which lowers your heating costs. In the summer,insulation keeps your home cooler, which eases Different areas of the home have different the load on your air conditioner. recommended R-values, depending on what materials are used and how much space is available for insulation. The table below showsQuieter, More Comfortable Living the suggested R-values for homes.Insulation can actually absorb sound, reducing theunwanted noise from appliances, audio equipment, The R-value you need will also depend on where conversation and other sources of sound that you live. The map shows you what R-values you are transmitted through your walls and floors. might need, based on your home being located Insulation also keeps your family more comfortable in the Pacific making it easier for your furnace or airconditioner to maintain a constant temperature. Healthy home, healthy environmentArea of HomeGood Better BestReducing your familys overall formaldehydeAtticsR-30R-38R-49exposure can make your home healthier and safer.Cathedral CeilingsR-19R-30R-38And using Johns Manville Formaldehyde-freefiber glass insulation can help you achieve that2 x 4 Walls R-13R-15reduction and follow the California Air Resources2 X 6 Walls R-19R-21Boards recommendations to use formaldehyde-FloorsR-19R-25R-30free building materials, including insulation, soCrawl SpacesR-19R-25R-30that it emits little or no formaldehyde. Fiber glassBasement WallsR-11R-13R-15insulation helps prevent the growth of potentiallyhazardous mold and mildew in your walls, airducts and ceilings that can result from trappedmoisture. 6. Rebates 7. CascadeNaturalGas-RebateCalcuationSheet* Floor Insulation BeginningR-ValuenotmorethanR-11 EndingR-ValueequaltoorgreaterthanR-30orfillthecavity** Square Footage 250 500 750 1000REBATE AMOUNT $112$225$337 $450 Square Footage1,2501,5001,750 2,000REBATE AMOUNT $562 $675 $787$900 Square Footage 2,250 2,500 2,750 3,000REBATE AMOUNT $1,012$1,125$1,237$1,350 Square Footage 3,250 3,500 3,750 4,000REBATE AMOUNT $1,462$1,575$1,687$1,800 Square Footage 4,250 4,500 4,750 5,000REBATE AMOUNT $1,912$2,025$2,137$2,250 Square Footage 5,250 5,500 5,750 6,000REBATE AMOUNT $2,362$2,475$2,587$2,700 Square Footage 6,250 6,500 6,750 7,000REBATE AMOUNT $2,812$2,925$3,037$3,150 *TheseRebateAmountsareforbiddingpurposesonlyandtheactualamountmaydifferslightly basedontheprecisesquarefootage.AnaccurateRebateAmountwillbeprovidedtoyouupon completionoftheworkforusewithyourInsulationIncentiveApplication.Incentivesareeffectiveuntil December31,2009,andmaybesubjecttochange.**MinimumofR-19orhighertofillcavity. 8. CascadeNaturalGas-RebateCalculationSheet*Attic InsulationBeginningR-ValuenotmorethanR-18 EndingR-ValueequaltoorgreaterthanR-38 Square Footage 250 500 7501,000 REBATE AMOUNT$62$125$187$250Square Footage 1250 150017502000 REBATE AMOUNT$312 $375$437$500Square Footage 2,250 2,500 2,7503,000 REBATE AMOUNT$562$625$687 $750Square Footage 3,250 3,500 3,750 4,000 REBATE AMOUNT$812$875$937 $1,000Square Footage4,250 4,5004,750 5,000 REBATE AMOUNT$1,062$1,125 $1,187$1,250Square Footage5,250 5,5005,750 6,000 REBATE AMOUNT$1,312$1,375 $1,437$1,500Square Footage6,250 6,5006,750 7,000 REBATE AMOUNT$1,562$1,625 $1,687$1,750 *TheseRebateAmountsareforbiddingpurposesonlyandtheactualamountmaydifferslightly basedontheprecisesquarefootage.AnaccurateRebateAmountwillbeprovidedtoyouupon completionoftheworkforusewithyourInsulationIncentiveApplication.Incentivesareeffectiveuntil December31,2009,andmaybesubjecttochange. 9. CascadeNaturalGas-RebateCalculationSheet* Wall InsulationBeginningR-ValuenotmorethanR-4EndingR-ValueequaltoorgreaterthanR-11 Square Footage 250500750 1,000 REBATE AMOUNT$75 $150 $225 $300Square Footage1,2501,500 1,750 2,000 REBATE AMOUNT $375 $450$525$600Square Footage2,2502,500 2,750 3,000 REBATE AMOUNT $675 $750$825$900Square Footage3,250 3,500 3,7504,000 REBATE AMOUNT $975 $1,050$1,125 $1,200Square Footage4,250 4,500 4,7505,000 REBATE AMOUNT$1,275$1,350$1,425 $1,500Square Footage5,250 5,500 5,7506,000 REBATE AMOUNT$1,575$1,650$1,725 $1,800Square Footage6,250 6,500 6,7507,000 REBATE AMOUNT$1,875$1,950$2,025 $2,100 *TheseRebateAmountsareforbiddingpurposesonlyandtheactualamountmaydifferslightly basedontheprecisesquarefootage.AnaccurateRebateAmountwillbeprovidedtoyouupon completionoftheworkforusewithyourInsulationIncentiveApplication.Incentivesareeffectiveuntil December31,2009,andmaybesubjecttochange. 10. SnohomishCountyPUD-RebateSheet Floor Insulation 50%ofprojectcostupto$1,800.00perthefollowingschedule: If... a Noinsulationexists,theninsulatetoaminimumR-1 (ThefinalRvaluemustbe>=R-1 1.)1andtothemaximumfeasibleRvalue. a ExistinginsulationisR-11orlesstheninsulatetothemaximumfeasibleRvaluebutnotlessthan R-19.(ThefinalRvaluemustbe>=R-19.) a TheexistinginsulationlevelismorethanR-1 R-30.1andlessthanR-19,theninsulatetoaminimumof 11. PUGET SOUND ENERGYRebate Eligibility Requirements: a Rebatesapplytocustomerswhoheattheirhomeswithnaturalgasorelectricityprovidedby PSEandwhohavetherebatableprojectscompletedbyanindependentcontractorauthorized todoworkonPSEsinsulationrebateprogram.a Rebatableprojectsincludefloorinsulation,atticinsulation,wallinsulation,ductinsulationand sealingofducts.a RebateamountispaiddirectlytotheInstaller/Contractor.a Tobeeligibleforwindoworheatpumprebates,yourhomemustbeproperlyinsulatedfirst. 12. PugetSoundEnergyRebateSheet Floor Insulation 50%ofprojectcostupto$400.00 perthefollowingschedule: Pre-ExistingCondition: a TheexistinginsulationforthefloormustbebetweenR-0andR-10toqualifyforthisrebate. PostCondition:a TheamountofinsulationrequiredaftertheworkisdonemustbeasclosetoR-30aspossible. 13. PugetSoundEnergyRebateSheetDuct Insulation 50%ofprojectcostupto$200.00 perthefollowingschedule: Pre-ExistingCondition:a TheexistingductinsulationmustbeR-0toqualifyforthisrebate.PostCondition:a TheamountofductinsulationrequiredaftertheworkisdonemusbeR-1 1. 14. 2009 Federal Energy Tax CreditIn2009,homeownersare eligibletoforataxcredit ofupto$1500forenergy efficientimprovementsto theirhome.TheTaxCredit isbasedon30%ofthe materialcostthatittookto maketheimprovements.TheTaxCreditappliesonly totheimprovementsmadeto thebuildingenvelopesince theyaffectenergyuse.It requiresthatthebuilding envelopecomponentbeing renovatedmustmeetthe energyefficiencyminimum standardsoutlinedinthe 2001or2004Internationalwalls,basementsandcrawlspaces.Insulation EnergyConservationCode(IECC).The isakeycomponentofthehomeorbuilding envelopeisdefinedastheareaalongthe envelope. perimeterofthehomethatseparatesthe livingspacefromtheoutside. ConsumerswhowanttotakeadvantageoftheFederalTaxCreditsfortheirhomesmustinstall Thisincludesattics,foundationandexterior theproductsbetweenJanuary1,2009andDecember31,2010.The chart on the next page gives you an approximate Federal Tax Credit amount. The actual amount of your Federal Tax Credit may vary based on the actual material costs for the work done