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2. 1. Always smile when you are talking on the phone. If you can use a mirror even better. Those smile muscles affect your larynx and you are definitely going to sound better than youre competition. The voice is very important. Also consider Standing up. For physiological reasons it makes you more alert and responsive.
3. 2. Focus on the goal when you are calling. The goal is a chance to meet and sale, not to make the sale just by calling.
4. 3. Always research your markets and prospects. Knowing your client gives you an advantage just by knowing what their business and their needs are.
5. 4. Dont give the chance to the person youre calling to end the conversation by asking things like "Is this a good time to talk?" or "How are you today?"
6. 5. Propose a meeting on an specific date and time, otherwise the person might have the chance to avoid meeting with you.
7. 6. Make a good impression on the assistants, learn their names. The can become your allies.
8. 7. The best time to contact your client is in the morning because they are at their office. Also at this time, most people have more energy.
9. 8. Be persistent, 80% of sales are made at the 5th contact, but most sellers give up at the second contact. Dont give up.!
10. 9. If you are sending your client a letter, you should send it to the right people and personalize it. It is better if you send it to the person who you need directly.You should also have different letters for different targets.
11. 10.Cold calling is considered very irritating. You should consider diversifying your techniques
12. 11. You have to love what youre selling, believe in it. In that way is easier to convince youre client.
13. 12. On average, It can take 10 calls to make one sell. So instead of having a number of yes as you goal, you might consider a number of no as your goal. Doing so can be more motivating
14. 13. You should never leave the meeting without something.You should know what the next step is in the process. If the person doesnt seem interested, you should remember that exchanges are not the only benefit you can get from a partner. You can ask them for referrals or try to sell them what they might seem interested in. Remember that we sell three types of alliances:sponsors, learning partners and media partners.
15. 14. Remember when you greet to mention the persons name, use your hand, look in the eyes, use the right tone of voice and dont do things like smoking or chewing gum.
16. 15. Always show up to the meeting 5 minutes early.Showing 10 more than 10 minutes early or more than 10 minutes late can be taken as a bad manner.
17. 16. Before contacting a new client, make sure they are not in other LCs segmentation and put it in yours. This can be forgotten but is very important.