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A presentation on improving sales process and integrating it with social media strategy.

Transcript of Sales / Social Media for Women President's Organization

  • 1. Winning Sales Processes How to build an effective sales cycle Building sales tool kits to support the sales

2. Sales

  • Creating an environment where an act of faith can take place.

3. Ideal sales process:

  • The process the customer uses to buy.

4. Key Sales Process Challenges

  • Lack of targeting
  • Lack of follow-through
  • Boring sales people
  • Outdated interaction and engagement tools

5. R O IPersonal Assets Time Time Energy Energy Ability Ability Money Money Reputation Reputation 6. CATEGORY USERS NON-USERS RETAIN DEVELOP REGAIN GAIN The ABCs of Targeting A Absolute B Beneficial C Convenient High Yield & Larger Investment Lower Yield & Smaller Investment Pro-Active & High Relation- ship Selling Passive & Lower Rela- tionship Selling 7. Corporate Group Most Wanted List Page A 1 of 1 Date : Product : The Complete Sales Action System Sales Person :Main Criteria : 200 or more sales people in the company.Person/company responsible for handling training for the company. Secondary Criteria : Actually changing from passive to pro/active marketing and selling.Invests more than 500 000 annually in sales training. Volume 40 million annually/person/company excellent contacts Heavy Users Retain Light Users Develop Non Users Regain Non Users Gain D L Causier Canada Watkins USA ABSA Bank Nissan - SA BMW SA Liberty Life SA Sage Life SA Homenet SA Wakefileds SA Max Prop SA Aida SA Fraser Real Estate Canada Sask Ins Corp- Canada Justin Avon SA NBS Bank SA First National Bank SA IBM Seaboard Life Canada Management Recruitment USA Triple A Employment USA Express Services USA Reality World Canada Coldwell Banker USA Atlantic Trust Canada Remax Canada Ind Ins Agents of Michigan Toronto Dominion Bk Canada Royal Bank Canada C/B of Canada Hong Kong Bank of Canada California Credit Union League Sanlam SA Old Mutual SA Fedlife SA ABSA Brokers SA Century 21 Canada Hancounts New Zealand Ian Fitzgerald ACI Mike Perry and Assoc Avroy Shlain Cosmetics SA Breweries Douglas Green Persetel Mecedes -SA Toyota - SA 8. Why Frequency Works

  • 48% of all sales people make one call and after a solid NO from a potential client - they stop calling
  • 25% make two calls and stop
  • 15% make three calls and stop
  • 12% make three calls and continue. These people are responsible for 80% of all sales

Source: National Dry Good Association (USA) Survey 1999 9. Have a tool-kit of frequency tools

  • Reasons for calling
  • Web based interaction, e-mail, blogs etc.
  • Faxes
  • How-tos and Newsletters
  • VIP functions and seminars
  • Coffees, lunches, dinners
  • Gifts
  • Calls from your team
  • Networking / Coincidental Encounters

10. Frequency Goal Sheet My A Client or Prospect Time Period : One Year Actions Goals Actual In person business visits 12 9/1210/211/16 Personal Visits / Lunches etc 2 10/9 Educate / Inform about Opportunity 6 8/99/22 Thank-you / Post Card / Seasonal 2 11/12 Telephone Calls / E-mails 6 9/410/511/20 Functions / Events / VIP 2 9/30 Sub Total 30 11. Web 2.0 Explained 12. A Brand.

  • is a promise.

13. The Customer Owns Your Brand 14.

  • the shift of the balance of power to the consumer will cause organizations to place greater importance on building trust with customers.
    • Don Peppers and Martha Rogers (Rules to Break and Laws to Follow)

15. The Reverse Drip 16. Summary

  • Stay Focused
  • Have a process for follow-through
  • Vary your message and medium (Dont be boring)
  • Employ social media engagement tools to adapt to the new consumer.

17. Resources


18. More Social Media Resources

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