Salekhard Study Trip 2014

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Report from Salekhard Study Trip Summer 2014; by Vadim Ulanov (SIVA Tech)

Transcript of Salekhard Study Trip 2014

  • 1. Murmansk 2014SALEKHARD STUDY TRIP 2014 (SUMMER)

2. Murmansk 2014Introduction 3. Murmansk 2014Chapter IHow to get to Salekhard? 4. Murmansk 2014Chapter IHow to get to Salekhard? 5. Chapter IIStay and live in SalekhardBe warm and niceBe open mindedBe prepare for weather challenges-expensive real estate-high prices for rent-accommodation is limitedMurmansk 2014 6. Chapter IIITransport infrastructure 7. Chapter IVProjects overview 8. Chapter IVProjects overview 9. SalekhardChapter IVProjects 10. Chapter IVProjects overview. Top 10 projects1. LNG plant2. Bovanenkovogas field3. Oil pipeline Zapolyarie- Samotlor4. Gas and Chemical Complex5. Road construction SalekhardNadym6. Severniezavody7. Bridge construction Salekhard-Labitnangi8. Thermal power plant Polyarnaya(Salekhard)9. Fish hatchery (Sob river)10. Tire recycle plantYamalSPGGazpromTransneftNoviyUrengoyComplexDorozhnayaDirekciaYANAOSibUrTyumenGazCorporaciaRazvityaUral PromishlenniyInvestment fund "Yamal"YamalGazStroy1 trn300 bln165 bln90 mln32 bln20 bln25 bln17 bln900 mln200 mln 11. Chapter VInternational marketMurmansk 2014 12. Chapter VIConclusionlack of HR, high outflow.lack of electrical grids. System is under development. Autonomous power generators.Permissions for foreigners 40 days.Expensive real estate. Lack of accommodation. High price for rent.Lack of transport infrastructure. Lack of construction materials, products.Long term projects.Decision making on major projects and suppliers is in Moscow.High living costs. High salaries. 13. VisionforSMEsProjectsfocusedondomesticdemandforproductsandservicesthatcannotbedeliveredfromotherregions(vegetables,meat,confectionary,education, healthcare,construction,businessservices)IndustrialprojectsthatwillmeetlocaldemandforconstructionmaterialsthatareexpensivetotransportProjectsfocusedonotherregionsandglobalmarketsforYamal-brandedproductsandservicesmadeofrarenaturalresources(reindeermeat,fish,berriesandherbs, tourism)Chapter VIIConclusion 14. QUESTIONS? COMMENTS?Murmansk 2014