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Recent work created, designed by Sal Corrado. • Advertising • Graphic Design • Corporate Identity • Marketing • Promotions • Web Development •

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“I am always in pursuit of inspiring action. I build connections between products and people. I focus on delivering tactical

creative that moves people towards making purchases.”

Sal CorradoCreative Director • Art Director • Idea Guru

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Communication and Graphic Design

Below:1. Triman multi-fold pocket folder + inserts2. Maple Highlands community brochure3. Unitech doors 32 page catalogue4. Frini Furniture trade show handout

Above:1. Mansions of Forest Glen Siteplan/inserts2. Profile Wine 150 page wine brochure inside page3. Profile Wine 150 page wine brochure outside cover4. Miliano Designs multi-page door insert catalogue

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Miliano Designs • Brochure/Catalogue

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Unitech Doors 2013 Door Catalogue

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Corporate Identity and Logo Design

Adedge has designed and developed hundreds of corporate identity packages and logos. Below are a sample of recent designs.

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Timeless Glass and Mirror Corporate Identity

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Packaged Goods • Skoditakis Greek Yogurt

Skotidakis Greek YogurtBIllboard campaign

Recently completed project for Skotidakis Greek Yogurt Billboard campaign. The campaign included billboards, in-store dangler and a coupon ad.

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Marzetti Foods • Otria DipsBusiness to business

Marzetti Foods • Simply DressedConsumer

Packaged Goods • Otria & Simply Dressed

Adedge developed both business to business and consumer campaigns for Otria and the launch of Simply Dressed Salad Dressings in 2012.

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Charlie’s Sticky Sauce

• Package Design• New Product Launch• Marketing Materials

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Greyhound • University Holiday Bus Schedule - With Coupon

UNIQUE IDEASSeveral weeks before Christmas Break this stocking was placed on students doors overnight at all major Universities in Ontario.

It featured a complete schedule and a 25% coupon for travel. The redemption rate was the highest of any previous marketing effort.

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Frini Furniture • Toronto Furniture Show Handout

For the Toronto Furniture Show a brochure was designed to simulate a map, complete with foldouts and clearly marked directions for Toronto Designers to find The Frini Furniture Store.

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Frini Furniture • Fashion For Home Event

Adedge created The Frini Furniture Fashion For Home Event. Held every fall with newspaper ads, direct mail, ethnic tv and radio, along with email blasts and website pop-ups. This annual sale has increased Frini awareness and sales by over 35% in it’s first year.

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Website Development and Social Media

Adedge designs/re-designs and updates various websites for clients - A holistic approach is taken when creating websites in order to have a family look to each individual clients existing design and style.

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Lepage Bond Fast • Sales Spec Sheet

Printed fold-over specsheet

Introducing the new Bond. A sales sheet does not have to be boring.

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Frini Furniture • Store Interior Signage

Ceiling banner

Backlite Poste • Exterior

Instore signage for Frini Furniture.

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Western Hockey League/Greyhound Co-promotion • Magazine Ads

This magazine campaign used hockey nicknames to get the message across. The signature line “We Drive, You Score” was developed to encompass the whole campaign. Ads were placed in various Alberta and BC magazines.

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Retail & Sales Promotion

Below:1. Maple Honda - YOU WIN Sales Event

2. enerSolve - direct mail SAVINGS Event

3. Trento Suzuki - Grand Theft Demo Sale

Below:1. Precision Truck Lines - direct mail

2. Number 7 Honda - FREE snow tire ad

3. Prima Mazda RX8 introduction ad

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Maserati of toronto ad

Automotive Marketing

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Martin Grove VW ad

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Martin Grove VW ad

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New Home Marketing

Full-Service marketing of new home developments from initial planning stage to sales office grand openings.

Portside Developments Greensborough sales materials New home builder insert holder with Builder storyboard

Greensborough Woods North community logo Builder storyboard and insert holder

Site plan design for new home development

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Beaverbrook HomesNew Home DevelopmentCommercial Development

Highrise Development

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New Home Marketing • Advertising

Below:1. Beaverbrook Homes inventory clearance ad2. Portside Greensborough Woods North ad

Below:1. Mansions of Forest Glen Grand Opening ad2. The Max Advertisement

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Metro Condo ad

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Preview Ad For Leona Condominium in Queen Anne.

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Preview Ad For Maple Highlands Community.

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Unitech Doors Magazine Ad

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Select Granite Tops Magazine Ad Camapign

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Select Granite Tops Magazine Ad Camapign

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