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Transcript of Saint Stanislaus Kostka Transfiguration - .Saint Stanislaus Kostka Transfiguration ... Nicole...

Saint Stanislaus Kostka Transfiguration Roman Catholic Churches

Rev. Paul A. Wood, Pastor

57-15 61st Street, Maspeth, NY 11378

Rectory: 718-326-2185/Fax: 718-416-2108



Catholic Newman Center at Queens College 718-793-3130

64-14 Clinton Avenue, Maspeth, NY 11378

Rectory: 718-326-2236/Fax: 718-326-2249



PASTORAL STAFF Rev. Joseph Palackal, C.M.I., Parochial Vicar, St. Stanislaus

Rev. Vytautas Volertas, Parochial Vicar, Transfiguration

Sister Rose Torma, CSJ, St. Stanislaus School Principal

Deacon David Ciorciari, St. Stanislaus

Deacon Arthur Griffin, Transfiguration

Deacon William Oggeri, Transfiguration

Andrew Clavin, Music Ministry

Maria Flaim, Music Ministry

Diane Allison, Director of Childhood Faith Formation, Grades 1-8


Dorothy Gotard, Secretary & Bookkeeper, Transfiguration

Karin Gully, Secretary, Transfiguration

Charles Riggio, Secretary, St. Stanislaus

Patricia Ambrosino, Bulletin Editor, Transfiguration Church Caretaker

Michael Wierzbicki, Director of Building & Grounds, Transfiguration


St. Stanislaus Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 12 Noon

1:00pm - 5:00pm 7:00pm - 9:00pm


11:00am - 2:00pm

Transfiguration Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 4:00pm

No Office Hours Saturday/Sunday by appointment only

St. Stanislaus Kostka School Nursery to 8

Serving the

Community of Maspeth

61-17 Grand Ave, Maspeth, NY 11378


Religious Education

For registration call 718-326-2185

Grades 1 thru 8 Mass Schedule

Sunday Vigil (Saturday)

4:00pm Transfiguration

6:00pm St. Stanislaus


8:00am St. Stanislaus

9:30am St. Stanislaus

10:00 Transfiguration

11:00am St. Stanislaus

11:30am Transfiguration (Lithuanian*)

Last Sunday of the Month

12:30pm Transfiguration

12:30pm St. Stanislaus (Spanish)

Weekdays (Monday - Saturday) 8:30 am St. Stanislaus 12 Noon Transfiguration

Holy Days of Obligation To be announced. See Mass schedule in bulletin

Both churches and Transfiguration Parish Hall are wheelchair accessible

Reconciliation/Confessions: Saturday: 3:15pm - 3:45pm Transfiguration

5:15pm - 5:45pm St. Stanislaus or call rectory for appointment

Baptism Call the rectory for information


Marriage arrangements must be made at least six months prior to the

wedding date. Please log on to for complete

information about marriage preparation in the Diocese.


Miraculous Medal Novena

Monday: 6:30 pm Transfiguration (English)

Saturday: after 8:30am Mass, St. Stanislaus

Holy Hour with Exposition & Benediction

First Friday of every month, 11:00am Transfiguration


Mon - Sat.: after 8:30am Mass, St. Stanislaus

Mon - Fri: 11:30am before Noon Mass, Transfiguration


Parish #425 page 1


Todays first reading and Gospel show us

just how Jesus moves beyond the

expected to bring about Gods reign. The

first reading establishes the standard

procedure for dealing with lepers and

their disease. Jesus reaches out and

touches the leper, breaking the barriers

established by tradition and in so doing

proclaiming a new era of grace, healing,

and hope. How can we follow his example

in breaking down barriers today?

Readings for the Week of February 15, 2015

Sunday: Lv 13:1-2, 44-46/1 Cor


Monday: Gn 4:1-15, 25/Mk 8:11-13

Tuesday: Gn 6:5-8; 7:1-5, 10/Mk


Wednesday: Jl 2:12-18/2 Cor 5:20--6:2/

Mt 6:1-6, 16-18

Thursday: Dt 30:15-20/Lk 9:22-25

Friday: Is 58:1-9a/Mt 9:14-15

Saturday: Is 58:9b-14/Lk 5:27-32

Next Sunday: Gn 9:8-15/1 Pt 3:18-22/Mk


St. Stanislaus KostkaSt. Stanislaus Kostka TransfigurationTransfiguration Saturday February 14 4:00 Walter & Christine Koskey

Req. by Bob & Lois Lepore

Sunday February 15 10:00 Brigid A. McGee

Req. by Teresa & John Gully

12:30 Jack Thompson

Req. by Thompson Family

Monday February 16 12:00 Lottie & Stanley Andrzejewski

Req. by daughter Linda

Tuesday February 17 12:00 Timothy Hoare

Req. by Williams Family

Wednesday February 18 12:00 People of the Parish

3:30 Childrens Ash Service

Thursday February 19 12:00 Romas Kezys

Req. by K of L #110

Friday February 20 12:00 Brone Visockis

Req. by Vanda Karmazinas

Saturday February 21 12:00 Ludmila Sherbakova

Req. by Mike Wierzbicki

4:00 John Zdon

Req. by Lois & Bob Lepore

Sunday February 22 10:00 Joseph Thomas

K of L #110

11:30 Albina Astrauskas

Req. by Stanislaus Family

12:30 Pasquale Ambrosino

Req. by Family

Saturday February 14 6:00 Charles & Frances Laux Req. by Arlene Laux Sunday February 15 8:00 Lorraine Serino Req. by Michelle Medaglia 9:30 Domenica Ferranti Req. by Pat & Edith Andriachi 11:00 Eileen Maguire Req. by M/M Tom Mcguire & Family 12:30 Alejandra Neuta Birthday Req. by Family Monday February 16 8:30 Louis Marrero Req. by Theresa Marrero Tuesday February 17 8:30 Russo & Zuchetto Families Req. by Ann Raia Wednesday February 18 8:30 Josef & Perina Hutter Req. by Mildred Cullen 7:00 People of the Parish Thursday February 19 8:30 People of the Parish Friday February 20 8:30 John Innamorato, Jr. Req. by Ann Raia Saturday February 21 8:30 Peter Larocca Req. by M/M Tom Cunneely 10:00 Peter Filepe (Midway) Req. by Terri Ornas 6:00 Elvira Falco Req. by M/M Bernie Fox Sunday February 22 8:00 Patrick Raftery Req. by Mary & Eileen Raftery 9:30 Antoinette Martino Req. by Joe Martino 11:00 Al Crescuoli Req. by Ann Lipari 12:30 Rosalba Arcila &Claudia Mejia Req. by M/M Tom Maguire & Family

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Parish Support St. Stanislaus Kostka

February 8/9 2014 $2,913.00

February 7/8 2015 $3,003.00

Brick of the Month $ 900.00

Legacy for the Future $ 100.00

388 In attendance/average donation $7.74

Transfiguration February 8/9 2014 $1,700.00

February 7/8 2015 $1,800.00

Renovation $1,050.00

190 In attendance/average donation $9.47

Thank You

Wednesday (Feb. 18)

8:30am Mass (St. Stans)

12 Noon Mass (Trans)

3:30pm Children's Service Trans)

7:00pm Mass (St Stans)

A leper came to Jesus and kneeling down

begged him and said, "If you wish, you can

make me clean." Moved with pity, he

stretched out his hand, touched him, and

said to him, "I do will it. Be made clean." -

Mk 1:40-41

The Altar Flowers have been

offered at St. Stanislaus in

memory of

Mary Fioretti

Requested by Tina Fioetti

The Altar Bread & Wine & the

Altar Candles at St. Stanislaus have

been offered in memory of

Domenica Ferranti

Requested by Pat & Edith Andriach


Parish #425 page 2

Please pray for our Parishioners, Family

Members & Friends who are ill.

Julie Abramaitis, Elizabeth Acunto, Fr. Robert Adamo, Ben Alfieri, George Algarin, Darren

Allogiomento, Mary Ambrosino, Matt Ambrosino, Noah Atkins, Karen Balek, Joann Balado, Maryann, Russell & Christian Barnes, Carmine Bellini, Benny Berardi, Estelle Berardi, Mariann, Paige & Payton Bergen, Mary Bernstein, Maryann Blair, Al Bleika, Kathy Bolan, Rosie Boyne, Baby Buddy, Mary Brody, Ronald Butkus, George Brecht, Rosemarie Callahan, Michael Anthony Cammarata, Catarina Cangemi, Nick Carione, Anthony Carrano, Rose Cimmino, Theresa Carbone, Pat Carmody, Baby Casey, Madeline Castora, Thomas Catalano, Michael Chambers, Juan Chong, Mickey Cichlar, Ann Ciorciari, Nicole Ciorciari, Tommy Clarke, Angela Colavito, Alice Comperiati, Michael Comperiati, Martin Connelly, Rose Conway, George Cutrone, Janina Czaplicka, Patrick Deeney, Phillip DeLuca, Phillip Arnold De Luca, Margaret DeMasters, Samantha De Mato, Maria & Gregor Denning, Joseph DErrico, Samantha Diaz, Sabrina Dichiara, Donald Dichiara, Carmine DiDonato, Phillip Divitta, Bill & Lorraine Doak, Carol Donegan, Carmine & Dolores Dragonetti, Estelle & Baby, Ariejus Eimaitis, Irene Eschuck, Catherine Farley, Kevin Feeney, Chrissie Ferranti, Raymond Ferranti, Margaret Ferrara, Walter Fogelman, Laurie Germak, Rosella Glynn, Dick Golinski, Jenice Gonzalez, Nilsa Guzman, Maureen Griebel, Baby Harry, Herta, Tony Heim, Jose Fernandez, Orfelina Hernandez, Victor Herrera, Sr, Debbie Hirstereet, Sheila Haufman, Audrey Faith Imbriaco, Rosie Iaonnotta, John Joseph Jackson, Vinc