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Transcript of Saint Pro-Life Committee Cecilia Moms Group Altar Servers ... ... 2017/10/08  · Saint...

  • Saint Cecilia oCtober 8, 2017

    Get involved. Put your faith into action.

    Legion of Mary

    Pro-Life Committee

    St. Vincent de Paul

    Moms Group



    Altar Servers & Sacristans

    Faith Formation

    baptism Preparation

    Garden Crew

    eucharistic Ministers


    Music Ministry



    eucharistic Distributors to the Sick

    Wedding Preparation


    Gift bearers

    oakley Neighborhood Dinner

    Worship Commission

    bereavement Ministry

    education Commission


    Vocations Committee

    thanksgiving & Christmas Dinners

    Finance Committee

    Pastoral Council

    Young Adult Group

    buildings & Grounds Committee

  • ALTAR GUILD Ron Case, 399-9331, [email protected] ANNULMENTS Joe Fondacaro, 871-5757 ext. 222, [email protected] BAPTISMS Barb Browarsky, 871-5757, ext. 202 BEREAVEMENT Barb Browarsky, 871-5757, ext. 202 BOOSTERS Matt Weisenborn, Athletic Director [email protected] BULLETIN Barbara Browarsky, 871-5757, ext. 202 [email protected] COMMUNICATIONS Steve Sullivan, [email protected] CUB SCOUTS Jeff Krietemeyer, 324-6497 DAY OF ADORATION Carolyn Peddicord, 254-2623, [email protected] EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS & LECTORS Dave Rosselot, 396-6022 FESTIVAL Doug & Joy Kornish [email protected], [email protected] FLEA MARKET Anita & Carl Dalessandro, [email protected] FOCCUS MARRIAGE PREP Susan Kellison, [email protected] GIFT BEARERS Joanne Brinkman, 871-3230, [email protected] GIRL SCOUTS Sharon Krietemeyer, [email protected] GREETERS Nancy Worrall, [email protected]

    GYM SCHEDULING Matt Springer, 871-5757, ext. 204 [email protected] HOME DISTRIBUTORS/VISITS Fr. Jamie Weber, 871-5757, ext. 201 HOSPITALITY Emily Adams, [email protected] LEGION OF MARY Barbara Browarsky, 871-5757, ext. 202 MOMS GROUP Holly Hemak, [email protected]

    OAKLEY FOOD PANTRY & COMMUNITY DINNER Stan Messerly, 731-2500 PASTORAL COUNCIL Jason Hemak, 919-3491 RESPECT LIFE GROUP Brigid McLinden Duffy, 379-0821, [email protected] PTO Patricia Donnelly & Renee Dawson, 533-6060 SACRAMENT OF THE SICK Fr. Jamie Weber, 871-5757, ext. 201 ST. VINCENT DE PAUL Tom McNally, 871-5757, ext. 203 WEDDING COORDINATOR Marta Misleh, 871-5757, ext. 207 [email protected]

    WEDDING RESERVATION Bob Kellison, 871-5757, ext. 208 [email protected] WELCOME COMMITTEE Angela Egner, (413) 854-7253, [email protected] WORSHIP COMMISSION Mark Milliron, [email protected] YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY Sarah Rose Sperduto, 871-5757, ext. 218 [email protected]

    WEEKEND MASSES: Sat. 4 PM & Sun. 8 & 10 AM DAILY MASSES: Mon.-Sat. 9 AM, Wed. 6:45 AM THE ROSARY: Mon.-Sat. 8:40 AM DAILY COMMUNION SERVICE: Mon.-Sat. 8 AM HOLY DAY MASSES: 9 AM, 12:10 PM & 5:30 PM LATIN MASSES: Tues. 9 AM CONFESSIONS: Mon.-Sat. 9:30 AM, Wed. 7:05-7:15 AM and 7:05-7:50 PM, Sat. 3-3:30 PM, Sun. 7-7:30 AM and 9-9:30 AM ADORATION: Wed. 9:30 AM-8 PM HOLY HOUR: Wed. 7-8 PM STATIONS OF THE CROSS: Fri. 9:30 AM BAPTISMAL PREPARATION: Please register for your baptism at under the Sacraments tab. You can also select your class dates there.

    MASS SCHEDULE FOR ST. MARGARET-ST. JOHN: Mon.-Fri. 11:45 AM, Sat. 3 PM, Sun. 9 & 11 AM MASS SCHEDULE FOR ST. ANTHONY: Sun. 8:30 & 11:30 AM

    MONDAY, OCTOBER 9 (Saint Denis & Companions, Saint John Leonardi) 8:00 AM Communion Service 9:00 AM Teresita Sanchez Off Sylvia Ouro

    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10 8:00 AM Communion Service 9:00 AM Special Intentions of Bella DiPuccio by Legion of Mary Members

    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11 (Saint John XXIII) 6:45 AM Special Intentions of St. Cecilia Families 8:00 AM Communion Service 9:00 AM Special Intentions of Barbara Trauth by Jim & Barbara Momper 9:30 AM Eucharist Adoration (9:30 AM-8 PM) Holy Hour 7-8 PM with Confessions until 7:50 PM THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12 8:00 AM Communion Service 9:00 AM Special Intentions of the Winholt Family by Teresa Weden

    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13 8:00 AM Communion Service 9:00 AM Special Intention of Pete & Melanie Boylan (50th Anniv.) by Barbara & Jim Momper

    SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14 (Saint Callistus I) 8:00 AM Communion Service 9:00 AM Mary Jones Off Michele Taylor 4:00 PM Doris Icsman Off Jeff Icsman 6:00 PM Wedding of Nicholas Munson & Rachael Berberich

    SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15 8:00 AM Mary Jones Off Alice Waltz 10:00 AM Tom Klinedinst Jr. Off Jim & Barbara Momper

    MARRIAGE BANNS III — Nicholas Munson & Rachael Berberich II — Colin Higgins & Ashley Enyeart I — Tim Peddicord & Taylor Sander

    W E

    E K

    L Y

    S C

    H E

    D U

    L E

    M A

    S S


    N T

    E N

    T I

    O N


    F O


    T H

    I S


    E E


    3105 Madison Road Cincinnati, OH 45209 (513) 871-5757

    PARISH STAFF Rev. Jamie Weber, Pastor 871-5757, ext. 201 / [email protected] Rev. Jason Williams, Parochial Vicar 871-5757, ext. 205 / [email protected] Barb Browarsky, Rectory Secretary 871-5757, ext. 202 / [email protected] Cody Egner, Regional Dir. of Religious Ed. 871-5757, ext. 215 / [email protected] Don Franer, Regional Facilities Manager 968-5089 / [email protected] Mike Goedde, School Principal 533-6060 / [email protected] Robert Kellison, Music Dir./Stewardship 871-5757, ext. 208 / [email protected] Marta Misleh, Assistant to the Pastor 871-5757, ext. 207 / [email protected] Sarah Rose Sperduto, Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministry 871-5757, ext. 218 / [email protected] Matt Springer, Reg. Dir. Fin. & Operations 871-5757, ext. 204 / [email protected]

    P A R I S H O F S A I N T C E C I L I A



  • Stewardship of Ministry One of the most important things you can do as a faithful Catholic

    is to not only “keep the faith” but to go out and share the faith.

    We need to continue to help educate and support the Church’s

    commitment to social needs and human dignity. We should try to

    discern the gifts God gave us so that it will help us join a ministry.

    There are so many to consider. To see our list of ministries, check

    out page 2 of our bulletin. Some are described further below, along

    with a contact person for obtaining further information.

    Serving with Our Gifts Do you feel drawn to help and/or pray for the sick or suffering?

    Do you like to provide meals to families who are facing physical

    or emotional hardships? Perhaps you would be good at assisting

    those who have recently lost a loved one? Email Barb Browarsky

    at [email protected]

    Do you like meeting new people and making them feel

    welcome? Do you like to cook meals or bake? Are you good at

    organizing events? You can assist in our Hospitality ministry by

    contacting Emily Adams at [email protected]

    If you enjoy learning about our faith, teaching children

    or sharing your faith with others, consider joining a teaching

    ministry. Email Cody Egner at [email protected]

    It takes many hands to make our weekend liturgies run

    smoothly — from preparing the church before Mass to hand-

    ing out bulletins after Mass. If you are a real “doer,” you might

    feel at home on our Worship Commission. Send an email to

    Mark Milliron at [email protected]

    Do you love the Mass or love to read God’s Word? Are

    you good with technology? Do people often tell you that you

    are gifted musically? Are you naturally super friendly? Choir:

    Bob Kellison, [email protected]; Lectors and

    Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Dave Rosselot,

    [email protected]; Greeters: Nancy Worrall, [email protected]; Ushers: Dale Bogart, [email protected]

    If you enjoy being part of or supporting people during

    the big “faith” moments in their lives, consider joining our

    RCIA program. Cody Egner is the man you should chat with:

    [email protected]

    We are all called to spend time in prayer. Do you have a

    faith or prayer charism to be an adorer during exposition of

    the Blessed Sacrament? Get in touch with Carolyn Peddicord at

    [email protected]

    T H E C O R N E R


    OCT 8 2017

    COL LECT IONS FOR THE WEEK END ING SEPTEMBER 24 Offertory $8,274.00 | Online Sunday $2,238.50 | TOTAL $10,512.50


    TUESDAY 9 AM C. Behrens E. Losekamp

    WEDNESDAY 9 AM J. Bucio-Benitez E. Haynes

    THURSDAY 9 AM School students

    FRIDAY 9 AM The Hilgeforts

    SATURDAY 9 AM J. Guerra-Cardona B. Hopkins

    SATURDAY 4 PM J. Weber D. Schnuck

    SUNDAY 8 AM R. Peddicord J. Pearson

    SUNDAY 10 AM B. Krietemeyer O. Lewis A. Krietemeyer

    SUNDAY 5 PM (Spanish Mass) M. Ramirez H. Hernandez A. Melgoza

    REMINDER: Altar Guild training will be this Sunday, O