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Transcript of SAINT JOSEPH - SAINT PIUS X PARISH · PDF file will resume back on Thursday, January 30th...

  • New Parishioners: Please leave your name and address with one of the priests or contact the office to register you in our parish.

    Sacrament of Reconciliation: Confessions are heard by appointment only. Those wishing spiritual direction should phone the rectory to

    schedule an appointment.

    Sacrament of Marriage: Our diocese requires a one-year preparation time for this sacrament. Please contact the rectory at least one year

    in advance of your planned wedding date.

    Care of the Sick: Please advise us of parishioners who are sick or in the hospital, that we might keep them in prayer and, if possible,

    visit them. Anyone who is unable to celebrate Mass with us in Church is urged to advise us so that we can, if possible, bring the Eucha-

    rist to them at home.

    Sacrament of Baptism: Celebrated the second Sunday of each month. Other times during Mass. Please contact the rectory to set up a

    meeting. Instruction is required for all parents seeking Baptism for their child.

    Bulletin: All Announcements for bulletin should be submitted by 9:00am Monday morning.

    St. Joseph's Church 759 Main St.


    Sunday - 11:15am

    St. Pius X Church 1161 Main St.


    Saturday - 4:00pm, Sunday –8:45am

    DAILY MASS Monday - Thursday 8:30am

    Fr. Stephen D. Johnson Memorial Chapel

    Mother Saint John House - 761 Main St.


    Find us on Face book

    Saint Joseph's Saint Pius X


    Pastor: Rev. Robert A Loftus Phone: 774-262-6562

    Deacon: Michael Corby

    Phone: 508-873-7488 Email:

    Parish Rectory & Office

    761 Main St. Leicester, MA 01524

    Phone: 508-859-8083 Fax: 508-892-4753 Email:

    Parish Secretary: Lue Willis


    Monday- Wednesday 9:00am - 4:00pm

    Thursdays 9:00am - 12:00pm

    Religious Education

    Phone: 508-859-8083


    Coordinator of Religious Education: Lauren Bjork

    Grades K-5: Michelle Hammond

    Grades 6-8: Frank DiPilato

    Lifeteen -Grades 9-12: Tracey Hippert

    Saint Joseph’s Cemetery

    Waite St. Leicester (Office at Rectory)

    Mother Saint John Retreat Center

    761 Main St. Leicester



    SATURDAY, November 15, 2014 (Saint Albert the Great)

    4:00pm Deceased members of St. Joseph

    & St. Pius X

    SUNDAY, November 16 (Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time)

    St. Pius X

    8:45am Deceased members of St. Joseph

    & St. Pius X

    St. Joseph

    11:15am Deceased members of St. Joseph

    & St. Pius X

    Week of Nov. 17, 2014


    MONDAY, Nov. 17 (Saint Elizabeth of Hungary)

    8:30am Deceased members of St. Joseph & St. Pius X

    TUESDAY, Nov. 18 (Dedication of the Basilicas of Saints Peter, Paul, & Rose Philippine Duchesne) 8:30am Deceased members of St. Joseph & St. Pius X

    WEDNESDAY, Nov. 19

    8:30am Deceased members of St. Joseph & St. Pius X

    THURSDAY, Nov. 20

    8:30am Florence A. McConville, 10th anniv.,

    Req. by Family

    All Masses This weekend will be celebrated

    at St. Joseph Church

    SATURDAY, November 22, 2014 (Saint Cecilia)

    4:00pm Mariette LaChance. 2nd anniv.,

    Req. by Family

    SUNDAY, November 23(Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe)

    St. Pius X

    8:45am Deceased members of St. Joseph

    & St. Pius X

    St. Joseph

    11:15am Deceased members of St. Joseph

    & St. Pius X


    Once a month our Parish Shawl Ministry meets

    and makes beautiful shawls which can bring

    not only lots of warmth but comfort as well. All

    shawls have been blessed and are available for

    anyone who is sick, terminally ill or depressed.

    Please do not hesitate to ask for one for some-

    one you love or even yourself. There is no

    charge, all you need to do is ask by contacting

    the parish office @ 508-859-8083 or Linda

    Corby @ 508-892-2988. Shawls can also be

    found under or around the Holy Oils near the

    baptismal fonts to take if someone is in need of

    one right away. (The prayer is included with

    each shawl)

    Our Prayer Shawl Ministry meets on the

    last Thursday of every month and all those

    interested to join this wonderfully spiritual

    ministry are welcome. Our next meeting

    will resume back on Thursday, January

    30th @7:00pm in the Mother St. John House


    Our sick, homebound and shut-ins, our military men and women

    and those who have asked for our prayers especially for Mat-

    thew Cox , Daniel & Gail Bergin, Billy Austin, William &

    Carolyn Hisoire, Ronnie & Christine Sutton, Paulette Wood,

    Linda Corby, & Rose Stachelek

    if you have any prayer requests please contact the parish office

    at 508-859-8083

    The Renovations to the Mother St. John House for Fr. Rob’s new residence are well under way. To date, the parish has incurred absolutely no debt, thanks entirely to the generosity of three of our parishioners who have donated their time, ser- vices, and all the materials needed for this project. There are many generous people in our parishes who would like to help in some way as well. The last big project to complete is the installation of new carpeting in the residence area as well as the stairway /hall & baseboard heating. If you are able to contribute to this , any cash donation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to all!



    Children's Christmas Shop –Dec. 6th & 7th -Just For Fun

    with David Cane , Father Misgivings & more…

    Hello my friends (et. al.),

    Here we are one week away from our reunification of the two

    parishes Saint Joseph and Saint Pius X into the one parish of Saint

    Joseph-Saint Pius X. Yes that will be our new name heretofore.

    This name was actually a concession the Bishop made for our

    parish due to the fact that our parishes have, practically speaking,

    been joined for the past twenty years or so. I have to admit that

    when we submitted our choice to the Bishop I was not so confi-

    dent, but he came through. I have to say that I was wrong and that

    the Bishop did our parish a very kind deed. I want to thank him

    for his kindness. I must also thank the members of the Parish

    Council who were so sure that this name was the best choice of

    name for our parish that we could not in conscience submit our

    suggestions for a parish name without at least including and pre-

    senting a case for this name. I was so impressed by their enthusi-

    asm that I suggested that we submit this name as our only choice

    for the Bishop. I tell you this so that you know that the entire

    work of reunifying our parishes was not any one individual’s

    achievement, but actually it is the work of many, many people.

    Good work people, let us take some time to pat ourselves on the

    back for this good work.

    As we are doing that let us also acknowledge that this reunifica-

    tion will cause many in our parish some pain. The good and faith-

    ful members of Saint Joseph Parish particularly. We call the

    building in which we worship God a church. We all have heard it

    said that we are the church, the people of God. Church is not a

    building it is a living, breathing and growing entity. This is true,

    but the building in which one experiences the wonder and beauty

    of that living, growing and breathing Body of Christ is most defi-

    nitely significant for us humans. I hope that I and all of us will not

    be insensitive to this reality for our brothers and sisters who will

    grieve the loss of their church building.

    Lastly I want to encourage all of you to make the time on Sunday

    November 23rd to attend one of the 3 masses (all of which will be

    celebrated at Saint Joseph Church) and then to join us following

    the 11:15am mass for lunch in Saint Joseph Church Hall. It prom-

    ises to be an enjoyable meal and it is only one game if you are

    thinking about the Pats.

    Peace and God Bless

    Fr. Rob



    Monday, Nov. 17,

    7:00pm Finance meeting @ Mother St. John House

    Sunday, Nov. 23

    Following 11:15am mass, Reunification Luncheon @ St. Joseph

    St. Joseph Church

    Tuesday, Nov. 25 :Thanksgiving Food Distribution

    3:00pm-8:00pm (6:00pm-8:00pm-shopping) @ St. Joseph that they may all be one...John 17:21

    Parish Reunification Luncheon

    We encourage everyone to join us for this won- derful and long time coming event of food, prayer, & friendship as we become One parish on Nove