SAINT JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH · PDF file Sun 22 Fourth Sunday of Lent 8:00am Fr. Julian...

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Transcript of SAINT JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH · PDF file Sun 22 Fourth Sunday of Lent 8:00am Fr. Julian...

  • S A IN

    T J O S E P H

    C A T H

    O L IC

    C H

    U R C H

    S e r v in

    g t

    h e C

    a t h

    o l ic

    C o

    m m

    u n

    it y o

    f H

    u n

    t in

    g t o n

    s in

    c e 1

    8 7 2

    Parish Registration Call the Rectory to register as a new parishioner or to update

    your contact information.

    CCD Registration Call the Rectory to register for Sunday morning classes which

    include sacramental preparation for First Communion and Confirmation.

    Anointing of the Sick &

    Home Visitation Anointing of the Sick is offered the

    first Tuesday of the month after daily Mass, or by calling the Rectory for an

    appointment with the Pastor.

    Bulletin Deadline 8:00am on Monday before weekend.

    Call the Rectory to submit information or email to

    [email protected]

    Altar Flowers To purchase and dedicate flowers for

    the high altar call the Rectory.

  • WEEK AT A GLANCE SUNDAY Mass 8:00am Mass 10:00am Mass 12 noon Eucharistic Adoration 4:00pm Mass 5:30pm Confessions 30 minutes before every Sunday Mass MONDAY Daily Mass 8:30am Daily Mass 5:30pm TUESDAY Daily Mass 8:30am Eucharistic Adoration 9 - 10:00am Eucharistic Adoration 4:30 - 5:30pm Confession 5:00pm Daily Mass 5:30pm WEDNESDAY Daily Mass 7:00am Daily Mass 8:30am Bible Study 12:30pm Parish Choir 6:30pm THURSDAY Daily Mass 8:30am FRIDAY Daily Mass 8:30am Stations of the Cross 11:30am Daily Mass 12:00 noon Stations of the Cross 6:30pm SATURDAY Confession 8:00am Daily Mass 8:30am Confession 4:00pm Sunday Vigil Mass 4:30pm

    To report an incidence of suspected child sexual abuse, please contact your local law enforcement agency, or you may confidentially contact WV Child Protective Services at 800.352.6513. To report suspected cases of sexual abuse by personnel of the Diocese of Wheeling- Charleston to the Diocese, please contact one of the Bishop’s designees at 888.434.6237 or 304.233.0880: Sister Ellen Dunn, ext. 264; Mr. Bryan Minor, ext. 263; Mr. Tim Bishop, ext. 353; Fr. Dennis Schuelkens, ext. 270 or call the Office of Safe Environment at 304.230.1504.

    The Third Sunday in lent March 15, 2020

    Fridays of Lent 11:30am and 6:30pm Confessions heard after 6:30 Stations

    Fridays at 5:30pm

    before Stations of the Cross

    In the Church Parlor Computer: Apple app store access code GWR3JG

  • MARCH 14 & 15 4:30 Scott Andrews 8:00 Julie Bartram 10:00 Dan Gleason 12:00 Veronica Ratcliff

    MARCH 21 & 22 4:30 Ora Muth 8:00 Glen Washington 10:00 Lara Bissett 12:00 Andrew Blatt

    MARCH 14 & 15 4:30 Sondra Andrews, Terri Twohig, Volunteer 8:00 John Zitter, Julie Bartram, Nick Morabito 10:00 Nikki Cavalier, Angela Bryson, Mark & Kim Enders 12:00 Jack Williams, LeeAnn McDade, John Mishoe MARCH 21 & 22 4:30 Ora Muth, Sondra Andrews, Regina Merritt 8:00 Jamie Elk, Mary Adams, Elizabeth Murphy 10:00 Austin Ferguson, Sumeeta Patnaik, Bernard Vallejos 12:00 Susan Garton, Jack Williams, Volunteer

    Kathleen Breeding, Tyson Brunetti, Sharlie Collins, Mary Ann Cavalier, Matthew Deal, Tom Farrington,

    Michael Kauffer, John Konieczny, Donald Mega, Mary Frances Murphy, Ron Prady, Matthew Timar,

    Theresa Torlone, Judy Webb, Paul Van Verth, Jack Williams, Pauline Williams, Tammy Williams

    Names will be removed after 60 days. Please call the Rectory to add or remove someone's name.

    The next meeting of the Saint

    Joseph Women’s Guild will

    be held in the parlor on

    Wednesday March 18th at

    6:00pm. Our guest speaker

    will be Jeannie Kalonick with

    Rebuild Huntington and

    members are also asked to bring a monetary

    donation for this charity. Hostesses for the meeting

    are Jane Rogers, Joann Fuller, Kit Ibanez and

    Rosamaria Cervantes.

    March 8 Mass Attendance 729

    Needed Per Week $16,000 Regular Collection $11,906 Learning Center $1,500 Total $13,406 Over/(Under) $(2,594)


    Sat 14 Lenten Weekday

    8:30am Dick Tawney

    4:30pm Najette Delaney (Larry & Carol Feldmann)

    Sun 15 Third Sunday of Lent

    8:00am Dennis Murphy

    10:00am For the people of Saint Joseph Parish

    12:00pm William Gleason Sr. (his loving family)

    5:30pm Wanda Torlone (Sid Torlone)

    Mon 16 Lenten Weekday

    8:30am Intentions offered through the Knights of Columbus

    5:30pm Art Masterson (Janina & Greg Michael)

    Tue 17 Saint Patrick, Bishop

    8:30am Charlotte Farrington (Jim Farrington)

    5:30pm Doctors, Nurses, and Caregivers

    Wed 18 Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop

    7:00 am For the sick & infirm of our parish

    8:30am Hill, Mooney & Turner families (Mary Turner)

    Thu 19 Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    8:30am Raymond & Elizabeth Bradley (Binder family)

    Fri 20 Lenten Weekday

    8:30am Tari Cooper (Jim Farrington)

    12:00pm Margaret Gerke (Jane Rogers)

    Sat 21 Lenten Weekday

    8:30am David & Kara Stapleton & children

    4:30pm Angele Saouan (Michael Saouan)

    Sun 22 Fourth Sunday of Lent

    8:00am Fr. Julian Marneni (Rectory Staff)

    10:00am For the people of Saint Joseph Parish

    12:00pm Michael Mishoe (John Mishoe)

    5:30pm Intentions of the Celebrant

    Denotes deceased - call Rectory to schedule a Mass

    The Third Sunday in lent March 15, 2020


    Introit Forty Days and Forty Nights 466 Readings & Psalm 1033 Psalm Antiphon:

    If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.

    Offertory 645

    Parish Family, if you are a younger parishioner (21+) I invite you particularly to come to the next Sunday Pancake Breakfast after the 10am Liturgy, March 22nd. There will be time to eat and to casually meet others your age and to make some short-term plans for future get-togethers.

    • The Corona Virus comes to Mass? We sing merrily, on occasion, “All are Welcome” - all, that is, except the flu and viruses. When “the time” comes you will simply notice that the common Cup is not offered or that the sign of peace is quietly passed over. I am sure that everything has a season and that we will return to our usual liturgical practices. To receive the HOST is to receive the ENTIRE Christ, not half.

    • Are you afraid of catching the CV? Don’t live in fear. Use this time wisely to prepare for worst case scenarios. Buy some extra non-perishable foods and other supplies. If people in our area go NUTS when 2” of snow falls what will happen when something greater comes our way?

    • Pray for all those affected and for those who are working for our health and protection. Cooperate with the authorities if asked to self- quarantine.

    • Spring is coming on the 19th...rejoice!

    -- Fr. Dean

    The Third Sunday in lent March 15, 2020

    Our long-time Business Manager, Linda Smith, has officially retired.

    Thank You to Linda for 21 years of dedicated and exceptional service to our parish!

    A reception to honor Linda will be held in the Connection

    after the 4:30 pm Mass on March 28th!

    If you are interested in being on the Vicariate Lay Council which will elect people to be on the Diocesan Lay Council, please let Monsignor know of your interest. You can fill this out, tear it off, and drop it in the offering basket, or:

    You can also call the Rectory at 304-525-5202 or email [email protected]

    Name:_____________________________ Phone:_____________________________ Email:_____________________________