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  • 1.
    • Catalonia Spain
  • 23rd April

2. Catalonia is in the North of Spain. Its got 4 provinces:Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleidaand Girona. 3. The official languages areCatalan and Spanish.The flag is red and yellow. It has 4 red stripes and 5 yellow stripes. Its called Senyera. 4. English Catalan Spanish Hello! Hola! Hola! Whats your name? Com et dius? Cmo te llamas? My name is El meu nom s Mi nombre es Thank you!Grcies!Gracias! 5. Saint Georges day is always on the 23rd of April. 6.

  • Saint George was a knight.
  • The legend says that he
  • killed a dragon, that
  • lived in a town called
  • Montblanc, in order to save
  • a princess.
  • He became the patron Saint
  • of Catalonia.


  • St. George's Day has been celebrated since 1436.
  • In Catalonia St. George's day coincides with the Fair
  • of the Book and the Rose.


  • On this day every man offers a rose to his loved one
  • (wife or fiance), and in return she gives him a book.
  • The book is in memory of Cervantes.
  • This custom
  • was started in 1926,
  • to commemorate Cervantes
  • death (author
  • of "Don Quijote").


  • Pupils write poems and stories because we celebrate a
  • literary contest. The winners get a rose.
  • We also organise a book exchange.


  • People eat Saint Georges bread. It is a type of
  • bread made with sobrassada, which is aMallorcan
  • spicy pork sausage that can be spread. The bread
  • looks like the Catalan flag.

Sobrassada Saint Georges bread