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    Saint George Greek Orthodox Church 2701 North Sheffield Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60614

    Apokriatiko Glendi St. George Style!

    Everyone came from near and far to the Apokriatiko Glendi on February 26, 2016. What Kefi, what great parea and what fun as the dancing, eating and socializing went on through the night. The Kefi and fun started immediately upon entering the mag- nificently transformed Community Center. The lighting, the drapery, the centerpieces, the boat and house props made the meta- morphosis from Community Center to Mardi Gras Banquet Hall complete. People of all ages were on the dance floor dancing to Greek music as well as taking pictures and socializing. This was indeed what Apokriatiko Glendi is meant to be. Thank you, thank you, thank you to each person who attended, and to each person who contributed to this event. With-

    out your presence and without your contributions it would not have been the smashing success that it was. Thank you to the Ladies Educational Society for all

    the hard work in organizing and executing on all aspects of this event. The proceeds from this event are earmarked for our newly created Preschool, the only Greek P r e s c h o o l i n t h e C i t y of Chicago. We are very excited about our Preschool and about the promise for tomorrow.


    Dear Parishioners and Friends, It is with great joy that we begin, once again, the tradi- tion of a newsletter at Saint George. We hope that “The Mes- senger” brings the life of our beautiful and lively community to wherever you may be.

    Thus far, 2016 has been a very exciting year at Saint George! As you all know, we have begun a major renovation project in order to beautify our church. The excitement amongst our parishioners is inspiring! As those before us sacri- ficed and worked to build and maintain this beautiful building, we are now honored to have the blessing to participate in en- suring that Saint George is a jewel in our Archdiocese.

    This year Great Lent begins on Monday, March 14th. This beautiful journey of humility and repentance can be life altering and I hope that we all have a blessed experi- ence as we attend the Lenten services. The fathers of the Church have developed the Lenten process with great wisdom and experience, and we can all benefit greatly from the Lenten struggle! May your journey through Great Lent be meaningful!

    Καλή Σαρακοστή!

    Fr. Chrysanthos

    Saint George Communications Thank you to everyone who contributed to the reintroduction of our Newsletter, “The Messenger”. We welcome comments, articles, and announcements of inter- est to our parishioners. Fr. Chrysanthos is always available for your feedback, or you can contact us using any of the following methods: Telephone: 773.525.1793, FAX 773.525.2867 Email: Website: Facebook: St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Chicago Instagram: stgeorgechicago

    Honoring the Past Celebrating the Present Embracing the Future

  • Dear Fellow Parishioners, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the ex- traordinary privilege you’ve given me to serve as Parish Council President of St. George. Our Parish is rich in tradition and histo- ry. Whether you are a long time parishioner, a new parishioner or a visitor, we welcome you and thank you. As I reflect on the growth and enthusiasm of our Parish, I am truly amazed. With the spiritual leadership and tireless efforts of Father Chrysanthos, and with the help of the Parish Council and of so many within our congregation, we have seen a rebirth of our Sunday School, Young Adults Program, Little Angels, and many other youth programs. We have seen Stewardship flourish, and we have had the most successful Festival in the history of our Par- ish. Our Saturday School has continued to grow. We also started a daily Preschool. Philoptochos has continued to provide for those in need, and the Ladies Educational Society is doing an excellent job organizing and assisting with our school programs. Coffee hour continues to be a time of community and friendship. As most of you have seen, we are restoring and renovat- ing our beautiful Church for future generations. We will continue to provide details of that effort as we move forward. We are truly blessed to have you as part of our Ecclesia here at St. George, and with enthusiasm, I look forward to the year ahead.

    James Metropulos

    Stewardship: 378 Stewards in 2015 There were 378 families/individuals who became Stewards in 2015. Thank you, thank you on behalf of the entire St. George community for your support and generosity. Being Stewards means being caretakers. As caretakers, by giving of your time, talent and treasure, you ensure that our beautiful St. George is open and welcoming to all who come through its doors -- whether it’s to light a candle, to hear Father’s sermon, for Sun- day Liturgy, for a Wedding, for a Baptism, for a Funeral, for a Memorial, for an Artoclasia, for a Saint’s Day, for quiet prayer, for reflection or, yes, for parea during coffee hour, or for any other social activity. Thank you, Stewards, for taking care of our Parish and our Parishioners. To date there are 162 families/individuals who have made a Stewardship commitment for 2016. You, too, can be a Stew- ard, a caretaker, of our beautiful St. George!!! We welcome all and remember that “No gift is too small” and “No gift is too large”. Myra Karegianes and the Stewardship Committee

    Our Stewardship Committee is planning a wonderful event on March 20th following the Divine Liturgy. They have arranged for to see the beautiful exhib-

    it currently at the Field Museum “The Greeks:

    From Agamemnon to Alexander the Great.”

    The Greeks is co-presented in Chicago by The Field Muse- um and the National Hellenic Museum. The exhibit in- cludes more than 500 artifacts from ancient Greece.

    Hope to see you there!

    Message from our Parish Council President Saint George Greek Orthodox Church Sunday Services: Orthros 8:30AM;

    Divine Liturgy 9:15 AM Church office hours 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

    Fr. Chrysanthos Kerkeres Parish Priest Anthony Ruggerio Pastoral Assistant Evangelos Vouris Psalti Peter Tsioles Psalti Eva Patrikakou School Director Peggy Contos Preschool Director Efthimia (Mia) Gziki Secretary Kosta Gogos Neokoro

    Parish Council

    James Metropulos Parish Council President Violetta Kapsalis Buhler Vice President Nick Pipikios Treasurer Anastasios Stamatis Asst. Treasurer George Katsikas Asst. Treasurer Sara Pessimisis Recording Secretary Theodora Diolitsis Corresponding Secretary

    Eunice Buhler Andreas Desiniotes Dean Diamantakos

    Nick Floros Demetrios Karanikolas

    Demetrios Korolis George Korolis

    Toula Loukis John Nikolakakis Eleni Panoutsos Eugenia Splinter Elias Voulgaris Tasos Ziabaras

  • BAPTISMS Parthena Olga, the daughter of Olga and Pete Athans was baptized by her Godparents Joanne and Andreas Limber. Evangelia Velerie, the daughter of Katherine and Christos Preazas was baptized by her Godfather Panos Prezas. Alexander, the son of Stephanie and Josue Sabillon was baptized by his Godparents Susan and Christopher Skidmore. Ioannis, the son of Demetra and Jerome Castillo was baptized by his Godparents Alexandra and Bill Laskaridis. Sarah, the daughter of Graham Bell and Catherine Dimou was baptized by her Godmother Presvytera Vasiliki Kerkeres.

    Congratulations! Χίλιες ευχές στα νεοφυτά σας, για υγεία, ευτυχία, πρόοδο και καλοτυχία.

    FUNERALS Our condolences to the families of Angelo Tsarpas and Achilleas Palamas.

    May their memory be eternal !

    Αιωνία τους η Μνήμη

    From our St. George Registry

    Our YAL group together with the young adults from Annunciation will have a private viewing of

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2! March 27th at 6:00 PM

    At Regal Webster Place 11 1471 W Webster Ave, Chicago Tickets are only available in advance

    and seats are limited. Final date to RSVP and purchase tickets is 3/20

    (unless we sell out sooner).To reserve your seat and purchase your ticket please send $12.54 (per ticket)

    to via Venmo, Chase Quickpay, Bank of America or PayPal.

    St. George YAL members can purchase tickets from Christine Savas

    or email We'll be meeting beforehand for food and drinks at

    3:30pm at Derby Bar and Grill (1224 W. Webster).

    Don’t worry, there will be lamb for vegetarians!

    Blue and white attire optional.

    A message from YAL

    Christine Ziabaras inspecting the progress of the renovation

    Renovation of St. George Church

    The ceiling and beams are now beautifully restored and painted.

    Damage to our walls exposed after canvas Icons were removed for restoration.

    A quick update on the renovation of our church

    Ceiling has been completely repaired.

    Ceiling decorations with detailed sten- ciling and refinishing beams are near- ing completion.

    Barrel arch in preparation for the Icon of Pantocrator is almost completed.

    Most of our canvas Icons have been removed and taken off site for restora- tion.

    Walls are being repaired after