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Transcript of Saint Anne, mother of Mary, grandmother of Jesus. · PDF file 2017-07-24 ·...

  • Saint Anne, mother of Mary, grandmother of Jesus.

  • ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI - 160 Main St.

    ST. PETER - 107 East Main St.

    SACRED HEART - 116 Grove St.

    ST. MARY - 85 Pulaski St.

    4:00pm ST. PETER Ottorino Vannini by Phyliss Hopkins

    5:30pm ST. FRANCIS Bronislawa Zajac

    by husband Bronislaw and daughter Irene

    7:30am ST. FRANCIS Judith Savoy by William & Virginia McCarthy

    8:30am ST. PETER Charles Civelli & Silvia Bauce by family

    10:00am ST. FRANCIS Pauline & Floyd Leonard by son Russell & grandson Mark & families

    11:15am ST. PETER Roberta Lejeune by the White family & the Auletta family

    12:30pm ST. FRANCIS Mass in Spanish Joseph Janco by wife Lina and children

    5:00pm ST. PETER

    Saturday, July 29th 2017 Saturday, July 22nd 2017

    Sunday, July 30th 2017

    4:00pm ST. PETER Dan & Gina Bruno and Joe DiPippo

    by Marie DiPippo and family

    5:30pm ST. FRANCIS Arline Sesko by Anne & Jeanne Fodor

    7:30am ST. FRANCIS Intentions of all parishioners

    8:30am ST. PETER Jeremy P. Frasca by family

    10:00am ST. FRANCIS George J. Lyng by Pat Devline

    11:15am ST. PETER Gerrard & Tony Amoroso—10th Anniversary by Anna & Robert Amoroso

    12:30pm ST. FRANCIS Mass in Spanish Intentions of all parishioners

    5:00pm ST. PETER Our teens attending the Steubenville Conference

    MONDAY 7/24 8:00am ST. FRANCIS Intentions of all parishioners

    TUESDAY 7/25 7:00am ST. PETER Jacob Sidlosky by children

    WEDNESDAY 7/26 8:00am ST. FRANCIS

    John and Frank Richards by family


    THURSDAY 7/27 7:00am ST. PETER Mauro Dileo by the Holy Name Society

    FRIDAY 7/28 8:00am ST. FRANCIS Intentions of all parishioners

    SATURDAY 7/29 8:00am ST. PETER Prayers and healing for Joe Lynch by family

    Weekday Masses

    Sunday, July 23rd 2017

    JULY 23, 2017 2| 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time


    SANCTUARY CANDLE is being burned at ST. FRANCIS in memory of John and Frank Richards

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    † Mondays: 5-7pm at St. Peter

    † Tuesdays: 4:30-8pm at St. Francis

    † Wednesdays: 5-8pm at St. Francis

    † Thursdays: 5-8pm at St. Francis

    † Fridays: 5-8pm at St. Francis

    (except 1st Friday of the month) _______________________________________

    - Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    My Dear Friends,

    I just finished reading Charles Dickens’ novel,

    his novel Oliver Twist. A Tale of Two Cities was a

    fascinating look at the French Revolution in the back-

    ground of the novel’s story. I have read and studied

    order, The Society of Mary (Marist Fathers). The

    founder of my religious order, Fr. Jean-Claud Colin,

    was born on August 7, 1790, just at the beginning

    of the Reign of Terror that destroyed so many lives.

    He was ordained a priest on July 22, 1816, and it was

    from there that he began to work towards founding of

    the Marists, which he ultimately founded in 1836 with

    the blessing of Pope Gregory XVI. From the little that

    I know of France’s history, both ancient and modern,

    and ultimately even today, I’m not sure France ever

    recovered from both the Enlightenment and the French

    Revolution. France has become so very secular, and

    the practice of the Catholic faith, as well as even some

    of the Protestant faiths that began in France during

    the Reformation, has deteriorated. What was once a

    shining example of the Catholic faith and a defender of

    Catholicism, with many notable saints and theologians

    throughout her history, has become an empty shell of

    religion. Fr. Jean-Claud Colin wanted his priests to

    minister to the forgotten men and women of France,

    and he stressed in his talks to his brother priests that

    Marists were to avoid aligning themselves with any

    political party over another. It is the preaching of the

    faith, of the mercy of God, of the love of our Blessed

    Mother and how she seeks out the lost and forgotten

    that a Marist is to spend his life preaching. With the

    French Revolution as his background, and with the

    ever increasing secularism of today’s world not even

    two hundred years later, we can see a need for once

    again men and women to come to know and taste God

    through prayer and through a deep relationship with

    the Mother of God. And let us pray not only for France

    but for all of Europe that is in danger of losing her soul

    to the ravages of terrorism and secularism, especially

    also for Great Britain. The life of the characters of

    so many of Charles Dickens’ novels reminds us that

    in the midst of so much despair and poverty there is

    ultimately goodness that shines through.

    God bless.

    Fr. John



    This Triduum is the annual three days of prayer leading to the Feast of Saint Anne on July 26th

    MONDAY, July 24th 8am Mass at St. FRANCIS TUESDAY, July 25th 7am Mass at St. PETER WEDNESDAY, July 26th

    Feast Day of St. Anne & St. Joachim 6pm Mass at SACRED HEART WORSHIP SITE

    Veneration of the Relic of Saint Anne (donated by the Neri Family) and

    special prayers will be recited on all three days.

    Refreshments will be served following the July 26th celebration in Sacred Heart Hall.

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    RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF ADULTS: For adults who wish to become Catholic or for Catholic Adults who have not yet received the Sacraments of First Eucharist and Confirmation. Contact the Parish Office for more details.

    SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM: Please call the Parish Office to arrange. Preparation class is held on the first Tuesday of the month, at 6:30 pm at the Pope Saint John Paul II Pastoral Center.

    HOMEBOUND OR HOSPITALIZED? If you, or someone you know is homebound and would like to receive Holy Communion, or hospitalized and would like a

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    Please pray for

    Virginia M. French

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    recently deceased members

    of our parish family.

    JULY 23, 2017 4| 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

    Sanctuary Candles will continue to burn at all four worship sites as long as Christ is present in the Tabernacle.

    Sanctuary Candle in remembrance of a loved one may be lit for $10/week


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    Critics who say the Catholic Church is against

    universal health care are misinformed.

    The Catholic Church is founded on the

    Corporal Works of Mercy and helping others.

    The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

    (USCCB) has always advocated for health care.

    The Catholic Church is opposing the health

    care mandate, because it violates the First

    Amendment, which is supposed to safeguard

    freedom of religion.

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