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SaiGon CatcherCompanyMarketing departmentIntroducesDuong1Duong2SaiGon Catcher OverviewDuong3Logo

YellowSunlight and EnergyHappiness and WarmthBlackStrength and ModernMystery / Absence of lightS & C: SaiGon CatcherSaiGon + CatcherEmphasizesexperience of all interesting traditions and locations Reminds to support a green environment to take care of our Mother NatureMeaningY, Heo4SaiGon Catcher_GreenPotted plantsHeo5SaiGon Catcher_T-shirtCrazy Teen T-shirtY6SaiGon Catcher Marketing Plan & ActionY7Market SummaryMarket share: Cannot measureTarget customers:Bo8Competitive priorities1. Delivery: fast delivery on time delivery right quality and quantity dependable promises2. Flexibility: design adjustments broad product line ability to rapidly change production volumes3. Quality: low-defect rate product durability environmental aspect 4. Customer focus: after sales service product support measurement of satisfaction customer information

5. Cost: no extra costs from production offer the best price in the marketThu, Bo9Customer Benefits Package (CBP)TourThong10T-shirtsThu11PlantsHeo12Pre- and Post-Service Value ChainThu, YVe time: thoi gian khach hang spend nan lai cua hang, facebook de lua chon, trai nghiem va feedback (thoi gian tuong doi la tot nhat, it qua thi ko tot vi ho se ko mua, nhieu qua thi ho thuong bi roi, co nhieu lua chon khac)Flexibility: minh linh hoat thay doi theo yeu cau cua khachAccept changes sau khi mua hang, da trai nghiem san pham.

13Public Relations StrategyOverview of strategyUtilizing all the resources, both online and offline: Friends / friends of friendsITEC classesCampus of University of SciencesOther universities campusesPotential customers from FacebookOverview of media: Social network is our main channel Free to use and easy to access Provides a great sources of current and potential customers.Free page analysisBo14Facebook Pages

SaiGon Catcher_TourSaiGon Catcher_GreenSaiGon Catcher_T-shirtGreen for Now and the FutureBe active, be.u.tifulExploring and catching authentic SaiGonHeo15PrintingPosters for sales campaigns at universities Leaflets of purchasing methods, care tips and contact informationSurvey sheets for Saigon Catcher TourMARKETING COSTS

Heo16SaiGon Catcher Contributions and lessonsDuong17Department chartDuong18SUCCESS METRICS OF MARKETING DEPARTMENTRequirements for success: Reach the expected revenueEarn brand recognitionEarn extra profits for charityGoalReach the target profitDuong19

Duong20Marketing Flow chart

Thong Slide nay rat quan trong, Thng chuan bi ki nha em. Co gi ko hieu co the hoi lai chi.21Gantt chart




Thu : slide nay Thu co the liet ke ngan gon nhung hoat dong, va chi ra, nhung cai minh hoan thanh tr, hoac chua hoan thnh.24Activities on node



Duong27Responsibilities and tasksDuong28Responsibilities and tasksDuong29PlantT-shirtTourDuong30PlantT-shirtTourHeo31Pham Thuy DuongWhat I have doneAssigned tasks to membersManaged censorshipSupported membersDesigned survey for tourDesigned toursTested tourSupported R&D departmentWhat I have learnedCorrelation between departmentsDesigns of Flow chartsCustomer benefits packagesMeasurements within Organization

Nguyen Le Huynh Uyen ThuWhat I have doneBrainstormed Companys name and logoWrote PR posts Tee-shirt pagePOSM, Digital Brainstormed Tourism advertising campaignWhat I have learnedOperations Management CBP, Gantt chart, Process designFacility Layout, Supply Chain, Inventory33Nguyen Tu Quoc ThongWhat I have doneSupported sales teamSurveyContributed to design tourMarketing products to acquaintances What I have learnedHow CBP contribute to customer satisfactionThe important of OM in realityBasic in Designing Goods and ServicesThe purpose of every organization is to provide Value to its customersDao Thuy TienWhat I have doneBrainstormed companys name and logoDesigned leaflet, posterCreated and managed Facebook page: Saigon Catcher_ Green Wrote PR postsSupported Sales, R&D and Manufacturing teams What I have learnedTime managementMarketing skills: writing posts using visual aids, attract customersThe flow of works between departments and between membersDealing with customer upsetsResponsible, independentTran Thuy TienWhat I have doneHelped create the survey and design the tourHelped edit some content of Green- Facebook pageTranslationsSupported Sales team

What I have learnedTeamwork, time-management, responsibilityPreparation Operation ManagementLegal aspectsNguyen Nhu YWhat I have doneBrainstormed Companys name and logoWrote post on Facebook pagesTook pictures of productsSupported Green-line and Tee-shirt-lineSupported Sales teamWhat I have learnedOperation managementHow to operate a company Each department isimportant factor to the company success Cooperation of departments can affect the company operationThank you for your attention Y38