Sahayata Trust Ramadan 2014 Distribution

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2014 Ramadan Distribution Across India

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Sahayata Trust would like to take this opportunity to say Jazakh Allah khair! Together we made the difference amongst the needy in Ramadan across India. Please take a minute to see the difference

Transcript of Sahayata Trust Ramadan 2014 Distribution

  • 2014 Ramadan Distribution Across India
  • 11,000 Food packages distributed! Widows and the elderly who cannot earn were able to cook and eat proper meals during Ramadan Rural Assam
  • In total 44,000 people had proper meals for iftar and suhoor through the package distribution. KASHMIR
  • Families are grateful for their Ramadan food package. Average cost for food package is Rs.1000. Which is equal to one months salary of an average person. In many cases, their salary is even less than Rs. 1000/month. Gujarat
  • Food grain distribution for the disabled. Hyderabad
  • Sahayata Trust reaches out to rural locations Because many villagers dont have access/the means otherwise. Rural South India
  • We exceeded our goal of 10,000 families. You helped us reach 11,000 families across 17 states of India. Jazakh Allah for your support! Rural Andhra
  • Many of the beneficiaries included handicapped, the blind, widows, elderly, those who had no one to take care of them, poverty struck communities, people who do not know anything about deen. You gave them a Ramadan to enjoy with proper meals. Mumbai/Bombay
  • Alhamdulillah, for your generosity to support the needy living in poor conditions. Indore
  • For most of these families in poor conditions, breaking fasts with dates is a luxury. They usually eat Chana (lentils) instead. Rural Bihar
  • Cooked meals were prepared for our brothers and sisters as far as Kashmir. KASHMIR
  • Sahayata Trust teams up with local NGOs to distribute the grain packages across India. Distribution Center
  • 100s of tons of grains and essentials are being procured, packed, transported & distributed. To reach those in need, on time before Eid. Rural Andhra
  • Volunteers worked round the clock to deliver the meals in time so the needy. Rural Bihar/Jharkhand
  • To reach congested neighborhoods, small vehicles are used to transport the grains. Mumbai Slum
  • Hundreds of volunteers assist us in distributing the grains door to door. Rural Bihar/Jharkhand
  • Custom packages are made according to the dietary essentials of the local area. Food Package
  • Jazakh Allah khair for the 440 village iftars you helped sponsor this year. Village Iftar
  • 100,000 people in villages and slum areas received iftar from your support this year. Village Iftar
  • In some locations, iftar meal boxes were distributed at street corners in impoverished neighborhoods. Lucknow
  • 100s of tons of grains and essentials are being procured, transported and distributed. To reach those in need, on time. Rural Bihar/Jharkhand
  • The impact of providing even one meal for a needy person is a reward inshallah. May Allah accept your intentions, efforts and generosity in helping Sahayata Trust to carry out its Ramadan program.
  • 040-6459-5975 We are still accepting Zakat & Fitra so it can be distributed in time for Eid. Please send yours today!