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AspenTech presents Michigan's first and only official Sage ACT! Roadshow, previewing Sage ACT! 2012.

Transcript of Sage ACT! 2012 MI Roadshow - AspenTech Presentation

  • 1.Introduction to
    AspenTech Consulting Group, Inc.
    Greg Knapp - President
    Since 1994, AspenTech has been helping clients succeed with ACT!.We solve business problems and align your business processes in a well-implemented custom ACT! system. Our specialties include:
    aConsulting aTrainingaHosting (Web & Sync)
    aSoftware aSupportaData Migration
    www.aspen-tech.com866-880-4ACT (4228)

2. A word from one of our clients
Gary Scholnick, of Advanced Income Strategies, discusses how ACT! & AspenTech are a good fit for him.ACT! is a solution that has been completely integrated into Gary and his teams daily business lives, improving their efficiency and bottom line.
www.aspen-tech.com866-880-4ACT (4228)
3. Complete Solutions from
AspenTech Consulting Group, Inc.
Marshall Knapp Senior Consultant
Our goal is to provide our clients with a complete solution, integrating many aspects of their daily business lives.

  • aCustom Many-to-One Tables

4. aAdvanced Dashboards/Reporting 5. aAccounting Integration 6. aOther Databases 7. aWeb Leads 8. aHandheldswww.aspen-tech.com866-880-4ACT (4228)
9. Custom Many-to-One Tables
Do you want to track multiple machines in ACT!?Serial numbers?Service / support inquiries?Time and materials?Investments?Policies?
You can.We can help.
www.aspen-tech.com866-880-4ACT (4228)
10. Advanced Dashboards & Reporting
Do you want to enhance ACT!s dashboards and report writer? Ever wanted reports waiting in your email inbox first thing Monday morning?
You can.We can help.
www.aspen-tech.com866-880-4ACT (4228)
11. Accounting Integration
Do you want to push ACT! contacts to QuickBooks or Peachtree? What about seeing relevant accounting data from an ACT! contact record?
You can.We can help.
www.aspen-tech.com866-880-4ACT (4228)
12. Integrate With Other Databases
Do you want to synchronize ACT! with your ERP system or other databases like SQL, Access, and AS400?
You can.We can help.
www.aspen-tech.com866-880-4ACT (4228)
13. Web Leads
Do you get leads from your website and want those processed into your ACT! database automatically?
You can.We can help.
www.aspen-tech.com866-880-4ACT (4228)
14. Handheld Integration
Do you want to access your ACT! contacts and calendar remotely from your mobile device?
You can.We can help.
www.aspen-tech.com866-880-4ACT (4228)
15. Complete Solutions Key Points
70% of our clients come to us already having implemented an incomplete ACT! solution.
Theres very little ACT! cant do. We rarely have to say no to an idea.
Not sure how you can expand ACT!s capabilities?Lets chat.
www.aspen-tech.com866-880-4ACT (4228)
16. We Appreciate Your Attendance
As a thank you to all of you for coming, weve included in your folder a certificate for 10% off of the consulting and training services on any one invoice.
www.aspen-tech.com866-880-4ACT (4228)
17. Like what youve seen?
Also in your folder is an order form which includes a variety of software options deeply discounted for our Roadshow attendees.
www.aspen-tech.com866-880-4ACT (4228)
18. In Closing
We really appreciate everyone taking the time to be here today.
If you like what youve seen, consider an ACT! upgrade.
Deep Roadshow-only discounts are available see your pricing sheet in your folder.
If youd like to talk about getting more out of your ACT! implementation, let us know.
Well all stick around for questions until about 12:30.
And now PRIZES!!!
www.aspen-tech.com866-880-4ACT (4228)

  • TopLine Dash 1

20. TopLine Designer 1 21. ACT! Power User Training Class 3 22. ACT! PRM 2011 - 5 23. GRAND PRIZE iPad 2 (sorry only 1 of these )www.aspen-tech.com866-880-4ACT (4228)