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  • 1. SAFETY AT COASTERS, ETC.By: Jennifer Benavides

2. GENERAL FIRST AID I N F O R M AT I O N First Aid is open from 8 a.m. until the last tram has been emptied ofguests. After hours procedurecall 911, describe injury and report incident toFirst Aid the next day. Only aspirin and anti-motion sickness tables are available for guestsand employees. Personal must have Medical Records completely filled out and on filewhen you are processed for employment. 3. REPORTING INJURIES All injured guest and associates should be seen by First Aid. Evenminor injuries need to be reported. Following Safety Proceduresyou will be trained on use ofequipment, guidelines for safe driving, and proper conduct. Recklessdriving and horseplay are grounds for immediate dismissal. Watch the following slide on practicing safety with work relatedinjuries. 4. EMERGENCY ASSISTANCEMinor Accidents/Illness(If you have any doubt as to the seriousness of an injury toillness, call 911; otherwise follow this procedure.)1. Direct guest/associate to the First Aid station; take them personally if possible, after receiving permission from your supervisor.2. Do not administer First Aid.3. Notify your supervisor immediately whenever any incident occurs. 5. EMERGENCY ASSISTANCEEmergencies3. Stay with patient.(Accidents, illnesses, fires, or need of Police assistance arecategorized as emergencies.) DO NOT attempt to move the patient1. Call emergency phone numberExtension AVOID CONTACT with patients blood or other911bodily fluids.2. Report to the dispatcher: 4. Remain clam and try to keep other guests and Location and description of patientassociates calm in the immediate area.condition Be clear and concise 5. Make no statements regarding insurance, liability, In case of firedescribe typeor cause or nature of emergency to anyone. This Attempt control of fire withextinguishersinfo must be handled by and authorized individual 6. SAFETY EQUIPMENT 7. FIRST CARE KITSFirst Care Kits are located at all work stations and contain supplies needed for initial response to aninjury.Each box contains personal Protective equipment to be used by any of the following: First Aid and Security Personnel responding to a call A companion who is with an injured guest Anyone assisting an injured guest 8. FIRST CARE KITS First Care Kit Supplies to First Care Kits include aensure proper protection againstbiohazard bag for solid garmentsdirect contact with bodily fluids that come into contact with bloodand bodily wastes. Any associateor bodily fluids. Solid garmentswho does come into direct contact must be placed in the bag prior towith blood or bodily fluids MUSTturning into Wardrobe in order toreport the contact to First Aid properly alert our Wardrobeimmediately.personnel. 9. SUN PROTECTION Use SPF #15 or higher sunscreen. Wear 100% UV protection sunglasses to protect your eyes. Your park discount applies to sun protection products. 10. FIRES Fire Extinguishers are located throughout the park in all building andnear all rides. You will be trained in the proper handling of thisequipment. Notify your supervisor whenever an extinguisher is used so it can berefilled or replaced. Removing fire extinguishers from their locations or using themfor any purpose other than fires may result in immediatetermination of employees.The next slide contains videos on fire safety procedures.Because fires are so dangerous, please watch thesevideos with your utmost attention. 11. YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW You may come in contact, either directly or indirectly, with chemicalsand other various materials. You should be familiar with your departments written hazardcommunications program, a list of chemicals and materials used in yourarea, and correct use of MSDS. Your supervisor is responsible for your training in the use of theseschemicals and materials and for an explanation of the Right-to-Knowpolicy. 12. PARK POLICE ASSISTANCECall Extension 911 when: Encounter or witness an unrulyguest A situation that may require theattention of a Security Officer Take no action yourself It is extremely important that allviolations be handled by properlytrained personnel 13. Thats a rap!THANK YOU FORWATCHING!