SafeSee™ anti-ligature doorset solution

SafeSee™ anti-ligature doorset solution. More than a door.

Transcript of SafeSee™ anti-ligature doorset solution

SafeSee™anti-ligaturedoorset solution.

More than a door.

The Concept.

More than a door.


The SafeSee™ door concept is the result of extensive feedback from Service Providers and the Design in Mental Health Network; both required a doorset which could perform satisfactorily under differing scenarios in addition to providing a safe environment.

Britplas drew upon their extensive knowledge and experience as the number one in mental health fenestration to develop an anti-ligature doorset solution that would allow distance monitoring in addition to a product that was multi-functional, and addressed all the concerns raised in relation to ligature and provision of access in a barricade situation.

The initial concept evolved, with the technical expertise and product knowledge of Leaderflush Shapland Laidlaw who refined and tested the product prior to bringing it to market. The SafeSee™ anti-ligature doorset solution allows for measured monitoring of mental health patients through data tracking of inspections, electronic access with no requirement for keys. In instances when patients attempt to use the door as a ligature point in an attempt to harm themselves, the SafeSee™ doorset detects additional stresses on the door and raises an alarm through the monitoring system. Furthermore, should a patient barricade him/herself into the room or push against the door when the ‘nurse’ is trying to get in, the operation of a proximity card system will release the magnetic locks allowing the door to open into the corridor away from the barricade/pressure being placed on the door.

Doorsets within a mental health environment are often put under extreme stress and pressure from an abuse perspective. Abuse on a door construction that is not constructed for this environment can result in the rails splitting at the top and bottom pivot areas. We simulated this kind of attack by using a 32oz mallet, which resulted in no damage after a series of impacts. A further type of abuse is someone charging with their shoulder at the midpoint of the door. This was simulated using a 7kg paving maul, which again resulted in no damage. Finally impact against the glass was tested using the 32oz mallet and the end of a timber post which resulted in no damage from either of these attacks to the vision panel area.

During the tests the stops disengaged a number of times however, this was not considered a failure as the door has not been designed with security in mind, but that of strength and resistance to abuse. The failsafe’s that have been built into the doorset, which allowed the door to disengage, also allow the doorset to be simply reset, ensuring that the door can continue to carry out its day to day designated function.

A failure of a doorset due to abuse would typically involve vacating the room whilst a new doorset is procured and installed, taking weeks to carry out, along with the associated loss of revenue and additional costs to rehouse the patient from that room.

- FD30 when tested in accordance with BS 476 part 22

- Severe duty classified

Key Features

- Concealed reinforced Pivot locations

- Hardwood laminated construction

- Hardwood rails

- Hardwood lippings to all edges

Handings.Left Hand Right Hand

More than a door.

Door Description.

Door Leaf

Facings Veneer, PVC, Paint

Core AV1

Lippings Hardwood to 4 edges

Frame & Architraves

HW Frame Head 69 x 129mm Barum no stop

HW Frame Hang Jamb 32 x 100mm

HW Frame Hang Jamb 44 x 129mm

HW Frame Lock Jamb 69 x 129mm

HW Frame Lock Jamb Stop 38 x 59mm

Architrave 18 x 55mm

Continuous Hinge


Glass Switchable glass with integral wiring

Beads 25 x 24mm

Flush SS / PPC Steel beads


Pivot Set

Load Cell Device

Lock / Cylinder / Strike : Anti-ligature

Lever Handle / Spindle : Anti-ligature

Maglocks x 2No

Concealed Transom Closer


Electronic control panel & keyboard

Door Width = Structural Opening - 160mm

Door Height = Structural Opening - 89mm*

*Assuming a 10mm floor clearance

Open/Release Position

Closed/Single Swing Position

Leaderflush Shapland LaidlawMilnhay Road, Langley Mill,Nottingham NG16 4AZ

01773 530500

May 2015

[email protected]

Other door types for non patient areas.


Solid chipboard construction, hardwood lipped to all 4 edges.


Solid particleboard core with softwood framing to all 4 edges, sub facing material both sides with 6mm hardwood lippings to both vertical edges or all 4 edges.


Softwood laminated core with softwood top and bottom rails, subfacing material both sides with 6mm hardwood lippins to both vertical edges or all 4 edges.



Any commercially available veneer can be selected for use within the Designer solution to give specifiers complete creative freedom and highlight the simplicity and natural beauty of wood.

Hygieniform PVC

Hygieniform, an anti-bacterial high impact PVC is available in 15 colours. Hygieniform PVC incorporates a highly effective antibacterial additive, throughout the thickness of the material, which remains integral therein, even if scratched, providing life-long protection against the spread of infections. The biocidally proactive additive kills most species of harmful bacteria and goes on killing them for the lifetime of the material.

The additive and its active ingredient have approvals from the Food and Drug Administration, Health & Safety Executive and the Environmental Protection Agency. It has also been given a 3 Point endorsement by the NHS Infection Control Rapid Review Panel.

The anti-bacterial additive used in Hygieniform and Hygieniform Eco has been tested and independently verified by laboratories which endorse the 99.9% kill rate of the bacteria.

Decorative laminates

Any grade laminate can be used to face Designer door leaves allowing an almost unlimited choice of solid colours, decorative patterns and textures to be incorporated.

Paint finishes

Designer doorsets can be finished with Velvalux Opaque, a factory applied pigmented polyurethane paint available in any colour within RAL or British Standard ranges, for which colour matched PVC pellets are supplied to conceal frame fixings. We can provide samples for selection and production control purposes, or the specifier can supply material for colour matching.

Metal facings

Sheet metal can be bonded to the door construction during the manufacturing process. The facing options include mild, patterned and brushed stainless or galvanised steel. Patterned steel facings can also be applied in the form of trays to fully encapsulate the door. Steel fac-ings can be left clean, primed, powder coated or stove enamelled, with the exception of patterned stainless steel which is self-finished.

Door Constructions.

Britplas, 18 Kingsland Grange, Warrington, Cheshire WA1 4RW