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Safehom pest control service is one of the best pest control service provider in Indore. We have got the best team with a large experience to deal with all kinds of pests. We provide best facilities at minimum cost in controlling all kinds of pest including Cockroaches, Termites, Rodents, Flies & the other pest & eradicating them completely from your premises.

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  • Safehom Pest Control Services
  • 10/07/14 2 What do pests do? Pests can: Contaminate food (droppings bacteria)* Spoil food by eating part of it Carry disease
  • 10/07/14 3 What do pests do? Pests can: Contaminate food (droppings bacteria)* Spoil food by eating part of it Carry disease
  • 10/07/14 4 Main types of pests Insects Flying (adult moths / flies & larvae) Crawling (beetles / weevils / cockroaches) Rodents Mice (field / house) Rats (roof / Norway) Birds Pigeons / crows / starlings / gulls Other mammals Skunks / raccoons / cats & dogs
  • 10/07/14 5 Control methods Need to determine: What mix of pests are present? What attracts the pest? What are the particular habits of the pest? What are the most effective control measures to control or eliminate the pest?
  • 10/07/14 6 Effective pest control An effective pest control program includes: Exclusion of pests Removing food sources by good practices Controlling pests with appropriate methods Specific procedures / records
  • 10/07/14 7 Pest exclusion Keep doors closed / tight fitting Minimize gaps Use door seals / self closers Keep windows screened / closed Screen air inlets / exhaust openings Use air curtains / strip curtains Netting / eliminate perches for birds Eliminate cracks / holes in walls Small cracks harbor insects New construction often creates spaces
  • 10/07/14 8 Good Housekeeping Garbage & spoiled product: clean up Raw product: bring in hitch-hikers Garbage containers: clean and closed Building perimeter: remove vegetation / clean / slope away from building Process eqpt: clean daily after use / clean under / take apart / vacuum electrical
  • 10/07/14 9 Pest infestation checks Watch for droppings / tracks Indicate type of pest present May lead to entry points / nests Watch for product or container damage Indicate type of pests present Note presence of dead pests Baits are effective
  • 10/07/14 10 Capture or destruction Traps work by: Attracting the pest Attractants vary with pest (smell / curiousity) Confine the pest Trip mechanisms / sticky pads Kill the pest Baits (outside plant) Mechanical levers / electric current
  • 10/07/14 11 Rodent control Use of bait stations / traps most common Place traps inside production areas Sticky pads for small rodents Check & empty weekly (min.) Bait stations in non-food areas Use approved baits only Place in secured station (seal / lock / strap)
  • 10/07/14 12 Bird control Eliminate roosts or nesting sites Minimize food sources outside of bldngs Landscape plants can be attractive Garbage Use netting or screens under eaves or structures open to outside
  • 10/07/14 13 Working with Contractors Pest control personnel must be knowledgeable / trained / licensed Draw up a plan for trap / bait placement Specify reporting to be done Hold contractor accountable by verification
  • 10/07/14 14 Employees and Pest Control Dont leave garbage lying around Replace traps that are out of place Place your lunches in designated areas only Let your supervisor know if you see evidence of pests
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