Safari Adventures. Unique to Nanuku Resort and Spa Experience something new! Choose from six very...

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download Safari Adventures. Unique to Nanuku Resort and Spa Experience something new! Choose from six very different, carefully tailored Safari Adventures. Ranging

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  • Safari Adventures
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  • Unique to Nanuku Resort and Spa Experience something new! Choose from six very different, carefully tailored Safari Adventures. Ranging from gentle pre breakfast strolls within the resort grounds to full adventure and cultural hikes into Fijis lush interior, there is something to suit all tastes and abilities. Your personally guided Safari Adventure will allow you to explore Fijis rich landscape and food culture; meet and engage with local Fijians and take home a memory of an experience reserved only for guests of Nanuku.
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  • Nanuku Breakfast Safari Ni sa yadra! Start your day with a gentle safari experience without having to leave the grounds of Nanuku. Learn about the variety of delicious fruits and foods that grow right here on the property as you fill your freshly woven coconut leaf basket with a collection of tasty treats. Discover the myriad of uses for a single coconut tree then watch as your guide effortlessly climbs to collect you a fresh coconut and skillfully prepare it for a mid safari snack. You may even like to have a go at climbing a coconut tree yourself. Finish your walk off with a tasty assortment of Nanuku grown fruits prepared by our chefs to start your day.
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  • Navua Markets and The Crab Company (Fiji) Throw yourself into the Fijian way of life with an early start at the Navua Markets. Feel the market buzz as local farmers bring in their newly harvested produce for sale and fishermen sell their fresh catch at the fish market. (Saturday only) Your personal guide will explain the different types of foods available for purchase and how theyre used. Bring some loose change in case you see anything you want to buy and try out for yourself back at your villa. Dont forget to visit the kava stalls to see how this famous Fijian drink is sold to the locals ready for pounding and learn about the different grades available for sale. When youve had your fill at the markets, its time for a change of pace and a visit to The Crab Company (Fiji).
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  • The Crab Company (Fiji) utilises sustainable practices, including working with local Fijian farmers to provide local resorts and restaurants with a top quality product that is available year round. Take a tour of the ponds that are home to hundreds of mud crabs and learn how they are farmed from hatchlings to sale. Keep an eye out for any escapees trying to make their way down the water channels back to the river! Mud crab for dinner? Ask your guide about purchasing some to take back with you along with your market goodies.
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  • Spices of Fiji and Vakabalea Farm From spices to crops, this Safari will take you on a journey through two high yielding properties that provide locally grown spices and produce for both locals and international export. First is a visit to the award winning Spices of Fiji. Strolling through beautiful tropical surroundings, you will see a myriad of organically grown spices in their raw form -vanilla pods, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom to name just a few. Learn the processes used for taking them through to the final product used for cooking. Perhaps you will discover some new spices and get some friendly expert advice on how to use them in your own cooking at home. Purchase some for yourself or take some home as gifts a souvenir from Fiji packed with flavor! (Cash only)
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  • A 15 minute drive down the road will lead to Vakabalea Farm. This is a working farm growing continually rotating crops of taro, cassava and ginger. Here you will be able to see the growth cycle of each of these crops from planting through to harvest. Take a walk into the fields and see how the workers plant up new fields or hand harvest ginger ready for processing. Hungry? A short car ride will have you back at Nanuku in time for a delicious lunch.
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  • Nanuku Island Luxury Safari Take a 30 - 40 minute boat ride and become cast-aways on your own tropical island with this luxury safari where the island is all yours! You wont have to hunt and gather for yourself though, your personal Nanuku guide will do their best to spear you a fish, preparing and cooking it for you Fijian style right there on the island. Enjoy it with the other delicious treats packed for you by our Nanuku chefs. If you want to have a go at catching your own fish on line you can - your guide can even teach you how to do it the way the locals do. Take a snorkel in the clear blue waters or just relax and take in the tropical paradise that is Nanuku Island. N.B. Romantic private picnics and spa/massage sessions can also be organized for Nanuku Island.
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  • Wainibia Water Fall Hike Take a hike through the ever changing Fijian terrain to the beautiful Wainibia Falls. Your personal Nanuku Guide/s will point out the different palms used for weaving and local Fijian foods growing in their natural environment along the way including pineapples, yams, guava and breadfruit. Learn which ferns are used in Fijian cuisine and how to make a drinking cup from a leaf or a straw from a stem.
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  • Under an hour of steady trekking will be rewarded when you reach the pristine waters of the falls where you can cool off with a refreshing swim. Try your hand at hunting for local river prawns; catching and cooking them Fijian style. You wont go hungry if the prawns are hiding though, your guides will prepare a delicious feast for you right there at the falls while you relax. Wrap up your hike with a short walk down to Wainibia Village where a boat will be waiting to take you down the river to your car. Then back to Nanuku for some well earned pampering. N.B. If you are sensitive to long grasses we suggest that you wear long pants for this hike.
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  • Wainadiro Village Medicine Hike and Wild Food Safari Journey into the dense Fiji interior to Wainadiro Village and meet some of the warm and welcoming people who live in the heart of Fiji. An introduction to the village elders is followed by a 45 minute medicine and wild food hike through the lush tropical rainforest accompanied by members from the village. In this area alone there are more than 50 trees and plants that can be used for medicinal use everything from antiseptic for cuts and grazes to cures for stomach ache and asthma. Your guide/s will show you what they are and tell you how they are prepared and applied. Help collect fresh fern tips used for salad and look for other delicious foods growing wildly in the village surrounds.
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  • Your hike will have given you a thirst so after a short walk back through the village to the river, take in some refreshment while you watch how a bilibili (Fijian kayak) is skillfully built from locally cut bamboo. Have a go at poling one yourself or just take a swim in the cool refreshing water before embarking on a thrilling ride down river - crossing rapids, passing villages and beautiful waterfalls before meeting up with your 4WD again for the last leg of your adventure back to Nanuku. N.B. A village kava ceremony experience can be organized on request with notice
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  • BOOKINGS: A member of our team will be happy to discuss which Safari Adventure might best suit you during your stay here with us at Nanuku Resort and Spa. We are here to help you enjoy your experience of Fiji. Please understand that while Nanuku will make every effort to book you on your chosen safari adventure or even tailor one specifically for you, variables like advance notice, weather, access and transport availability may be a factor. Vinaka vaka levu.
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