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My First Attempt to share my life\'s work

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  • 1. Sacred Raptures The Whispers of Mine Eternal Spirit The Universal OrderThe Connection Between Humans and Their Spirits on This Earth By Rev. Dr. Leela Alvarez Votary Lyceum of the Eclectic Rose, Universal Life ChurchFrom the beginning of the experience I felt the pulse of this Earth running through me. Iknow of the suffering of the peoples of this Earth by the frequency in the tones that fillthe atmosphere. I feel the bounty of this Earth that is willing to sustain human life. Tobring understanding of Heaven on Earth to the collectives awareness is my accord withthis Earth. Giving the Cosmos its dreams come true. Distractions of every sort have thespirits of this Earth been faced with; Creating confusion of our purposeful existence inaccordance with the eternal laws of the Universe. To create life then purposefully destroyits quality through ignorance and illness of the mind, body and spirit awakens theimbalance between Humans and this Earth: This Earth that sustains all life as the nucleusfor our Human form offering gifts of survival and comforts of security for the involutionof the Human species. To be aware of the intentions of our lives and the circumstanceswe are subject too will bring a balance between spirit and body supporting an earthlyexistence for humans Physical and Spiritual forms. However due to the limitations ourminds have been subjected to the involution of our species hasnt witnessed the reality ofbalanced efforts for its survival.

2. The findings in this book are for contribution for the betterment of the quality of life thatis accessible to all Humans on this Earth.All manners of studies have been conducted with the surmountable values of their resultsas a tool for our Human interests. On the grounds of research and redevelopment thesefacts come to aid in balancing our Spiritual and Physical environments. First andforemost as the reality of Global changes are recorded the impacts of our Human liveseffect our Earth and need to be attended to as if the land was on fire and we had no waterto put it out. We are this Earth. When we choose destruction and pollution overpreservation and sound support of its boundaries we contribute to our demise as a species.When bringing to the collective a value for sustenance One must enlighten with the visualeffects of the impact of the manners that constitute the action; Thus using the ever presentWorld and its cries for life.Watching the changes within a community; when circumstances reach epidemiccatastrophes: has brought great sorrows to our Spirits. When witnessing devastationsbeyond our control in our physical realms our spirits shutter with delusions ofconfinement. This life is a gift beyond measure and to know of its purpose hasimportance. Degrees of cause and effect, circumstance and intent and with practice andprinciple, these concepts are of importance to sustain Human life on this Earth. Let usreward our lives with a conscious balance of Earth and Humans. Let us give to ourexistence with purpose and efforts to ensure our species future.Sacred Raptures Rev. Dr. Leela Alvarez 3. Sacred Raptures Rev. Dr. Leela AlvarezWith a purpose for the moment guiding our days of action will be intentions for ourenvironment to heal through science and purposeful practice of reconstruction. TheWorld is our Home let us reach out to the lands that have parted from us and aid in theirbalance of we are One on this Earth. What we choose to see is not a picture of a life wedlike to live, but the earth as a living matter we have a home on. Many open to new ideasfor the survival of our species regardless of our status, belief or ethnic backgrounds areaware and willing to contribute when called upon. Their skills and abilities are the bestthis life has to offer they are awaiting their callings.To bring to this Earth a gathering of colossal proportions will find its stay and renew thespirits abound with joy and dancing found by all with love and peace.See it, as you will like a world affair having the grounds for redevelopment and unityflourishing with everyday gatherings of hope and peace through intentional efforts to healour World and our hearts. Awareness of self is a building block with great potential tobond with the fundamentalists that are the foundation of human life on this Earth.Faith Eternity BetweenBreath and Sky Silently Millions Willing the LightBelow Space in UlulationThe Breaths Are of Love by Rev. Dr. Leela Alvarez Dedication: To This MomentAuthors Comments: "The Beauty Of Choice, The Sweetness Of Love. Wonderful Joy IsWithin To Be Able To Share My Love With You My Friend. Always In Remembrance Of The Truths That Loft Mine Spirit Amid The Unity Of The Light. 4. Contents Community Redevelopment Project Building Community Resources 1. Creating SolutionsEducating The Public On Human Rights, DemocracyAlong With Alternatives Promoting Resources 2. Visualize World PeaceInternational Agreements Incorporating Community Redevelopment Project 3. Temporary Solutions To Transitional CircumstancesOffering Problem Solving & Resources Of Alleviation 4. Angels Going ThroughFor Participants Living The Experiences of Complexity in Our Communities 5. Building FuturesMembers Working Together Creating Industry 6. Making Big ChangesParticipants Branching Out & Working Their Sequestered Dreams 7. Lessons For LifeBaby Steps To Self Awareness 8. Environmental PromisesDeveloped Resources For Nature & Family Habitats 9. Sense Of UrgencyWorking With Understanding To Further Self Reliance 10. Sequestered DreamsLearning The Fundamental Steps To Dreams Within 11. Working & Creating WondersBridging The Gap Between Product & ProductionSacred Raptures Rev. Dr. Leela Alvarez 5. Sacred Raptures Rev. Dr. Leela Alvarez 12. Bight TidingsProfessional Army Of Light 13. Natural ExistenceSimplified By Life Connecting To The Nature Of This Earth 14. Theatrical MomentsBuilding Bonds Through Shared Theatrical Community 15. Guide PostsSharing Understanding For Passing Over 16. Preserving Sacred TotemsAnimal Habitats Of Domestic & Natural Environments 17. Scientific MarvelsPromoting The Science Of Life & Space 18. Collective RelationsInternational Birth Rights Medical Choices To Adoption & Sterilization 19. Spirits PlayingGround Breaking Fun For All 6. Sacred Raptures Glossary Time Of great ImportanceThe Truth Of My Existence Poetry Devoted To Works Of Great Faith Supportive Poetry The Sacred Raptures Of Mine Loving PresenceSacred Raptures Rev. Dr. Leela Alvarez 7. Reach OutCommunity Redevelopment ProjectCommunity Redevelopment Project: Bridging & Building Resources incommunities that sustain a dignified quality of living. Inclusively interactive with local &International businesses: to balance global developments.1. Creating Solutions: Educating the Public on Human Rights & Democracy.Promoting Alternative Resources Created Harm to None.2. Visualizing World Peace: Working Globally to incorporate CommunityRedevelopment Project to bring a quality of living that is Inclusively interactingwith participants to bring awareness of The Unity of Global Community. Workingfor the betterment of our Earth; harm to none.3. Temporary Solutions To Transitional Circumstances: Reformation of awareness& alleviation through redeveloped resources. Utilizing existing resources; thatpromote problem solving skills: Watching the newness of the movement unfoldwithout judgment or expectations.4. Angels Going Through: Sharing experiences of diversified natures to buildfoundations that advance participants with self reliance & awareness. Practicing theimportance of their experiences and the sense of urgency they bring.5. Building Futures: Working with new advancements in housing & communityredevelopments working together creating industry. Home In Motion.6. Making Big Changes: Stepping stones of awareness that work for participants tobranch out and live their Sequestered Dreams: In willingness seeing the Divinity oftheir existence. 8. Sacred Raptures7. Lessons For Life: Consciousness brought forth by baby steps to self awareness. Experiences to enlighten participants of their skills & abilities: promoting self reliance. The development for stability based on Spirit.8. Environmental Promises: Interactive developments for sustaining family housing & nature. Creating opportunities to bring stability & environment to a balance that ensures a quality of living that promotes living in Spirit.9. Sense Of Urgency: Knowing what is urgent in ones life is to heed the calling you came to bear witness of. The program works with understanding to bring self reliance to reality.10. Sequestered Dreams: Focused on self reliance building the bridges for self advancement. The development of self awareness for living the dreams your heart sees you living amid physiologically & ecologically sound harm to none.11. Working & Creating Wonders: Introducing to the public industry building products & production through promotions of skills & abilities. Producing products that sustain revenue; for the developments in the Community Redevelopment Project.12. Bright Tidings: Introducing the Spirit of existence to the public with the grace & purity of Spirit; sharing with the public the professional atmosphere of the Army of Light.13. Natural Existence: Sharing simplified living skills to further connection to the nature of this Earth. Understanding basic environments promoting living balanced with the Ecological & Biological Matters that factor our existence on this Earth. 9. Sacred Raptures14. Theatrical Moments: Sharing life experiences through performances of movement. Building bonds and awakening the strength of personal power; connecting personal abundance with skills of awareness.15. Guide Posts: Bringing together the living factors of loss & understanding of living with the possibilities of returning to that in which we