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Welcome to COMM 202!

Comm 202 Tutorial 2

No laptops/phonesName tags Hand in one copy of your skills matrix assignment

HAND OUT NAME TAGS! (no laptops) Welcome to week 4! 1


Todays Agenda includes the following items


1. 1 on 1

Interesting facts, international students 3

What you want from this courseWhat do you want?Networking skillsResume TipsHelp building a strong cover letterConfidence to get my dream jobTo meet new peopleJob interview tips and practice

Recap of 1 on 1 meetings, what you are going to get from this course SQ will be a key in the answer to this question tie strengths to your CL & Resume (story portion of SQ) 4

2. Skills matrix

Should be 50-60% of your story!

S Who, what, where, when, why? The background or settingT what was the obstacle what did you have to overcome? The inciditing incident.A most important, what did you do? Specific, to the point, most important, outline the steps.R what did you accomplish, quantitative, qualitativeL why is this important.


Using star

You will use these statements without even knowing it! 6

The skills matrix is your best friend

ResumeCondensed to make a resume

Cover letterPerfected for a cover letter

InterviewsExpand on in interviews

You will use these statements without even knowing it! 7

Example of a starl

Here is an example of my STARL What was good about it? Bad? 8


ContextWho?What?When?Where?What did I do wrong?How am I accountable for the mistakes made?What happened as a result of my actions?What did I learn through this failure?How did I overcome OR what will I do now?SELF-AWARENESS/ACCOUNTABILITY

Be authenticLesson is the most important, most important question is how did you learn from it and how would you handle it differently nowDo another example/walk-through of a FAIL story (Skills Matrix only)9


Here is an example of my STARL What was good about it? Bad? 10

FAILURE STORIESStory clearly indicates what went wrong and accountability is taken

Majority of the story focuses on lessons learned (i.e. personal and professional development)

Student shows what they would do differently if faced with the situation again, or what they already did since (comeback story)

Generally aim to be: authentic, humble, accountable


Marking rubric


activityApplicants have 2 min to tell a story (either success or failure)Interviewers have 1 min to provide feedback (TAs will be listening)

What is the storyteller missing from their story? (Situation)Is is specific enough?What is confusing? Is the skill relevant?Are there step-by-step actions?Is the story appropriate for an interview?


Job posting assignment WHERE TO LOOK FOR JOB POSTINGS?


1. Analyzing the job postingWhat are the necessary skills needed for the job?

What are the soft skills the company is looking for?

What do you know about the culture of the company?

What is the difference between hard skills & soft skills?


2. Brainstorm the industryWhat terms have you learned in school that relate to the industry you are applying for

What articles/books have you read about the industry?

Who have you talked to in the industry?


3. Qualities needed to succeedWhich transferrable skill sets will be required in order to complete the tasks/responsibilities

Reading between the lines


4. YOUR EXPERIENCELook back to the stories in your Skills Matrix, where have you shown the necessary skills before?

Experiences in Jobs, organizations, clubs, class projects

How are your previous roles similar/relevant to the job postings?


Action itemsSign up for Office hours!

Job Posting Research Assignment due in tutorial next week!

Skills Matrix due February 12th

Tutorial next week!

NOTE: Family Day (Tutorials will be held at the same time on Wednesday Feb 10)

Here is the homework for this week, please email me if you have any questions


Skill / AttributeExperienceSituationTaskActionResultLesson/Link


Career Peer Advisor The program is currently held through the Business Careers Centre (BCC). However, since I was on co-op, I wanted to implement a program that would allow me to conduct appointments even though I was away.

Assigned to brainstorm ideas and research a way that would allow me to work from my office/home during out of office hours.

After understanding the needs of the students and conducting my research, I came up with a way that would efficiently and effectively work with the current program. The students would send me their professional document (resume, cover letter, etc.) the night before their appointment. I would then look at the document and track changes. The following day I would conduct an appointment with the student via Skype or telephone.

After 4 months of working with this online program, it was successful. We received great feedback from the students and the BCC staff! The program was recommended to the new Program Coordinator.

I think that the greatest lesson learned in this situation was that if you really would like to participate in a certain program or you think that there is something that is holding you back, come up with other ideas that you think might work. Along with this, I think that voicing my ideas made a huge difference, as I was able to brainstorm with the team and actually implement this program!

Skill / AttributeExperienceSituationMis-StepsFailureLessonAction Steps

KPMG Calgary - AdvisorySelected in a final round interview for one summer student position to conduct multiple interviews with different staff members at KPMG

I was selected in for a final round interview, which involved interviews ranging from 2 hours and up to 5 hours. Due to the timing of the interviews and my busy schedule, I did not spend enough time preparing for these interviews and was unsuccessful in the last interview with KPMG. I did not realize how intense these interviews were going to be and therefore thought that the effort that I had put in to the first interview was enough. I did not even go through the company website, nor did I speak with anyone who worked at KPMG/knew anything about this position After completing this second round interview, I received a rejection email stating that I did not get the job.

You are not going to land every position that you receive and interview for even if it is the last round of interviews, but it is very important that you prepare for each and every interview and know a lot about the company. With that being said, I think that it is important to take all of the feedback that you can from the interview that did not go so well and strengthen your weaknesses for the next one!

Through this process I received a significant amount of training and developed my interviewing skills further. I made multiple appointments with the BCC and prepared for future interviews by conducting mock interviews and receiving feedback. I then was able to apply these skills to the CPA recruit which took place that September. I was successfully able to land a position at KPMG Vancouver in the Audit department.