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  • Saarbrcken
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  • Informatik Saarbrcken Computational Linguistics
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  • 40 Mio Two best- ranked applications of whole initiative
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  • Bioinformatics/Computational Biology Computational Linguistics Computer Science and Economy Law and Informatics Information and Technology Management University of Applied Sciences (HTW Saarbrcken) Max-Planck-Center for Visual Computing and Communication Stanford (USA) und Saarbrcken Computer Science and other subjects
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  • Technology Transfer EADS/Airbus Boeing Volkswagen Audi BMW DaimlerChrysler Algorithmic Solutions AbsInt Sirrix inTrace Motama IT Microsoft IBM Intel AMD SAP SAP Retail Solutions Infineon T-Systems IDS Scheer Infor
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  • Spoken Language Systems Group
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  • Research Areas Speech processing Speaker tracking Distant speech recognition Robust speech recognition Audio-visual recognition Language processing IR and sentence retrieval Information extraction and entity tagging Question answering Opinion mining Benchmark: TREC 2007: second in definition and third in factoid TAC 2008: opinion questions: third
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  • The Johns Hopkins University Center for Language and Speech Processing (CLSP) Local coordinator: Fred Jelinek Brown University Brown Laboratory for Linguistic Information Processing (BLLIP) Local coordinator: Eugene Charniak Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (FAL) Local coordinator: Jan Hajic PIRE: Meaning Representations for Natural Language Processing Topics: machine translation and speech reconstruction Partners:
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  • Project SCALE: Speech Communication with Adaptive Learning Funds 12 PhD positions 2 Post docs 2009-2012