S lr l'{ l c Serving CSU Stanislaus 07/07/2020 ¢  Office of Bishop Myron J. Cotta, D.D....

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Transcript of S lr l'{ l c Serving CSU Stanislaus 07/07/2020 ¢  Office of Bishop Myron J. Cotta, D.D....

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    14th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 5, 2020

    Catholic Bishops’ Pro-Life Chairman Says Supreme Court

    Decision Continues Cruel Precedent of Prioritizing Abortion Business Interests Over Women’s Health and

    Safety June 29, 2020 WASHINGTON– Today, the Supreme Court of the United States announced its decision in an abortion case out of Louisiana, June Medical Services v. Russo. The Court ruled 5 to 4 to strike down the Louisiana law that requires abortion doctors to have hospital admitting privileges. Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City in Kansas and chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB)

    Committee for Pro-Life Activities issued the following statement: “Abortion violently ends the life of a child, and often severely harms women. Abortion becomes even more destructive when basic health and safety standards are ignored, and profit margins are prioritized over women’s lives. As Catholics, we

    condemn abortion as a grave injustice that denies the fundamental human right to life. Yet even as we seek to end the brutality of legalized abortion, we still believe that the women who seek it should not be further harmed and abused by a callous, profit-driven industry. “The Court’s failure to recognize the legitimacy of laws prioritizing women’s health and safety over abortion business

    interests continues a cruel precedent. As we grieve this decision and the pregnant women who will be harmed by it, we continue to pray and fight for justice for mothers and children. “We will not rest until the day when the Supreme Court

    corrects the grave injustice of Roe and Casey and recognizes the Constitutional right to life for unborn human beings. And we continue to ask all people of faith to pray for women seeking abortion, often under enormous pressure, that they will find alternatives that truly value them and the lives of their children.” The USCCB filed an amicus curae brief in the case along with the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops and the National Association of Evangelicals urging the Court to uphold the law. The brief can be viewed here: http://www.usccb.org/about/general-counsel/amicus- briefs/upload/18-1323-USCCB-amicus-June-Med-v-Gee-12- 30-2019.pdf


    8:00AM Monday, July 6 Clarence Scesa† 8:00AM Tuesday, July 7 Reginaldo Pante† & Ellen Cielo† 8:00AM Wednesday, July 8 Lucian & Mary Musso† 4:30PM Friday, July 10 Catalina & Filologo Pante† 5:00PM Saturday, July 11 Al Martin† 9:00AM Sunday, July 12 Carlos & Maria Estacio† 6:00PM Sunday, July 12 All Saints Community This Week’s Program Schedule

    Monday, July 6 8:00AM Mass Church 6:00PM Adoration/Reconciliation Church

    Tuesday, July 7 8:00AM Mass Church

    Wednesday, July 8 8:00AM Mass Church

    Thursday, July 9

    Friday, July 10 4:30PM Mass Church

    Saturday, July 11 3:30PM Reconciliation Church 5:00PM Mass Church

    (Sign-ups only)

    Sunday, July 12 9:00AM Mass Church & Livestream

    (Sign-ups only) 6:00PM Mass Church

    (Sign-ups only)


    Give back to the Lord a sacrifice, a share of what the Lord has so generously given to you.

    June 22-June 28 Envelopes and On-Line Giving:

    Regular Offertory: $ 8,155.00 Building Fund: $ 611.00 Community Assistance: $ 415.00 Diocesan 2nd Collection: $ 431.20 (Peter’s Pence/Cath. Comm.) Ascension: $ 50.00

    Total: $ 9,662.20

    God bless you for your generosity.

    http://www.usccb.org/about/general-counsel/amicus-briefs/upload/18-1323-USCCB-amicus-June-Med-v-Gee-12-30-2019.pdf http://www.usccb.org/about/general-counsel/amicus-briefs/upload/18-1323-USCCB-amicus-June-Med-v-Gee-12-30-2019.pdf http://www.usccb.org/about/general-counsel/amicus-briefs/upload/18-1323-USCCB-amicus-June-Med-v-Gee-12-30-2019.pdf

  • Office of Bishop Myron J. Cotta, D.D.


    July 2020 “God Bless America, the Beautiful”

    My Dear People of God, As we continue to move forward in our Sunday celebration of Mass, I want to thank the priests and their parish teams for coordinating the necessary safety precautions in order to have Mass. Also, I want to thank you, the parishioners, for your patience and cooperation, as we move forward in the midst of the presence of this pandemic. As we welcome the summer months and, hopefully, enjoy some sort of vacation, we find ourselves face to face with the sin of racism. Once again, it has raised its ugly head and challenges us to address the impact it has had, and continues to have, especially, upon the African American community. With the tragic and shocking death of George Floyd, at the hands of law enforcement, protests and demonstrations have taken place across the nation. Some have been peaceful, and others have been infiltrated and hijacked by lawlessness and violence. Many resulting in manifestations of out- of-control anger, disorder, vandalism and desecration. All this has led to destruction, physical injury and death. There is a strong indication that this is not just some short-lived experience of civil unrest and cultural upheaval. There is an urgent need to read the signs of the times. One can see there is a battle raging between light and darkness, order and disorder, a spiritual disorientation. Our society and culture is in need of Jesus and his Gospel. We are called to live our lives according to his teaching: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Our society is in need of hope and healing. It is in need of our witness! This year, as we celebrate the 4th of July, let it be a day of prayerful reflection. A lot has happened in just a few months. There is a need for prayer and action, now more than ever. It is a time for us to educate ourselves, our youth and children about the sin of racism. I encourage you to visit the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops website (usccb.org) for resources that can assist in informing and educating our families, parishes and school communities in regard to racism. Now is the time for us to listen to each other and to dialogue. This is key in understanding the lived experience of our Black brothers and sisters in regard to racism. It is time for us to share each other’s concerns, fears and hopes for the common good. When we agree to come together as brothers and sisters, then, the door of healing can be opened to us. As we pray and ask for God’s intervention, we must not forget to do our part. We need to bend, not one knee, but both knees in repentance for our sins against life; against the respect and dignity of life. “Life is not disposable, it is not to be discarded,” said Pope Francis, in regard to the mentality of our throwaway society. It is a mentality that effects lives, be it: Black lives, or other ethnic lives, or lives of those facing all types of discrimination, prejudice, injustice, deprivati