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  • Mass Schedule / Horario de Misas Saturday/Sbado 4:00pm English , 6:00pm Espaol Sunday/Domingo 9:00 am, 4:00 pm in English 12:00 pm en Espaol Daily Masses: Monday and Friday: 8:15am, Wednesday: 6:00pm, Thursday: 12:15 Holy Days: 7 pm Vigil 8:15, 12:15,& 7 pm Espanol

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    Teresita Ramirez: Office Assistant Colette Estes Music Coordinator

    Jason Kroeger Faith Formation Coordinator (English) Manuela Torres: Hispanic Faith Formation Coordinator

    Rosemary Chriscoe: Parish Council; Scott Harris: Finance Council

    Saint Joseph Catholic Church Iglesia Catolica De San Jose

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    You are welcome to worship with us at any time. If you are new to the Randolph County area, may we invite you to register as a member of the parish? Reg-istration forms are available in parking lot vesti-bule or by calling the office. 336629-0221

    Fifth Sunday of Lent March 13, 2016

    I consider everything as a loss because of the supreme good of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.

    - Philippians 3:8

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    Sarcament of BaptismBaptism is a highly sacred event and deserves careful and complete readiness. Please contact the church office (336-629-0221 to register for the Baptism Preparation Class, which is done on a regular basis. Parents must be registered and participating members of our parish community.

    Sacrament of Marriage Couples should contact the Pastor (336-629-0221) at least 6 months prior to the wedding date for necessary preparation.

    Ministry of the Sick Please call the church office (336-629-0221) to inform us of an illness or hospi-talization of a family member. Federal Privacy Law prohibits the hospital from giving room numbers, so we must have prior knowledge of a patients room number before we visit the hospital. The Sacrament of Anointing is done upon request prior to surgery or a illness.

    Prayers for our Militaryplease call the office (336-629-0221) to notify us of their Military Status

    PARISH OF ST. JOSEPH March 13, 2016

    From the Desk of Fr. Philip Kollithanath As Catholics we have to acquire peace and a zeal for perfection. Lent is the best time to focus on this and improve the habit. Many a time our lives are controlled by the psychological concern, what will others think. This is very true even with gown up adults. Spiritual maturity will liberate and empower us to be in charge of our lives. To enjoy peace of mind one should abstain from meddling in others affairs, avoid seeking strange distractions, maintain a certain level of inward recollection. Blessed are the simple of heart for they shall enjoy peace in abundance.

    The secret of the perfection of saints is good example for us. They tried to mortify all their earthly desires and were able to attach themselves to God with all their heart. This enabled them to freely concentrate their innermost thoughts.

    In contrast, we are too occupied with our whims and fancies and interest in passing things. Rarely we conquer our vices. There is a lack of interest in holiness. We remain cold and indifferent. To enjoy divine things, we have to mortify our bodies and avoid distractions.

    The greatest obstacle to our holiness is that we are not free from our passions and lusts. We are easily dejected and turn to human consolations. We have to develop the habit of depending on God for everything. We can eventually feel Gods power leading us to victory. We must be careful not to find satisfaction in external rituals alone. All religious activities should lead us closer to God and experience the joy He alone can give. Every worship should help us keep our minds open to growing more into the divine love. Then we will be free from our passions and have peace of mind. We must focus on bridling our passions and removing our vices. It takes hard labor to establish productive and positive habits. But once established we would be proud of it. It is hard to break old habits but harder to go against our will.

    In this age they do not want to talk about right or wrong. Likes and dislikes dominate lives. The greed to enjoy is promot-ed by the world. It will be a while to realize that all these enjoyments will not give any lasting joy. Lasting joy comes from growing in the sense of holy. This happens when we try to eliminate evil habits and promote spiritual life through devo-tional activities. We learn to live in the presence of God all the time. That will caution us against the evils of the world. The more we try that the more we find peace of mind and success in life.

    God bless you all.

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    Offerings for 3/5/16 Offertory ________________$ 6,122.00 Needed _________________$ 175,083.00 year to Date $ 247,000.00 Over/Under ___________ $ 71,917.00 Total Goal: $1,500,000.00 Raised: $1,500,000.00


    March 19th 6 pm Spanish Eucharistic: Julia Rodriguez, Imelda Acenseo, Marta Luz Cortez, Robert Arrelano, Rosoelba Gonzalez, Hospitalidad David Fuentes, Antonio Alejo, Lupo Ramirez, Eliazar Mojia, Acolitos Jesus & Teresa Barron, Cruz & Luna Corona Lestores: Maaaria, Lupe Jaramillo, Juan Tornero

    March 20th 12:00 noon Mass Eucaristia: Guadalupe Alejo, Eudelia Esteban, Bonifacio & Alicia Nievez, Blanca Castro Lectores: Rosalinda Aguilar, Gerardo Barron Acolitos : Maria Delgado, Teresa Barron, Jonathan & Jaritzy Mondragon Hospitalidad: Hiliaario, Miguel & Agustin Dominguez Annuncion: Patricia Palacios, Roberto Perez

    March 19th 4:00 PM Eucharistic Dr. Feldman, Marty Hornyak Cheryl Benford, Lectors Mike Leach, Larry Kastner Hospitality Lynn Hyatt, Mike Leach

    March 20th 9:00 am English Mass

    Eucharistic Lynn Herbert, Dr. Pincus, Tom Murphy Carol Rich, Theresa Thornburg. Acolytes: Alex Krasowski, Georgia Smith Hospitality: Wayne Dawson, Rosemary Chriscoe, Ron Stark, Georgia Mc Collom

    March 13, 2016 St. Joseph Catholic Church

    BIRTHDAY LIST 3/8 Jadiva Aguilar-Moveno, 3/9 Tom Murphy,Isabel Mendieta, Pedro Ortiz, Jada