Rural depopulation

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Transcript of Rural depopulation

Lessons 1 & 2Thursday,12TH , Feb.2015Thursday,12TH , Feb.2015

Job OpportunitiesMore focus on Art, Culture and LiteraturePublic Transportation & ServicesBetter EducationComfortable Life Recreation & EntertainmentFacilities & AttractionsCommunicationMedical CareInfrastructurePros

Higher standard of living Congestion LonesomeHigh crime ratesPollutionNoisinessLesser spaces especially green spacesOvercrowding


has its advantages and disadvantages.... has both its attractions and its drawbacks. is a double-edged sword... is a mixed blessing.. is a blessing and a curse can be advantageous, but it is not always a bed of roses.

In addition / Moreover / Besides / Furthermore / On the one handAnother significant advantage is But above all one must not forget that

On the other hand, .. has some horrible disadvantages. is a striking disadvantage of

Weighing the pros and cons, one comes to the conclusion that .Ultimately, we should benefit from . , but avoid its demerits.

One forgets words as one forgets names. One's vocabulary needs constant fertilizing or it will die.

Russia is developing its infrastructure to be able to host the next FIFA World Cup.The train passed through the rural areas of Britain. I really enjoyed the green farms landscape.My friend can translate from Arabic to English & vice-versa.

The books which the children are using to learn English are on a graduated scale of difficulty.

Choose the suitable word to complete the following sentences:1- The mayor said the towns needed modernising.FarmsOvercrowdingInhabitantsInfrastructurePhenomenonOlive oilTensionAgricultureExportTemperatureUnemploymentClimate2- The scientists observed an unusual in their experiments.3- levels reached new highs during the recession.

1-Deserted4-Overcrowding5-Public Services3-Inhabitant 2-Graduated 10-Foundation 8-Socioeconomic7-Vacant9-Hibernate6-Athletics12-Referee14-Cardiology13-Taxonomy11-CorruptionExercise

There is no doubt that is one of the most dangerousphenomenon in our life and has its bad and negative effects.

. can cause many serious problems.. Is the source of a wide range of serious problems.A variety of dark side-effects can result from .

We can solve this problem in many ways.In order to solve this problem, we A solution to this problem is to

We should spare no effort to put an end it.It is time for us to unite, co-operate, & stand as one hand so as to find solutions to this serious problem.

The main problem name and its Definition.Examples of the problem.Who now lives in deserted villages and country areas? { The article mentions two groups of people. }Causes of the main text problem. Causes of wealthy people movement to villages.

Effects on village.Complete with a preposition:-Renowned .. Grown ...Consist .. Suffer ..Solutions

The main text problem name and its Definition.Examples of the problem.Who now lives in deserted villages and country areas? { The article mentions two groups of people. }Rural Depopulation.Movement from rural to urban areas.Elderly People of villages and Wealthy People who moved from the city.

Lack ofmoneyin rural areas.Limitedjobopportunities.Depending on machines in farming (Mechanisation). Lack of public facilities.Natural disaster, i.e. floods, drought and dust.Political instability.Uneconomical farming units & Farms union.Low production prices.City advantages.

Betterjob chanceswith shorter hours and more money.Greater social and economic attraction, like education, health services and housing.Greater educational opportunities.Push factorsPull factors

Overcrowding.Pollution.Tension of city life.Spending holidays and weekends.For healthy and peaceful atmosphere.Group 2 - Second Task

Schools and shops may close down. Young people move away, old people are left behind.Standard of living decrease.Low quality services .Reduced spending (less attention and care).Abandoned farm houses.Less new investments.Low value of properties.Children labor & drop in schools registrations.

Positive impactsNegative consequences:

Complete with a preposition:-Renowned for Grown forConsist of Suffer from

Sufficient income & Financial incentives should be provided to farmers. Affording JobsProviding facilities for entertainment like sports complexes and theme parks.Upgrading the infrastructure and transport network.Good EducationEncourage local production and investmentsLess children.Possible Solutions

We should guarantee professional farmers sufficient income so that they can concentrate on farming without thefinancial worriesand hardships which force them to move away from farming and to seek instead amorestable and more comfortable lifestyle.ExamplesThere are many possible causes of rural depopulation. People seek better work opportunities in cities. In addition, most services are centered in the city. Moreover, city life is more amusing with a lot of recreational opportunities. But above all we mustnt forget that villages suffer from poor infrastructure and poor services.

The government could re-develop remote areas by building newest infrastructure to upgrade the transport network. Apart from transportation, facilities for entertainment, sports complex and theme parks, for instance, are also essential to attract the rural residents to stay at their homes. In addition, more importantly, financial incentives should be provided to farmers and any other people with low income owing to the fact that moneyis something human cannot live without. If rural areas were more appealing than cities, why would people hope to live in the city?