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Issue 3 Special Edition Maltese Models and their Achievements in Malta and Euorpe

Transcript of Runway Affair

  • Top Model Worldwide Search


    ! e Role of Agencies in Modeling


    Student Designers

    Model to Entrapanour

    Issue 03

    The Look of the Year 2013

    Future New Faces for Runway Affair

    Yanika Azzopardi - Get to know her

    Model - Yanika Azzopardi

    Mayo Chix

  • Painting by: Anabelle Calafato (Malta)

  • Runway Affair - 02

    Runway A! air is always looking for new faces, should you like to be part of our magazine please " nd us on facebook or email

    modeling@vipaj.netM.99445783 -99242845

    03 ! e Look Of ! e Year - ! e Adventure

    05 Yanika Azzopardi

    09 New Faces for Runway A" air

    11 Mayo Chics

    17 Jasmine Camilleri

    21 Casey Fenech

    29 Halloween A! air

  • 03 - Runway Affair

    # e Adventure

    Wearing International designers, such as Magi2000, Gianluca Alibrando, Emma Viedma and Marella Ferrara

  • Runway Affair - 04

    in Taormina Sicily

  • 05 - Runway Affair

    Yanika AzzopardiModel Agency: Vipaj Modeling CentreMalta

  • Runway Affair - 06

    Yanika.....Who is she???

    tell us about yourself and

    your modeling experience?

    apart from modeling I love go-

    ing out and being with friends

    and family... i like anything new

    or adventurous and not scared

    of anything...i enjoy eating and

    cooking, I also enjoy some time

    alone, always refreshing...Ive

    been modeling ever since i was 13

    and Ive always enjoyed it since has helped me build my

    con" dence and selfesteem and

    thought me how to take care of

    myself in everyway...Ive never

    placed top 3 in any competition

    but it doesnt stop me from con-

    tinueing modeling...its not about

    winning or being the best but

    about doing what you love most

    and gaining experience...Ive

    won various other titles and

    gone abroad many time to

    represent my country and

    they have been the greatest...

  • 07 - Runway Affair

    what do you prefer pho-

    to shoots or fashion shows?photoshoots for sure, i love posing infront of the camera and being myself. Fashion shows are just trying to sell what they want you to, not showing yourself and your real capability

    what is the most di! -

    cult part for a model?most di$ cult part would probably be keeping a healthy lifestyle... I can never say no to food !

    what makes a woman stylish?what makes a woman stylish is how they present themselves in every way. how they keep their posture, fashion, hair, makeup and attituide

    Yanika Represented Malta as a dancer and Model in Italy at A New Star Stelle Per Lo Spettacolo at the age of 14 and won Best Danc-er, also she represented Malta twice in Miss European, and won Spirit of Miss Euorpean2013. She participated in other di! erent competi-tions in Malta, winning di! erent titles such as Miss Beauty and others.

  • Runway Affair - 08

  • 09 - Runway Affair


    Alexia FormosaModel Agency: Vipaj Modeling Centre Malta

  • Runway Affair - 10


    Solange CiantarModel Agency: Vipaj Modeling Centre Malta

  • 11 - Runway Affair

    Models: Maria Schembri ( Winner of # e Look of # e Year Malta 2013) & Caroline SchmebriClothes: Mayo Chix - Rahal Gdid - Malta

  • Runway Affair - 12

    Model: Danica BuhagiarClothes: Mayo Chix - Rahal Gdid - Malta

  • 13 - Runway Affair

    Model: Caroline Schembri" nalist at # e Look of # e Year Malta 2013Clothes: Mayo Chix - Rahal Gdid - Malta

  • Runway Affair - 14

    Model: Danica Buhagiar" nalist at # e Look of # e Year Malta 2013Clothes: Mayo Chix - Rahal Gdid - Malta

  • 15 - Runway Affair

  • Runway Affair - 16

    Model: Maria Schembri - Winner The Look of the Year Malta 2013Clothes: Mayo Chix - Rahal Gdid - Malta

  • 17 - Runway Affair

    JASMINE CAMILLERI - From Malta Winner of A New Star Stelle Per Lo Spettacolo Italia 2013Where she astonished the Italian judges not just in her modeling tech-niques and beauty but also in her dancing category of Street Dance and also on challenge night, where she sang Strani Amori, a famous Italian Song

  • Runway Affair - 18

    Photos by Jose Zekrom Esquivel

    # e License holder for the competition in Malta is Vipaj Modeling Centre. Each year at least 10 Maltese Beauty Talents are chosen to participate in the Final Event in Italy at A New Star Stelle Per Lo Spettacolo Italy, which is organised by E.C Communications, having Emilio Cicalese as the patron.

    Jasmine & Emilio Cicalese

  • 19 - Runway Affair

    Who is Jasmine ? Jasmine is just and ordinary 16 year old that lives life to the full. Loves all the talents that have to do with the stage performances and sports. When I grow up I would like to have a nautical career and being on ships, of course continue modeling and hopefully will have more chances to represent Malta abroad.

    How do you feel that you are the

    " rst Maltese to win the Interna-

    tional beauty/talent competition

    A New Star Stelle Per Lo Spetta-

    colo?It makes me feel proud. Honoured that I m the ! rst Maltese girl to bring this title home and prouder individually with what Ive achieved.

    How much do you think its im-

    portant in todays world to not

    only be a beautiful model but

    also have other talents?In my opinion, talents are more important than beauty. Talents are you. " ey are part of your character. Every single person has talents and I ! nd it important because with talents everyone is capable of achieving any-thing in life. " ey just have to believe.

    Photos by Jose Zekrom Esquivel

  • Runway Affair - 20

    # e Maltese Team - Winning titles - Jasmin Camilleri A New Star Stelle Per Lo Spettacolo Italy 2013 - Anabelle Calafato A New Star Show Girl Italia 2013 - Abigail Allen Pellegrini A New Star FotoModella ITalia 2013 - Lorita Curmi A New Star Cinema Italia 2013 - Alexine Buhagiar winning her place to star in an Italian Short Film directed by Orfeo Orlando

    Photos by Jose Zekrom Esquivel

  • 21 - Runway Affair

  • Runway Affair - 22

  • Casey Fenech

    23 - Runway Affair

    Winner of Best Photogenic Looks 2013 at V2 Models Award 2013 - Malta

    Model Agency: Vipaj Modeling Centre Malta

  • Runway Affair - 24Winner Most Beautiful Face and Best Photogenic & 2nd Runner up in Miss Teen Model Malta 2013

  • 25 - Runway Affair

    Lidaria Cilia - 1st Runner Up in # e Look of # e Year Malta 2013

  • Runway Affair - 26

  • 27 - Runway Affair

    Mellieha Malta

  • Runway Affair - 28

    Mellieha Malta

  • 29 - Runway Affair

    Its a Halloween Affair

  • Runway Affair - 30

    Model: Francesca CamilleriAgency: Vipaj Modeling Centre

  • 31 - Runway Affair

    Solange Ciantar Brooke Lyn Spiteri

    Alexine Buhagiar Anabelle Calafato

  • Runway Affair - 32

    All photos taken during a Model workshop on the Island of Gozo, were young upcoming models had to create their own theme, cos-tume and make-up, learning the art of organ-

    ising a photo shoot.

    # is Model workshop was organised byVipaj Modeling Centre

    Alexia Formosa Casey Busuttil

    Michela Buttigieg

  • 33 - Runway Affair

    Alexia Formosa

  • Runway Affair - 34

  • 35 - Runway Affair