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  • RTS POWER CORPORATION LIMITED ; Registered Office: BHUTORIA HOUSE , 56 Netaji Subhas Road , 2™ Floor , Kolkata-700001

    Phone : (033) 2242-6025,9831039925 Fax : (033) 2242-6732 E Mail Id: headoffice@rtspower.com Works: Kolkata- Jala Dhulagori, Sankrail, Howrah-711302 (P) +91 98300 70074 (E) dhulagori@rtspower.com

    Jaipur - C-174, Road No.9J, V.K.|. Area, Chomu Road, Jaipur-302013, (P) +91 141 2330405, (F) +91 141 2330315 Agra - Near 14 KM Mile Stone, Mathura Road, P.O. Artoni, Agra-282007, (P) +91 562 2641431 ,(E)rtsagra5@gmail.com

    CIN : L17232WB1947PLC016105 Website :www.rts power.com

    RTSPCL/BSE/20-21_ 10 September,2020

    BSE Limited

    Floor 25,

    P.J. Towers

    Dalal Street

    MUMBAI — 400001

    Sub: Publication of Notice of Board Meeting to be held on 15¢ September, 2020

    Dear Sir,

    Enclosed please find the Certified True Copies of Newspaper cuttings of Notices of Board Meeting to

    be held on 15" September,2020 published in Business Standard, Kolkata in English and in ARTHIK

    LIPI, Kolkata in Bengali, both on 5 September,2020 for your kind perusal and record.

    The abovesaid Paper Advertisements of the Notice will be available at the Company's Website

    _ www. rtspower.com .

    Thanking you,

    Yours fajthfully For RTS POWER CORPORATION LTD.

    Company Secretary ACS 5447

    Enclosure: as mentioned above

  • ‘16

    KOLKATA | 5 SEPTEMBER 2020 Vwelcend Business Standard

    }Gose WE the end of 48 hours after the declaration of fe Unaudited

    Fare nas eee JAY SHREE TEA& eE& ae The Bhagirathi | G10 C TSMR rS TSE] |memo no. cuonrrenderress Dated e4eae29 || NT RIES Line =. Birone The REGIONAL IRECTOR 7 NLT. Nov Tender Notice F D ae TASTERN REGION Coonerative Milk 03, 04.05, 06/2020-2021 5 none an or Budge Bi Company Limited ies the maties Gt the of tne Compances. Act, 0 ey ye Sealed Tenders are invited by the Chief Medical Officer of fr i maT uidge Compa : Producers’ Union }|#« of Application - fai oa: Lissotim nA GM Lseinasarap cozaTee peghapive ne Oo oes 03092020 to 18:09/2030| | Health, Jalpaiguri from the reputed firms/suppliers/ | |__ Weise. mminsteesscn

    nee SreTeADiCB000 Fan LSSATTOEI hanpeeeeear limited Dute for Dropping & Opening| | C"*actors for supply of Medical Instrument for the year Era, sharesQinystreeiaa con 0, webse: wwe gayetrigroup co ft commen teonors ned he copens| | Invites E-Tender for | |- 03/09/2020 tn 1809/2020 &| | 2020-2021. Necessary information in this regard may be NOTICE aa fe LSA sed having Be epeiees chet | | orgcurament of 1OOMT | [21/2020 Time - 114M. to| | had from the office of the undersigned from 08/09/2020 to Perseus ey Goer sTelne SeBraleen NOTE enh grat 7 Aru Gana ae (Ao mentee Keene tea. _arrucanr| | Of Skimmed Milk Powder | ]130PM. 16/09/2020. Last day for receive the Tender is on 22/09/2020 we Regarenants ||

    ve)] [ruta snes owen ne brent ozic!| vide Tender id: Gi ee upto 4:00 pm. Opening date of tender is on 23/09/2020 at Regence ' pe cree seu Wears OMA on uendoy Ow 2 Bepenber Dem aLanPaL| [OLE ete oe eee ee 2020_BCMPU_295155. 1. Natu Gram Panchayat] | 1:00pm. fumschy oe 15 Samara 2020 # 12:30 (0ST) pursuant to Circular No. 20; dated May 05, 2020 read with Circular Nos. Saar rite rcheean Nel, DATS reed For details visit Sd/- Pat a si Pe 6 Foe: 1472020 dawn Apel 08, 72000 an 1772020 coed Ned 13, 2020 iasued by the Mnisy of gif bad meer h i = Chief Medical Officer of Health | | (208 Seeet Wolat, 700 017, ite’ la. to ‘Corporate Afiairs (MCA) and Creular No. SEBUHONCFDCMO VCIRPI202079 dated 12°] Jeena cl Fe specal resclton parted at D oa Jalpaiguri’ Consolidated Resuts of the Compa Hay 2020 lease by fe Securies and Exchange Boar of Inda (SEB) to vansac he Rameacreeny General Meverg bold E: Engl ae es en P IU-Head), WBSRDA, cmeeofu oooh a ievujeyeheecn on peo be proviged he AGM or Sn propetes change! stews of RTS jorth 24 Parganas find ato on BSE ENED wesates at

    retary Bros VOOR wl be card be prone of sng he ns ses o te ty myers fo CORPORATION LTO. Division ei soca ats iar leh eee nse tesang abs Genpetesleh atone cacu| [Dace & hater ebm ase pe saat om S on-line tender as ‘Date = 04.09.2020 fniltt Ceeiment) wl be ban Eve slcrorsc moda oly etch Membar ntces al Esmee: Rapes, Meiers of Ceernn a a eeeneed (033) 2242. = [Sue 04082000 Present & Sacrey| Ddcresses are regiiored wi) Toe respective Partopants (DPa)ortre] [?atia ne heia Rese, halla te x c008) 2242-6792 NO. N-04/3/2020/N-24/

    Ceara eoet td Sho Heanelee Avent (NTA) vi, Ma, Mahan Wet Bengaleanin luteen deve of Oe rian ig

    eperecmceseneee| | cwsuizamaierccerses | |WBSRDA SRD Call, Dated: GUJARAT INDUSTRIES POWER COMPANY LIMITED | 2 Te hl ets wt mace Pe mo Coney De aasross Nendoned bets un tac Jopi2020, Last date of rol ihe # eulecies se = S01 AN BLU aes Exchanges ‘TC, Sr Man Rami Goesks Sreet nder submission is fics: is - 391 Le ra (Gujarat) The troy Sto Eicange tide aan eta une Me oie oe ee ee fe hereby oven at o-haling 09.2020 up to 17.00 w Tel, No. 0265 - 2232768, Fax a, 0263 2250029, Exchange fndaLinted IVER. VYAPAR Lit Boarc hte urs. The details can be :investors@gipcl.com Website : win gipel.com, a Lae ee S| ca ag ROG Sond ice at 86 Netaji Subhas Road ene on Hevalte: GIN = L3900611985P..C007 568

    Kolkate-700004 09 Ti H lenders.gov.in ry r he Rules famed farecnde, a any tag hes a be a DAN : 92834) 202%, roa ae = NOTICE (For the attention of Equity Shareholders) munnectet ete ist rte beat beaten a Te le on second the Una utive Engineer (PIU-Head} Updation of Email 10 and Bank Details:

    resolutions set ov in he Notice of the AGM, Members are requested to note he! ETD ve a Financial Resuics ‘ot ths ‘Comm Pursuant to the General Circular No. 202020 cated S* May, 2020, issued by ‘AMRUT for the Quarter ended on 30th North 24 Parganas Division the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the Company wil send the annual reporl{s}. e idan jails orn seussion e-NiT= 1/2020-21/AMRUT 2020, aferthe said Resulss notica(s), and other communications / benefits only through electronic mode GST. Thence crores tal De Seanad arora ete ws ‘Date 2. of the Bosrd.of Directors of ec ad to those shareholders whose e-mail addresses are registered with the trough electrome allowed beyond and bonafide and resou Company cries. The shareholders ist 'b, Gul-off date: 27" September, 2020 agency for 3 nos work abovesaid Notice and Result emal at Alemsal Te detail i Tan Ta yet registered thei Any person, who acquires shares of tha Company and become member of the| | Construction Deep Tube be avadoole ot the Company \GA DHUNSERI GROUP LTD. or bank account S, are requested lo register the same in

    Pika gat teed rll pede obpnel cl 2") |(oTW), Pump House He www sepower.com oe BSI See: respect of shares held in domat form with the Depository through their Pespoipt rag ti src ay dag oleh reid ck nection work Bu rliiahee opty ton eo Depository Participantis) and kn respect of shares bald in physical form by Agents (RTA) at Doaemyaiee tan ‘or to the Company at] |mstallation & com By Orcer of tw ‘KOLKATA-700020 visiting on the website of Company's Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA), Ee pirat RTS Power Corporation CIN: LOT S2WE1918PLCO03229, hs. Link Intime India Private Limited (LUPL) at httpsy//wwwlinkintime.co.tn’ However, if the member is aiready registered with COIL for e-voting then such Bmore ‘ade Ship d-dnidtbear Shion EmailRieg/Email_Registerhtml and upioad the documents required therein. ember ra Ll

    a voting shal] |AMRUT : ew oe TOS on Dividend: be tocast ther AGH, Members who have} | Dat : 00.08.2020 Div 000: 383 NOTICE Ps 7 poe gelaelpdrshini Sadana ber erin a Pape atse: ar Ie hereby given that Pursuant to tn accordance wit the prevalling provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961, however, shall not be elgible lo vote at hiemeeting. 2020_MAD_294792_ lation 29(2) of SEBI alate the Company would be required t9 deduct Tax at Source (TOS) al the @. In cose have ge queries or issues regariing @-voting, rofer the a Fraquenty, Asked. Cuesdons (FAQ) sad no yeu San mee Pal [2020 MAD_204792_2, ears area presribd ats on te vind pat Ws shareholders. The TDS rate would

    under help section of wrile an email ta ADs se oe seine eo SEBIMOICFD/CMOI/CIRUPr2020/140 vary depending on me residential status of tha shareholders and the helpdesk evtna@ensinda com or contact them at022-73058542, i wwews BOVE seman eeeee Gated 29th July, 2020, the 2nd Meeting of Gocuments submined by tem and accepted by the Company. Therefore, 4. Manner of registering! updating email addresses: the Scard of Dreciors of he for seks ested : id Geiser " Marberalig shares cenatvlaed moder bahrain at Sdl- INTER GLOBE FINANCE LIMITED | | Frsncial Year 2020:21 fs propane’ to a Re TouereO Ke nals Ses PAN Ao: avokG pa et ral addresses Bre requested to repister Une e-al adresses ind mobile numberk Executive Offi CIN: « LesgeaWBi: 8 be corwered on Tuesciy, 18th September, at higher rate in respect of shares held in demat form, with the Depasttary won be eect DPs by 3 Rape 200 eae Pe tangany ATA ol meee TN Cer Regd Office: Aloka House, 1" floor, | 12020 at 14, Loudon Street, Circus Avenue, through their Depastory Participant(s) and in respect of shares held in Aneual Report Burdwan Municipality 6B, Bentinck Street, Kotkata-700 001 | | kofeata. 700.017, iner-ala, ts consider and Jcal | visit : Comoany! ia sai ahs Wie force Ph: 033.2262.1974, ear oe cet physical form, by visiting on the website of Company's ATA, LIPL at Sa rene aera nae rare cl sate : Resuts for the 1st Quarter ended 30m pad pepeesnioniapiie alin ma nie rete by to the Company wth he Website: wermJgfl.co.in June, 2020, and upload jocuments required therein.