Royal Alexandra and Albert Senior Prospectus

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The secondary part of the School, covering the age range 11-16 secondary level, has up to 750 pupils in a busy, purposeful structure where pastoral care is managed both by Housemasters and Housemistresses as well as Heads of Year who also watch over each pupil’s progress in all subjects. There is an extensive range of activities run from 4.00pm to 5.00pm Monday to Friday with other activities programmed through the evening and on Sundays. At GCSE each pupil has personalised targets to ensure they are stretched to the maximum of their ability. There is a high standard of teaching across all subjects and this has led to more pupils achieving the highest grades in public examinations. As well as the compulsory Maths, English Language, English Literature and the Sciences, GCSE pupils can choose from fourteen optional subjects ranging from the traditional academic subjects such as French, Spanish, History and Geography to more vocational options such as the BTEC course in Countryside

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  • YOUR CLASS... In classes that are typically smaller than those in other state schools,

    your teacher will have the time and space to focus on your progress.

    Personalised goals will be put in place to help you maximise your

    academic progress whilst capitalising on your individual abilities.

    In short, your teachers will bring out the best in you.

    Your teachers are experts in their chosen subject which means

    that you will get top quality teaching in every subject that you take.

    Whats more, they genuinely care about your progress so will help

    you achieve the best results both within and outside of lessons.

    Personalised targets, specialist teachers and a caring ethos; just

    three of the factors which will ensure you achieve the best possible

    exam results.

    I enjoy being independent and

    being with my friends. Pupil

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  • 5YOUR SUBJECTSIn your first three years at Senior School you will be taught all the

    main subjects such as Maths, English and Science plus a wide range

    of other subjects such as ICT, Art, Drama, Music, Languages, Food

    Technology and more. This broad curriculum is designed to give you

    a good basic understanding of a range of subjects and life skills. It

    will also help you choose the GSCE subjects which are right for you.

    By the end of Year 9 you will have made your choice of GCSE

    subject options. As well as the traditional GCSE options you can

    select subjects that make the most of our beautiful parkland setting

    with options of BTEC courses in Horse Care and Countryside &


    In your first three years you discover what subjects you enjoy the

    most. In the next two years we help you refine your learning and

    acquire depth of knowledge to prepare you for your GCSE exams.

    I think the teachers are really nice

    and are always fair. Pupil

  • EXTRA TIMEYou will learn a lot about yourself and your friends outside the

    classroom. Being a good team player will help you make the most

    of relationships with your friends, family and the people you meet

    outside school. When you learn to stick with difficult tasks and

    stretch yourself you will earn respect from everyone who knows you.

    These skills are as much part of our curriculum as Maths or Science

    and you will learn these plus many other valuable life skills during

    after school activities and sporting pursuits.

    Trips and events outside of school are your opportunity to see how

    the world works and how people behave in our society.

    This incredible combination of great teaching, endless activities

    and enriching experiences will help you develop a well-rounded

    personality and the self-confidence to make the most of all your

    future opportunities. Get ready for five exciting years!

    My first year has been great and I

    love this school so much. Pupil



  • SPECIAL TIMEAfter a few weeks at school you will find it starts to feel like home.

    Whether you are Boarding or Flexi Boarding, you will spend most

    of your days here and good things will start to happen. You will

    have the time to start great friendships, some of which could last a

    lifetime. You will have the space to explore your talents and abilities,

    during and after school. You will feel safe and secure in a comfortable

    environment surrounded by friends, where a member of staff is never

    far away. Most of all, you will feel valued as an individual who really

    makes a difference.

    Its amazing how much you will change at Senior School and you will

    be delighted with the result.


    There really seems to be a family

    feeling in the house. Parent

  • WHAT NEXT?You will have experienced one of the biggest personal

    transformations of your life at Senior School. The young adult you

    will become will be quite different from the child of five years ago.

    As you approach the end of the Senior School, you will have a better

    understanding of yourself, you will know your strengths and have a

    clearer idea of what the future holds for you. With the support of staff

    at the school and the support of your family, you will be able to make

    the right decision about the next stage of your life.

    So the answer to the question What next? should be an easy one.

    In all likelihood you will choose to remain at the School in the Sixth

    Form, but you can be sure that whatever direction you take, you

    will feel intellectually and emotionally prepared for the exciting

    opportunities ahead.

    She is proud to be part of the

    school and is looking forward to

    her future. Parent



  • GET IN TOUCHRoyal Alexandra and Albert School

    Gatton Park


    Surrey RH2 0TD

    01737 649000

    Patron: Her Majesty the Queen

    President: Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Gloucester

    Founded: 1758. Registered charity no: 311945





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