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  • 1. 2010JanuaryThisdocumentiscopyrightedandmaynotbesoldorresubmittedwithoutpriorwrittennotice.RESELLERS:THISPDFMAYNOTBEALTERED Ifyoufeeltheneedtopassthisdocument toafriendorfamilymember,pleaseaskthemtosignupviathecasinolinksbelow... GoodLuck!:)CasinoLinks READTHIS:WhenyouopenanewcasinoaccountSAYNOTOALLBONUSOFFERS IfyougetanemailaskingyoutoactivateDONOTCLICK Alwayschatwithcustomersupport andaskhowtoavoidthebonus Min.Deposit$20 Min.Deposit$20Min.Deposit$20 InstantPlayYES InstantPlayYESInstantPlayYES DownloadYES DownloadYESDownloadYESWhenyousignupyouhelpsponsor Min.Deposit$20 Min.Deposit$20 InstantPlayYES InstantPlayYES DownloadYES DownloadYESWait24hoursbeforeusingthesamecasinoagain! Playon2sitesonedayand2othersitesthenextday. FREEpracticeroulette:

2. TRANSLATEvia GoogleTranslate.DEUTSCH.SWEDEN.ESPANIOL .CHINA.THAILAND .NORSK .ROMANIA.GREEEK InternationalTranslate (clickhere) 3. So you want to win rouletteWell so did we one month ago, and let me just tell you, winning roulette on-line is harder than you think. First of all the sneaky casino sites have a 97% payout rate, simply put: IT IS TOTALLY LEGAL FOR THEM TO PROGRAM CHEATS INTO THE ROULETTE SOFTWARE TO MAKE YOU LOOSE 3% OF THE TIME... bummer! Albert Einstein said God doesn't play dice - And those are some clever words from a clever man; He also said that winning roulette was impossible; The only way you can win the roulette is if you steal from it - and we all know stealing is illegal... That being said lets talk about playing dice; If you play dice for 10 hours straight you will see an even distribution of rolls on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6... God surely doesn't play dice, witch is why the probability of all 6 numbers being rolled equal amount of times is a part of life in this fabulous universe :) But what has God, Einstein and playing dice got to do with winning roulette..? Well, since the probability is equal for all numbers being rolled, it goes without saying that a computer playing 10 hours of roulette will, by the magic of God, display the exact same pattern: Equal amounts of wins on each number, and because computers are very simple calculators, they only operate with 1 and null (zero) that makes the probability even more steady; With an equal distribution on all numbers... By now you probably figured out it becomes very easy to make spot-on statistics on how the casino site software rolls dice and that my friend is where the magic happens... 4. So you want to win rouletteWe tried this ourselves and build a simple random number generator that picked a random numbers from 0 36 and let that program run on WindowsXP for 1 hour; As predicted the random computer distributed evenly on all numbers, but with a slight tendency to favour black numbers from red numbers... But... (and here comes the bummer part again) as you know the casino sites are cheaters and do not have to use real random numbers so when you are playing on-line roulette you are actually playing against software with an advanced set of rules all in favour of the casino taking away your money, or at least the legal 3%of your money... So how do we get around this, well actually we cant; We spend hours and hours playing roulette sites, spinning thousands of rolls on different tables and every time we had a good feeling about the table we ended up loosing money on crazy 19 reds in a row impossible accidents... (read: cheating software) Bottom line, most casinos are just cheat-machines designed to make you feel like a winner the first 10 minutes and then 30 minutes down the pipe it drops the hammer and take all your winnings away from you... Bummer! Seriously :) So we finally figured out that most roulette software is designed to make you win the first 10 - 15 minutes and this is where we can hit the table and grab some profits... 5. So you want to win rouletteYou may think to yourself, well' playing 10 minutes wont really make me a million dollars for that boat cruise to Hawaii and my new Ferrari and you are absolutely right, it wont... But... If you start out playing $0.1 CHIPS for 2 weeks, then move up to playing $0.2 CHIPS for 2 weeks... Then play $1 CHIPS for 2 weeks... Then play $2 CHIPS for 2 weeks... Then play $10 CHIPS for 2 weeks... Well you get the point, that way you will probably make a lot of money within a few months; Especially when you win at least 10 - 20 CHIPS per 10 minutes... All you have to do is stay low and keep within the 10 minute limit, just play 4 casino sites one day and 4 different casino sites the next... every other day change back and repeat. This way you are playing 8 sites within a 48 hour cycle, you can even take the weekend off for fun and games :) Some of our best days we have won over 60 CHIPS in 10 minutes, playing Golden Nugget 3, Golden Nugget 2 + RED/BLACK. You do the Maths:60 x $0.1 CHIPS = $660 x $1 CHIPS = $60 60 x $10 CHIPS = $600 x4 sites per day = ... x7 days per week = ...Well you get the general idea, so lets move onand show you how to play and win... 6. RED/BLACKBINARYBETTINGBinary betting is one of the oldest tricks in the book, the point is to keep adding a double bet until you win and recover your invested money. Some people call this the martingale system but really it's just standard Binary numbers like we use in computer calculations. Binary numbers: 0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 ... To make use of the Binary betting system you have to keep statistics on the drop probability of RED/BLACK. Simply play some free spins where you place a 1 CREDIT bet on red + black (giving you a free spin) and keep doing this until you have statistics of some 100 200 spins. Many casinos even have a quick spin function allowing you to spin a clean table without any bets. This way you can do your statistics for free :) Write the statistics into a Spread Sheet like Openoffice Calc and generate a chart of the statistics; Now you can easily see what the longest drop probability for the red/black is. Normal roulette tables only allow for $25, $50 or $100 to be placed on one bet, so make sure what the table limit is before you start betting. We personally play on tables where the maximum bet is 100 per bet, so obviously we can bet, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, STOP... All in all 7 binary double bets possible on the table. RED/BLACK BINARY BETTING 7. RED/BLACKBINARYBETTINGHere is an example of one of my statistics where you can see the maximum red/black statistics is 8 rolls before the colour changes, bottom line, we can start the Binary bet when a colour comes up 1 - 3 times in a row. Please note that some casino sites have been known to cheat you and draw 19 times of the same colour. If you get this problem, just leave the casino and never play on that casino again :) You may also notice the table will draw a zero when your bet is high, so just place a little 1 CREDIT bet on zero if you are betting high and feel nervous about zero.1 8 rolls before the colour will change (This may be different on other casinos) Just keep adding more and more statistics to get a better feel for the table and remember, some times you loose, and that's just the way it is; On-line casinos will do their best to cheat you and grab 3% of your money, especially when you win too much; Just play for 10 15 minutes and leave the casino when you have a profit. Log out and don't come back for another 24 hours at least! (Play 8 different casinos and your weekly profit will be very good.)RED/BLACK BINARY BETTING 8. RED/BLACKMICROBETTINGRED/BLACKMICROBETTINGisdesignedforplayerswhohavelimitedfundstoand beginnerswhowanttoavoidgamblingmorethan2UNITS(casinochips)perbet.Theplayerstartsthegameat30CREDITSandslowlybuildupasteadywinning streakbythemultipleofmanysmallwins(210CREDITSpergame).Investa30CREDITbudgetandplaceyourfirstbetof1CREDITonbothRED& BLACK(thiswillprovideafreespintogetthetablestarted).Whentheballdrops, goaheadandplacea1CREDITbetontheoppositecolourtowinnextandspinthe wheel;Theprobabilitywillnowfavourachangeincolourgivingyoua1CREDITwin profit. Example:IftheinitialfreespincameoutBLACK yournextbetwouldbe1CREDITonRED. Whenthecolourchangeyouwin1CREDITandnowplace1CREDITbetontheoppositecolourIfthecolourdoesnotchangeordropsonzero,youhavelost1CREDITanditis timetobetagainonthesamecolourasyoujustdidbefore,thistime2CREDITbet.Ifthisspinalsolooseordroponzero,thengoaheadandplaceanotherbetof2 CREDITSonthesamecolourasbefore(again).Ifthetablestilldoesnotchangecolour,youhavelost5CREDITSanditistimeto quitthetable.(closethecasinowindowinyourbrowsertoresetthegame).Gotakeacoffeebreak,startupagainandrepeattheMICROBETcycleasbefore. Keepbettingonoppositecoloursuntilyoureachatotalwinof210CREDITS oruntilyouloosethreetimesinarow.(5CREDITSTAKEABREAK).Thefirst5minutesmostcasinoswillchangecolourquiteoftengivingyougood oddsforwinningsmallwinsonRed/BlackMICROBETTING. RED/BLACKMICROBETTING 9. RED/BLACKMICROBETTINGYousimplykeepplayingthemicrobetuntilyoureachasatisfactoryprofitof210 CREDITSandwithdrawfromthetable(closethecasinowindowtoresetthegame). Thiswinningisnownotedinaspreadsheettokeeptrackofyourwinnings.Startupanewgameandrepeatthecycleasbefore,theideaistoplaymanyshort gamesandtakeawaysmallwinningseverytime. HereyoucanseehowRED/BLACKMICROBETTINGpreformsduring75cycles: (13minutegames)LADBROKES.COMManysmallwinsmakesforalargeandsteadyweeklywinning.Inthisexamplewestartedat30CREDITSandcomeoutwinningatotalof731CREDITS Alwaysremembertostopandtakeabreakifyouloose5CREDITSQuitwhileyouareahead...evenaslittleasa26CREDITS.Restartthegameasoftenasyoulike. Changecasinositeafter1hourorless.RED/BLACKMICROBETTING 10. GOLDEN NUGGET BETTINGGolden Nugget Betting relies on the three rows where you get 2:1 odds every time you win.To use Golden Nugget Betting you need to track on how long it's been since the ball dropped on a specific row, lets say you keep track of the upper row; Just count every time the ball does NO