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    Rotunda NewsletterIssue 8

  • Rotunda Community College

    107 by Siren is now OPEN!

    We are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday serving fabulous coffees, fresh sandwiches and daily hot specials. We have free WIFI and free parking so a perfect space for any meetings. We would like to say a huge THAN-KYOU to everyone who came to our Macmillan Coffee Morning! We raised 55.41 for a brilliant cause! Keep an eye out for future events including our spooky Halloween party and Christmas tea parties! Dont forget to come and check out our well; just be careful you dont fall in!!!

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    My name is Michael Broadhurst and I have been working with the Rotunda and attending education courses in centre for a few years now. I have been applying for the funding through the Rotunda because the young people in my area didnt have anything to do but get themselves into trouble and this was affecting my com-munity. Kirkdale is a one of the most deprived areas in Liverpool; the young people that I am engaging with are get-ting involved in gang crime and antisocial behaviour. My idea is to engage them into rotunda youth club by delivering group sport sessions, so I applied for the Team of Carraghers Fund through the 23 foundation and youth bank. I was successful in achieving a bid of 500.00 which allowed me to buy sports equipment. Not only did I secure this funding but I was invited to an award ceremony, along with 2 students, to not only get my certificate but meet Jamie Carragher! The project was really successful and around 10-15 young people would attending every session. In doing this I managed reduce antisocial behaviour in my community and supported quashing ASB orders. The main evidence of this significant reduction was complaints off my community halved within 3 months of this pro-ject - I believe this has made a big difference to the lives of people in my community. I am hoping that future funding will be available so that this project can continue with its amazing results.

    TEAM OF CARRAGHERS 23 FoundationMichaels success round 2

  • Rotunda Community College

    Changing faces Award update!

    Oh dear- the date of the award ceremony changed and Michael our hard working Youth Worker was away on the rearranged date. So, I, Kym Cheetham stepped in to the breach and took Michaels place taking two lovely Rotunda Students Rachel Gilbertson and Boyeong Kim to meet Jamie Car-ragher and receive our fabulous award and recognition for all of Michaels hard work with our youth programme.Its such a hard job stepping into Michaels shoes but I am so glad I did

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    KirkFest Lands on the International FringeRotunda, the arts, education and community centre in the heart of North Liverpool announced a bumper bill fringe event for the Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF). KirkFest, took place on 30th August in Rotunda Square, Kirkdale, brought together a programme of live music and activities which reflects the flavours and di-verse sounds of North Liverpool.

    We had over 750 people attend throughout the day with demonstrations by the Territorial Army, Bike Right and many more. Headlining the event was the internationally renowned band The Merseyrats, genuine musicians from the hay day of the Mersey beat in the 1960s. With lead singer Lee Curtis who played with the Pete Best of the Beatles! Local based bands The Dawn and Small Print also highlighted a variety of young local talented up and coming new bands.

  • Rotunda Community College

    Maxine Ennis, Chief Executive Officer of Rotunda was quoted saying:

    The Liverpool International Music Festival is one of the spectacle highlights of 2013 and we are delighted to be part of it. KirkFest is the result of many months hard work from the team here and is a true celebration of the culture and heritage music plays within our local community. With live performances, opportunities for people to get involved themselves and a wealth of other activities planned for all ages, this is one event in the LIMF calendar not to be missed.

  • Rotunda Community College

    Rotunda Wins Another Award!Rotunda attended the MIB Awards 2013 (3rd October) and won the prestigious Award For Investment Into Communities And Environment. This award recognises the organisation that has made the greatest investment into communities an environment, including contribution toeducation, economic regeneration and long term sustainability.

    Maxine Ennis CEO: Brilliant Night, wonderful company and completely overwhelmed by this award. It is a credit to all the hard working staff and volunteers at Rotunda who have made this award possible.

    Congratulations to all the Staff and Volunteers who put in the hard work and made this nomination a winner!

  • Rotunda Community College

    More exciting news Rotunda has been nominated for the Lloyds Community Fund and we need you and your vote!

    How can you support us cast your vote online: - then put Rotunda or L5 2PL into the search box and vote!

    Or Text VOTE CJPA to 61119

    Or if you have a Lloyds Branch locally you can vote in branch!!!

    PLEASE can you help us build an army of voters tell EVERYONE you know to vote for the Rotunda Face-book, Twitter, email and face to face Spread the word!

    Help us win again!

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    Rotunda is a community led alternative learning resource for all ages, our registered address is

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