ROTARY CLUB OF SONIPAT MIDTOWN · PDF file Krusha & Son Kritin, both are Paul Harris...

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Transcript of ROTARY CLUB OF SONIPAT MIDTOWN · PDF file Krusha & Son Kritin, both are Paul Harris...


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    Bulletin No. 19-20/02 Date : 08/07/2019


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    “Launching a new year………… is like launching a great ship……… The sea is said to be a teacher of truth and in sailing, we find the salt of reality –

    Rotarians & Like-minded men of goodwill can come to recognize that we are one people around the earth, and that we can do much to bring harmony & understanding between brothers who may

    dwell across expensive oceans……… or perhaps next door.”

    Inauguration of Defibrillator Machine and CPR Project (UNDER CSR)

    At District Courts, Sonipat | 12:30 Noon Chairman | PP Rtn. R.K. Kumra

    Chief Guests : Sh. Y.S. Rathore

    Distt. & Session Judge, Sonipat DG Rtn. Deepak Gupta

    Coordinator Club : Delhi Riverside

    Chief Guests : Mr. Sunil Mathur

    (Director Operations) Allen Diesels India Pvt Ltd., Delhi (Sponsors)

    Sh. Anoop Dahiya President, Bar Assoc.(19-20), Sonipat

    Club Assembly At Utsav Grand, Sonipat

    06:00 pm

    Installation of Pres. Rtn. (Dr.) Manoj Bhatla

    & his Team (2019-20)

    (Near Agarsain Chowk) Chairman | PP Rtn. Rajesh Relan

    At Kanak Garden | 08:30 pm (Larsouli, Gt Karnal Road, Sonipat)

    Chairman | PP Rtn. Bhupesh Chandna

    Another Feather on the Cap of Rotary……………

    Rtn. Sukesh Sachdeva becAme MAJOR DONOR.

    We are extremely Proud of You !

    PP Rtn. Jagdish Batra & PP Rtn. Harissh Rajwada DONATED $250 EACH IN THE ROTARY FOUNDATION.

    We are Proud of You !! Keep It Up !!


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    COMMITTEE PLAN Installation (2019-20)

    100% Attendance Promotion Committee

    PP Rtn. Ashok Sharma PP Rtn. Sanjay Pargal Rtn. Sushil Gehlout VP Rtn. Rakesh Devgun PE Rtn. Bhushan Vasdev

    Welcome Committee PP Rtn. K.L. Dawra PP Rtn. (Dr.) J.B. Bansal PP Rtn. Davinder Gulati PP Rtn. Sukesh Sachdeva PP Rtn. R.K. Seth Rtn. Sneh Lata PP Rtn. Jagdish Batra

    Guest Registration Committee PP Rtn. Rajesh Relan PP Rtn. Parkash Bhagat PP Rtn. Harissh Rajwada Rtn. S.C. Pruthi

    Venue Ambience Committee PP Rtn. Naveen Wadhwa Rtn. Kavilesh Kukreja Rtn. (Adv.) Sameer Pupneja Rtn. Arun Vasudeva

    Decorum Committee Rtn. CA Abhishek Juneja Rtn. Harpreet Singh Rtn. Dinesh Madan Rtn. Mohan Kapoor

    Back Stage Coordination Committee

    Rtn. Sunil Batra Rtn. Sharad Sharma Rtn. Vineet Garg Rtn. (Adv.) Naveen Relan

    Food and Snacks Committee PP Rtn. Rajive Seth Rtn. Rajiv Verma Rtn. Ramesh Sandooja Rtn. Rajiv Chaudhary Rtn. Sanjeev Jindal

    New Member Coordination/ Hospitality Committee

    PP Rtn. R. K. Seth Rtn. Davinder Gulati PE Rtn. Bhushan Vasdev Rtn. Arun Vasudeva Rtn. Gurdiyal Sodhi

    Distt. Member Committee PP Rtn. K.L. Dawra PP Rtn. Sukesh Sachdeva PP Rtn. (Dr.) J.B. Bansal Rtn. R.K. Dixit Rtn. Gurdiyal Sodhi

    House of Friendship PP Rtn. O.P. Batra Rtn. Jagbeer Singh Rtn. Rajesh Lamba Rtn. Sandeep Girdhar

    Dues Collection Treasurer Rtn. Rakesh Kalra Rtn. S.C. Pruthi

    Rtn. Avinash Bhagat

    The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don't wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”


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    Know Your Governor (2019-20) Rtn. Deepak Gupta Sometimes events from childhood leave everlasting impression in one's life and perhaps decide what life has to offer, this was true for Rtn Deepak Gupta too. Those childhood memories has an effacious impression on the life of this technocrat, developing him into a successful self-made entrepreneur who believes in living on the edge, take risks in life and never fear failure. As an engineer, venturing into forging Industry he developed an attitude of forging relationships, both in personal and professional life, understanding the importance of friends and family and never compromising on values.

    Rtn. Deepak Gupta, an Engineering Graduate from Thapar Institute of Technology is the Managing Partner at C.D. Engineering Company and Managing Director at Utsah Engineering Pvt. Ltd. He is also the President of All India Metal Forging Association and is associated with many Social and Welfare Organizations.

    In the year 2000, when he joined The Rotary Club of Ghaziabad, the oldest Club of district 3012, he instantly felt at home. He was the Club Secretary in year of 2004-05 and served Club as President in the year 2007-08. Because of his excellent training skills and friendly style, he was a regular Club Trainer from the year 2008 till 2014. This passion to serve Rotary made him District International Service Chair and Rotary International has also assigned him the post of Ambassador for India for the Rotary Global Rewards 2018-2020

    Over the years, he had served Rotary in various capacities such as Assistant Governor, District Director Conference Promotion Co- Chairman, & Secretary of District Conference, District Director Club Leadership Plan, District Director EREY and a proactive member in the Rotary Friendship Exchange to Long Island, USA. A strong advocate of global outlook and friendship exchanges, he is tirelessly investing his time in planning such exchanges with the remotest countries on the globe

    With an openhearted contribution till date, Rtn Deepak is a Major Donor Level 3 of The Rotary Foundation; moreover he has committed to donate a substantial amount to achieve 'Arch Klumph Recognition’ and made the first ‘Team Gift Agreement’ for Distt. 3012 with the TRF. Deepak is an inspiration to many, a living example of how Karma' reciprocates to one’s service generosity. This reflects in the fact that his landmark Rotary responsibilities have always synchronously coincided with his biggest business achievements.

    Rtn. Deepak received Governor's special recognition for the year 2015-16 for major contribution to The Rotary Foundation and was presented with the highest district recognition of the Late Kirpal Singh Ahluwalia Trophy for EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP in the year 2010-11. He was a regular recipient of Governor's Award for three consecutive years from 2011-14.

    Rtn Deepak is married to Rtn Reena Gupta, Major Donor Level 3 & Director of M/s Utsah Engineering Pvt. Ltd. She is a successful entrepreneur & a business woman. They are blessed with Daughter Krusha & Son Kritin, both are Paul Harris Fellows Kusha is pursuing her Engineering at University of California. Kritin is pursuing his Engineering at University of Rochester.

    Never bend your head, always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.” Don’t wait for things to happen.. Make it happen. Make sure your own love… and infuse your life with action. Always stay true to yourself and your style & push yourself to be aware of that and be original …… because God has never made two people exactly alike. WISH YOU ALL A GREAT DAY FULL OF LOVE & JOY. – Editor


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    Make the Difference The Rotary Year 2018-19 has come to a close with many positive, great performances by our Club with excellent Team Work. The New Rotary Year will see a change of guard. The change which happens at every leadership level every year many Rotarians the opportunity – to demonstrate their leadership skills & encourages other Rotarians to serve with renewed enthusiasm and energy (Josh). Change is a constant in today’s time. Change brings opportunity. We must grasp and use it to continue our good work to ensure a better future for those who serve. When someone asked a farmer, “What are you doing today ?” He replied “I’m enjoying the hard work of the past.” We do understand the farmer’s nuanced response – that all we too have a legacy of more than 114 years and urging us to do better. All steps which need planning, coordination, prowess and hard work. And, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. Finally, success only comes accomplishing all the tasks on the right time. We Rotarians know there is no such thing as overnight success. Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99% perspiration. Learning is an ongoing process. Learning is personal – it flexes with our needs, our learning style & our planning. Rotarians work well with well thought out plans & strategies and an army of 1.02 million Rotarians over 200 countries to serve communities around us. From July, we have full 12 months in front of us. Twelve months of :

     Opportunities  Challenges  Time to prove our leadership capabilities  Actions & Results  Introducing of New members to Rotary.  Learning about needs of our communities.  Interaction & working as Team  Exciting experiences  Develop our skills of communication to work better  Convert acquaintances to friends in the true spirit of Rotary.  Happiness, energy & enthusiasm and  Contributing towards worthy projects.

    To make full use of 12 months, my dear trendsetter, please proceed to achieve the goals of Rotary with our well trained Team of Club Officers & District Officers !

    ROTARY OATH  I solemnly promise to consecrate

    my life to world peace.  I will give my fellow Rotarians the

    respect and gratitude they owe.  I will exercise my knowledge of

    Rotary with awareness & dignity.  Helping the next one