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Transcript of ROTARY CLUB OF COONABARABRAN INC COONABARABRAN · PDF file 20/05/2013  · The...

  • The Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Coonabarabran Inc. Club No 17922 President: Hugh Raadgever Secretary: Jo Wilkin

    PO Box 265, Coonabarabran NSW 2357

    Club Meetings : Monday 6.00 for 6.30pm Bowling Club 45 Edward St Coonabarabran





    13 May 1949

    20 May 2013


    Tues 21 May

    BlazeAid catering

    Fri 24 May

    RYDA at the Racecourse

    Sat 25 May

    Thankyou BBQ for BlazeAid catering volun-

    teers at Showground

    Sun 26 May

    District Training Assembly Gunnedah

    Mon 27 May

    President’s Port meeting !!!

    Fri 31 May - Tues 4 June

    Horse Expo

    Mon 3 June

    No meeting - helping at Horse Expo

    Mon 10 June

    No meeting - Queen’s birthday

    Sat 15 June

    Club Changeover - Bowling Club, 6.30 for

    7pm. $35.00 each.

    Mon 17June

    First meeting for the new regime - Club


    27 July to 10 August

    Vanuatu trip

    Mon 20 May

     A great pleasure to welcome Margaret & Bob Geraghty to our meeting on Monday - a chance to renew friendships and to hear a little about their time since leaving Coonabarabran. It was especially good to hear that they now plan to return again, but for longer this time so that they can catch up with more of their friends. As always, our best wishes go

    with them.

     Also lovely to see Trish, Susan, & Sally of course, and about-to-become- member Ian McLean who will be inducted at the Changeover on 15


     Events of importance coming up:

     RYDA on Friday at the racecourse - 6 needed for ‘chaperones’. First session starts at 9.30am, to finish at 2.00pm. Chairs will be prepared on

    Thursday. Thanks to Ian K for his donation to the program.

     Thank you BBQ for BlazaAid cooks Saturday 12.30 start - we have

    collectively cooked 4,500 meals for $27,000. (Average - $6.00/meal)

     District Training Assembly in Gunnedah this Sunday - 9.00 for 9.30 start at the High School. The program for the day is on the club website

    (and attached to this email!)

  • ROSTER Welcome &



    27 May Colin Taylor Colin Welsh, Lindsay Wilkin

    3 June Doug Winter Peter Young, Kevin Barrington

    10 June Aileen Bell Ian Bell, Peter Brookhouse



    1. Investment account maturing - Community Mutual

    2. Disaster Aid Australia newsletter

    3. Letter re ANZAC Centenary Local Grants Project

    from Mark Coulton MP

    4. ARH newsletter & request for funds

    5. Insurance Certificate of Currency for RYDA

    6. Directors 2013-14 have been handed out to the in-

    coming board


    Sympathy card to the family of PDG Rupert Richardson

     Horse Expo the following week.

     Good reports about MUNA in Port Macquarie - stu-

    dents will be invited to report back to the club.

     Jokers Wild will be $620.00 next week.

     It was agreed to recommend to the Board that we spon-

    sor a horse rug prize at Horse Expo for $137.00

     Rob C has renovated a donated small generator for use in conjunction with the trailer until news of our applica- tion for a Volunteers small grant comes through. Letter

    of thanks to Roachs required..

     New shop is operating well, with some more community

    members coming onto the roster.

    Some clubs in the District are beginning to try new ways or structuring their meeting

    patterns. This is what one club is planning to try. (They hold an auction once a month

    in their specially designated shed to raise funds).

    When our new Rotary year begins after Changeover on 17 June, we plan to trial a new

    pattern of meetings. This will be a 6-month trial to assess impacts. We will still essen-

    tially be providing the opportunity for meeting 4 times a month in a regular way. The

    auction will constitute the meeting for the first

    week of the month, our standard club meet-

    ings will take place on the second and fourth

    Mondays of the month and on the third Mon-

    day it will be the Board meeting plus any Pro-

    ject committees, subcommittees or even a

    Club Assembly. With sufficient notice we can

    have vocational visits or social events on the

    first Monday of the month. Any 5th Monday

    in a month could be an assembly or outing.

    In light of the weather events in the US lately,

    not to mention our own January weather event,

    I found the above jobsite rule interesting.

  • Rotary Book Shop Roster

    9.30am-1.00pm 1.00-5.00pm

    Wednesday Alan or Jo

    (alternate weeks)

    Doug & Terry

    Thursday Trish Robert &


    Friday Wilkin Girls Bob & Jill

    Saturday Sheila

    If unable to attend please find a substitute


    Colin Welsh 68421437

    Gordon Jewiss Afternoon only 68421010

    Jim Pearson 68421278

    Sue Raadgever 68421640

    Calling for expressions of interest

    from students in Coonabarabran district area

    (not necessarily CHS students but

    must live at home)

    whose dob fell between 1 Jan 98 and 01 Jul 00

    for an exchange with students from New Zealand

    05 Apr 14 to 30 Sep 14.

    NZ is to host first.

    For more info, call Kevin 68421538, (CHS stu- dents: school will have a brochure.)

    'Rotary Australia-New Zealand Exchange’

  • Special ‘Guest’ speaker Bob Geraghty

    Bob spoke from the heart about the ‘journey’ he and Margaret had been undertaking since their departure

    from Coonabarabran. In their first months they stayed with family, and set out on a trip to Mexico to visit

    some of Anne’s host families from her YEP exchange. The

    drug wars in the country have severely curtailed travel possibili-

    ties, but they were still able to go on what Bob called an

    ‘upmarket backpackers holiday.’

    Once back in Australia, they decided to move to the Bateman’s

    Bay area, being well situated in relation to their family, and

    bought a house at Malua Bay 15 kms to the south in October


    It was good to hear that they now plan to return to Coona again

    in the near future, and this time they will stay longer so that

    they can catch up with more friends. Make it soon, Bob and

    Twisted English  They told me I had Type A blood, but it was a Type O.

     A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

     PMS jokes aren’t funny, period.

     Why were the Indians here first? They had reservations.

     quiz.

     Energiser arrested. Charged with battery.

     I didn’t like my beard at first. Then it grew on me.

     How do you make holy water? Boil the hell out of it!

     Did you hear about the cross eyed teacher who lost her

     job because she couldn’t control her pupils?

     When you get a bladder infection, urine trouble.

     What does a clock do when it’s hungry? It goes back

     four seconds.

     I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it

     hit me!

     Broken pencils are pointless.

     I tried to catch some fog. I mist.

    Courtesy bulletin of the RC of Sawtell.

    Laurie, Kay and Ian from

    the BlazeAide crew

  • Former Rotary Youth Exchange student designs a backpack bed

    for the homeless

    During Australia’s colder months, emergency shelters often fill to capacity. Many homeless people searching for a warm bed are turned away, handed a piece of cardboard and a blanket for the night.

    Tony Clark, an IT entrepreneur, 1992 Rotary Youth Exchange stu- dent, and the founder of the Melbourne-based nonprofit Swags for Homeless, offers an alternative.

    In the past year, his organization has distributed more than 3,000 swags, or portable sleeping units, to charities and shelters through- out Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The Backpack Beds, which Clark and his wife, Lisa, designed, are made of a lightweight fabric and have a built-in, 6-foot foam mat- tress and mosquito netting. But most important, they offer warmth with their waterproof, windproof design. The entire assembly weighs only 6.5 pounds and rolls into a backpack.

    Clark was inspired to start the nonprofit when he questioned why so many shelters didn’t provide homeless people with proper out- door bedding. He immediately began working on designs for the versatile bed.

    “I thought to myself, ‘How would I like to be treated if I slept on the street?’” Clark says. “Homeless people suf- fering from frostbite, hypothermia, and trench foot are common in wealthy countries. A Backpack Bed is an in- terim crisis measure – one that can save the lives of those without shelter.”

    The bed, which can be purchased with a A$68 donation, has won four international honours, including the Aus- tralian International Design Award and the German Red Dot “Best of the Best” award – one of the most prestig- ious accolades