ROSAP - Ramboll Offshore Structural Analysis Programs

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Transcript of ROSAP - Ramboll Offshore Structural Analysis Programs




  • PROGRAMS FOR ALLSTRUCTURAL PROJECTSA UNIQUELY DEVELOPED SOFTWARE THAT MEETSSTRICT DEMANDS FOR DOCUMENTATION ANDVERIFICATIONThe Ramboll Oshore StructuralAnalysis Programs - ROSAP -havebeen developed over the past30+years to meet the ever increasingdemands for structural design,optimisation and lifetime extensionof oshore structures.The program development has beendrivenin close cooperationwithRamboll's structural expertsand ateam of analysts anddesigners. A further invaluable bondtoleading oiland gas operators inthe Danish oshore sector hassecured a focused eort to providehigh standards and oering theright analysis tools to the market.Theoperators have been activelyinvolvedin providing specialistknowledge supported bybackground studies anddocumentation.The ongoing development of theprograms is based on detailedinsight in currentmarketdemandsandclientneeds. This strongposition makes ROSAP a unique,user-friendly and up-to-datedesigntool that can be tailored forany structural project.

    Tools for design, re-assessmentand lifetime extension

    ROSAPprovide indispensable toolsfor new design, modication workand lifetime extension assessmentsof onshore and oshore steelstructures.The programs provide a completepackage for static and dynamicanalyses of spatial framestructures,covering all phases fromtransport and liftingto in-service.Loads, such as hydrodynamic, wind,constant force and accelerations,are intuitively dened andprocessed according to recognisedtheories and standards.

    Tailor-madeprograms forstructural design needs

    The primary programs in ROSAPare:


    ROSA is the main nite elementprogram for static and dynamicanalysis and can in combinationwith FATIMA be used for spectralortransient analysis.

    The advanced program RONJAsupplements ROSA by addingfacilities for non-linear analysis ofstructures with large displacementsand non-linear elasto-plasticmaterial behavior. RONJA iscommonly used for determinationof global failure of structures takingforce redistribution into account inrelation to e.g.ship impactassessments or post damageanalyses.The STRECH program is anessential postprocessor developedfor stress and stability check ofbeam members.The program supports a number ofcodes such as: API AISC NORSOK ISO EC3 DS449TUBJOI, RHSJOIand JOANA arepostprocessors aimed at accurateand automated verication ofcommonly used joint connections.TUBJOI is dedicated to tubular jointconnections typically used in jacketstructures.RHSJOI is tailored fortypical RHS prole connections.JOANA is developed for stress

    check of typical joints applied intopside structures. The programsupports, among others, vericationof ring stieners, gusset plateconnections and other standardconnection details. The jointverications made with TUBJOI,RHSJOI and JOANAfollow thesame codes as the STRECHprogram.FATIMA is used for fatigue analysisof members and joints.

    Comprehensive applicationperformance

    All programs have been used foranalysis of the vast majority ofjackets, topsides, oshore bridgesand risers within the Danish sectorof the North Sea. In addition, severalstudies have been carried out in theMiddle East, UK, US and Norway.ROSAP have also been used fordesign and documentation of morethan 1,200 individual foundationdesigns for wind turbines for 21oshore wind farms around theworld.



    Halfdan B & C (DK), Maersk OilA detailed design of two jacketswith pile foundations Al Shaheen A(Qatar), Maersk OilDetailed design of tripod jacket Nini & Cecilie (DK), DONG EnergyDetailed design of two tripodjackets

    Greater Gabbard(UK), FlourDesign of 140 monopiles (windturbine generator foundations)

    Topsideand bridges

    Tyra West bridge module (DK),Maersk Oil

    FEED and detailed design project ofa 3500 mT module Nini & Cecilie topsides (DK),

    DONG EnergyDetailed design of completetopsides for two cost-eectiveplatforms

    Oshore substations

    Anholt substation (DK),Energinet.dkTopside and jacket detailed design Westermost Rough substation

    (UK), DONG EnergyTopside and jacket detailed design

    FPSO topside

    NEXUS FPSO, Samsung HeavyIndustries

    Complete topside design for theNEXUS FPSO. Functionality toaccount for FPSO movements forfatigue and extreme conditions wassuccessfully added to the ROSAPpackage during the project

    About us

    Ramboll Oil & Gas is a business unitwithin the Ramboll Group. Withmore than 35 years of experience,we are a well-established,independent and highly regardedprovider of oshore and onshoreengineering consultancy servicesfor the oil and gas industry.Wehave oces in Denmark, Norway,Qatar, Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.), US andIndia, and employ close to 1,000specialists.

    More information and contact

    Bjrn V. JnssonDirector of Department, 5161

    GET ROSAP IN-HOUSE OFFICIAL VALIDATIONLEFTStructural analysis ofoshore platformwith ROSAP.RIGHTComplete platformfor oshore windfarm, designed withROSAP software.

    The programs are available as individual or all-inclusivelicenses. OurROSAP specialists give thoroughintroductionsto the programs andassistin the daily useto ensure that our clients get prompt value for moneyand increase eectivity in reporting of results.

    The programs are easily installed and come with 24 houraccess to le servers.

    The oshore industry is one of the most controlled andsupervised industries in the world. All industry playersmust live up to the strict demands for third partyverication.

    The design and assessment work performed usingROSAP has been successfully validated by certifyingagencies such as DNV GL, Lloyds and Bureau Veritas.