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Transcript of Room Types

  • PRESENTATION ON Types of Rooms In Hotels
  • Hotel: An establishment providing accommodations,meals,and other services for travelers and tourists.
  • Single Room: Single Room It is the room which provide single occupancy. This room only have single bed
  • Double Room: Double Room It is the room which provide double occupancy. This room have double bed.
  • Twin Room: Twin Room It is the room which provide double occupancy. This room have 2 single separates beds.
  • Suite Room: Suite Room A combination on or more bedroom & a parlor. It may also contain a bar & small kitchen
  • Penthouse: Penthouse A room that opens onto the roof & may be accompanied by a swimming pool, patio, a tennis court, & other facilities & amenities.
  • Duplex suite room: This type of suite room has two room on two successive floor with generally sitting or living room on down floor and bed room on upper floor.
  • Cabana Room: Cabana Room It is the room which is situated near swimming pool. This room is used for changing purpose.
  • Parlor Room: Parlor Room A living or sitting room; a room not use as a bedroom.
  • Lanai Room: It is a type of room normally found on hill resort and overlook a view of waterfall lake or a garden form the balcony of the room.
  • Presented By:Tribhuvan Singh Bisht