Roncalli High school was named after Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli in 1965, shortly after his death in...

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download Roncalli High   school was named after Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli in 1965, shortly after his death in 1963. Roncalli, in his time called Good Pope John, is remembered most

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Transcript of Roncalli High school was named after Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli in 1965, shortly after his death in...

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    Roncalli High SchoolRoncalli High School

    The mission of Roncalli High School is to educate in the Catholic traditions of spiritual growth, life-long service, and academic excellence.

    Manitowoc, Wisconsin

  • Our school was named after Angelo Giuseppe

    Roncalli in 1965, shortly after his death in 1963. Roncalli,

    in his time called Good Pope John, is remembered most

    for convening the Second Vatican Council, from 1962

    1965. The world was in a time of war, specifically the

    cold war between the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. The

    Vatican felt that the world needed a pope that would

    keep quiet and wouldnt cause much trouble, but

    Roncalli drastically changed the Church in his time as

    pope. His hope was that the Second Vatican Council

    would be the beginning of a new Pentecost for the


    The Catholic Church became more involved in the

    political and justice issues of the world. The celebration

    of mass was drastically changed, from a priest speaking

    Latin with his back to the congregation to a priest

    speaking the common language of the people while

    facing his congregation.

    The Catholic Church became much more united

    with itself and other faiths of the world. Pope John

    XXIII helped change what was a traditional Church into

    a modern and involved Church. His work in Catholicism

    and his love of youth in the world is what led the people

    who established Roncalli High School to name our

    school after him.

    St. John XXIII

    The Life of the Good Pope Consult not your fears but your hopes and dreams. Think not about your frustrations but about your unfulfilled

    potential. Concern yourself not with what you have tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do.

    - Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, St. John XXIII

    Born on Nov. 25, 1881

    Ordained on Aug. 10, 1904

    Served as a medic and chaplain during

    WWI 1915-1918

    Became a cardinal and patriarch of

    Venice 1953

    Roncalli High School founded in 1965

    1880 1890 1900 1910 1920 1940 1950 1960 1930

    Served as archbishop in Bulgaria 1925

    Served as apostolic delegate to Turkey in 1934

    Issued visas to save Jews during WWII 1939-1944

    Elected Pope Oct. 28, 1958

    Opened Vatican II

    on Oct. 11, 1962

    Died of cancer on June 3, 1963

    By Megan Taddy and Morgan Fessler

  • Roncalli High School celebrated Pope John XXIIIs canonization

    with a bit of fun and a bit of prayer. Throughout the week, religion

    classes were based on learning about Roncallis life. On the Friday

    before the canonization, there was a prayer service and a presentation

    for Pope John XXIII. Lunch was Italian with chicken parmesan as

    the main course and Italian ice as a treat for the students and faculty.

    On the Saturday before the canonization, Roncalli held the

    annual Pierside Auction and dedicated it to St. John XXIII. Roncalli

    High School continues to honor St. John XXIII at the end of every

    prayer by saying the words that will forever be etched in our minds

    and our hearts: St. John Baptist de LaSalle, pray for us. St. Francis,

    pray for us. St. John XXIII, pray for us.

    Printing compliments of

    The Pilot staff would like to thank Fricke Printing for donating the time, materials and expertise to print our student

    magazine; Mr. Berkhout, Mrs. Giesen and Mrs. Wichlacz for their guidance; Mr. Stelzer and Mr. Olson for their inspiration;

    Mrs. Rohrer for proofing; and all the people who gave their time, advice and input. With God as your pilot, you will soar!

    Pray for Us!

    Father Carl Schmitt, a Roncalli alumni, celebrated a special

    mass before the Pierside Auction.

    All students received a special St. John XXIII

    medal to celebrate his canonization.

  • Roncalli High SchoolRoncalli High School

    2014 Junior2014 Junior--Senior PromSenior Prom

    Friday, May 2Friday, May 2

    Grand March Grand March -- 5:30 pm5:30 pm

    Roncalli Fine Arts CenterRoncalli Fine Arts Center

    Dinner Dinner -- 7:15 pm7:15 pm

    The Golf Course at Branch RiverThe Golf Course at Branch River

    Dancing to follow until midnight Dancing to follow until midnight

  • A fun night to be had by all, this years

    prom was a hit! Picture taking, dinner,

    dancing, and lots of kiddie cocktails made

    for a wonderful time. Countless dazzling

    dresses lit up the dance floor as the music

    played. It was certainly an enchanted

    evening, and one we will all remember.








    By Kristen Lango

  • This years season didnt happen over night. It was years in the making.

    By Ben and Lizzie Wichlacz

  • CoaCh Ruxs notes:

    There are never enough words to describe the

    excitement that a state tournament appearance

    brings to the team and community. Every team that

    makes it to Madison needs to overcome some type of

    adversity, and this team was no exception. We lost

    two key players in Sam Scheer and Alex Deets prior to

    the season with football injuries which changed the

    entire team dynamic. When you consider how many

    players had to change positions and roles in a short

    period of time, it makes you appreciate the resilience

    this group displayed. To end your season in the Kohl

    Center is an accomplishment few teams get to


    Our team motto this year was, It's not about

    you. The players understood that to achieve great

    things and overcome the adversity we experienced,

    we were going to need to have a team-first attitude.

    That attitude was solely responsible for the success

    this team experienced.

    Thanks to all the coaches and players for their years of hard work and dedication!

  • Roncalli International Students 2014

    Amazing Satisfy ing Enr ich ing Real Learning Sp ir itual Fun Interesting Fasc inating Beloved Wonderfu l


    l Fantasti

    c Aw


    e Fast Un


    able In



    Yiqi (Lanky) Liang

    I was shy in the beginning of the school year, and then I found my best friend, Sophie Joski. I think my English is much better than before, but I still need to improve it. Roncalli is the best Catholic School in my heart!

    Chenxi (Ann) Zhang

    I am an international student from China, I like talking all the time, try to be friendly to everyone and would love to be friends with everybody. This is a really awesome school, I met so many great friends and teachers, I had a really lovely year here.

    Yuxi (Echo) Zhang

    I am so glad my host family, my friends, and the teachers are willing to help me during my fantastic junior year. Studying at Roncalli is a really great experience for me. Thank you so much! Roncalli is like my big family, and I love it!

    Yucheng (Warren) Jiang

    I love this school. I would come back next year. Hope we all have a wonderful year, too. Roncalli is a free, friendly and open school.

    Zeqi (Chris) Zhang Roncalli has the best teachers and wonderful classmates, and also the music and athletic athletic athletic atmosphere. I am so glad to comeee to study to study to study in Roncalli High School, and I wish I was a junior so that I could spend one more wonderful and amazing year!

    Hongyi (Frank) Bian

    By Spencer Fricke

  • Roncalli High School accepts students from around the world who are pursuing their education in the United States.

    These international students are here to complete their secondary education. In many cases, they plan to continue

    their education in American universities. If you feel your family would like to host an international student or have

    questions about the program, please contact John Stelzer.

    Amazing Satisfy ing Enr ich ing Real Learning Sp ir itual Fun Interesting Fasc inating Beloved Wonderfu l






















    g Zeqi (Chris) Zhang

    Zhixin (Claire) Wang

    I am not an active person except for dancing, soccer and shopping. My favorite time of a day is lunch time, and I become so happy when my mom tells me its time for dinner. Roncalli is the place I found everything I wanted, which is close friends, great family, and new experiences.

    Gabriela Ungrova

    I am an international student from the Czech Republic. This year was just the best year of my life. I met so many great people and met so many wonderful friends that I will, hopefully, stay in touch with even when I go back. Roncalli is just the best! Roncalli is a great school and community, and I am glad for every day I can spend here.

    Thor Endre Stoa

    I am a Norwegian international student. I enjoy hang-ing out with friends and meeting new people more than anything. Roncalli has been a great school, and I have learned a lot. I will always remember Roncalli.

    Ziqing (Alma) Kang

    I enriched myself by taking part in all kinds of great activities. Music is always the most enjoyable part for me. I had an awesome year. Roncalli provides great opportunities for people to show