Roncalli Central High School 2012-2013 Cardinals

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Transcript of Roncalli Central High School 2012-2013 Cardinals

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Grade 9 Course SelectionRoncalli Central High School 2012-2013Cardinals

Graduation RequirementsStudents require 36 credits to graduate.Most students complete 14 credits each year for a total of 42 credits after three years.

8 Language Arts credits (6 core & 2 optional Lang. Arts credits) 4 Math credits 4 Science credits 4 Social Studies credits (2 World & 2 Can. Studies credits) 2 credits in "Career Development" 2 credits in "Fine Art" 2 credits in "Physical Education/Healthy Living" 4 "Other Required" credits from 2 categories 6 credits from Any Subject Area

RCHSCourses Cont.While you only need 4 credits in Math and Science to graduate, students will complete a minimum of 6 credits in each areaSome courses can satisfy more than one graduation requirement . Students will need to decide which requirement each course will satisfy.NOTE: One course cannot be used to satisfy 2 different graduation requirements (it's either/or).

RCHSGraduation with HONOURS Status:Student must obtain at least ten credits from the courses listed with an overall average of not less than 80%: English 3201 1 of Mathematics 3204/3205/3207/3200/3201/3208 1 of Biology 3201, Chemistry 3202, Physics 3204, Earth Systems 3209 1 of World Geography 3202, World History 3201, French 3200 2 credits chosen from the subjects above or fromadditional 3000 or 4000 level courses approved bythe Department of Education for certification purposes.(English 3202, Mathematics 3202, Mathematics 3206,Science 3200, and World Geography 3200 cannot be used as elective credits for the purpose of calculating an average for Academic or Honours status).

Graduation Status

RCHSGraduation with ACADEMIC Status: A student that has met the same subject area/ course criteria as Honours status but with a minimum mark of 50% in each of the required courses. To graduate with Academic status, a student must also receive credit for Science 1206.

Graduation with GENERAL Status: A student is awarded general high school graduation status if the student meets the minimum graduation requirements but does not meet the additional requirements for Academic or Honours graduation.Graduation Status


Graduation Status is summarized on the transcript using one of the following designations:

RCHSCourse Numbers

RCHSReview Level 1 Course Selection Sheet

RCHS English 1201: Academic Stream Minimum requirement: 50% in English 9

To satisfy the 2 "Optional Language Arts" credits, it is recommended for students in the academic stream to take Writing 2203 in Level 2 or 3. However, French 1200 and Drama 2200 will also meet this requirement and can be done in Level 1. English 1202: Nonacademic stream. To graduate, students will need 2 "Optional Language Arts" credits and will register for English 1200.

RCHS Math 1201: Academic + Advanced streams Minimum requirement: 50% in Math 9

Math 1202: General StreamNote: Math 1202 is pre-requisite to Math 2202 and 3202 (i.e., credit must be obtained for Math 1206 before a student can attempt either Math 2206 or 3206).

RCHSScience Science 1206: Required for Academic status (DOE). Minimum requirement: 50% in Grade 9 Science.

Science 2200: General stream.

Optionally: Students who pass Gr. 9 Science with 80% or higher may also take one of the following: Biology 2201 Chemistry 2202

RCHS Canadian Studies: 2 credits required to graduate. Students should satisfy this requirement in Level 1 by selecting one of: Canadian Geography 1202, or Canadian History 1201, or Newfoundland & Labrador Studies

World Studies: (Usually done in Level 2) 2 credits required to graduate. Students can satisfy this requirement in Level 2 or 3.

RCHSElective CoursesStudents should select elective courses after selecting core courses. Students should try to select credits to ensure they meet graduation requirements first. When done, you should have 14 credits in total selected.

RCHS Career EducationRequired for Graduation. 30 hour Community Service component required to be completed over 3 years of high school. Students will be able to do this course while in Level 2. However, they may start documenting volunteer hours in September.

RCHSBefore returning the Level 1 Course Selection Sheet, please ensure to: Obtain teacher recommendations as requiredSelect the correct number of credits Select 2 alternate choices Review your 3 year plan Student and Parent MUST sign the sheet Return to Grade 9 homeroom teachers by Friday, March 2nd .

RCHSOther Notes: Graduation from high school does not guarantee admission into postsecondary programs. Students need to take the 'right' courses needed for admission (admission requirements vary and depend on the program).MUN and most 3 year college programs require at least an academic program. Important for students to plan and take the right courses for admission.

Questions?If you have any questions, contact Ms. ONeill, Mrs. Head, Mr. Percey, or any of your teachers!Cardinals