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Romy Rafael

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Romy Rafael is the only hypnotist / psychological illusionist performer in the region of South East and East Asia. He offers one of a kind entertainment that suits your personal and professional needs. Positioning himself as a corporate entertainer, Romy Rafael is the perfect speaker or representative for your corporate to deliver any message to your clients, employees, investors, and public. He also fluent in both Indonesian and English, enable him to perform in front of various audiences and yet still deliver the same impact.

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Romy Rafael

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The one and only hypnotist / psychological illusionist in South East and East Asia

Certified Hypnotist: I.T.T.O (International Therapy Training

Organization) T.I.C.H.E.R (The International Center

for Hypnosis Education & Research) N.G.H (National Guild of Hypnosis) A.B.H (American Board of Hypnosis)

Owner of “Romy Rafael Hypnotherapy Clinic” in South East Jakarta

Cofounder of Hypnogym

Who is Romy Rafael?

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High Likeability Factor Excellent Communication Skills Exclusive Corporate Image Creative and Customize

Performance Experienced Entertainer Tried and Proven Success Show Flexibility to Your Demand

Entertainer & Speaker

Highly Interactive Excellent Communication Skills Enjoyable Delivery of Point of

Discussion Integrity Customizable Presentation After Seminar Program Experienced Speaker

Romy Rafael possesses these 7 essential points for both entertainer and speaker, which will offer fun, interactive, enjoyable, memorable and yet effective message delivery toward the audience in your event.

Entertainer Speaker

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Services OfferedCorporate Entertainer

Corporate Speaker

Romy Rafael has the ability to convey the desired image and message about your products or services to your target market, prospective investors, future partners, and just about anyone with high impact performance.

Whenever you want to spread out about your company vision, new goals, desirable target to achieve, or

basically anything worth to be understood by the whole company, Romy Rafael has his own

distinguishable way to make it delivered as effective as possible and deeply rooted in everyone’s mind.

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Services OfferedProfessional Entertainer


Whether above the stage in front of thousands of people, or up close performance in front of just a group of friends, Romy Rafael has always give a memorable performance that surely entertaining and will bring laughter and joy for the whole audiences.

Romy Rafael’s hypnotherapy session can help you with the following subjects: stop smoking, weight loss, public speaking and the art of influence, financial

success and goal setting, sport psychology, emotional healing, phobia eraser, ultimate therapist, birth and

fertility, and stress management.

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Target Market



Any level of company, from emerging business to multinational corporatoin

Political partyFoundation and NGOState own company

Male and femaleAll ageBuying power parity: A – BYoung executives, Children, Housewives,

Students, Employee, High Level Executives, Business owners, Anyone

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AchievementsRecord award from MURI (Indonesia Museum of Records) for hypnotizing 12000 people at the same time in one place.

Awarded by WHO for promoting healthy lifestyle by publishing

his book “Hypnotherapy: Quit Smoking”

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And more…

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