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This season Romo launches 6 versatile new collections infused with colour and enlivened with imaginative design.

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A collection of memories made up of moments that have touched the senses, in a hazy glare of heat, on an exotic journey through foreign lands.

To re-imagine indigenous designs for a modern sensibility is a creative challenge, remaining respectful of the source whilst infusing a fresh perspective through technique and colour.

Distinctive floral motifs derived from ancient Indian textiles, a colourful geometric adapted from a Chilean rug, an Ikat-inspired stripe and ornate fretwork from a Moroccan palace interior, are artistically interpreted in rich, painterly designs.

Closer to home, classic checks and stripes transcend all tastes and fashion with their simplicity and elegance, in a range of fresh, contemporary colours.

The dynamic versatility of colour is always exciting, and leads us to infuse a fresh look into our new designs every season. I hope you share in our excitement as you browse through this season’s collections.

Design Director


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OrtegaContemporary Prints

CharlburyTicking Stripes

SoleaChecks & Stripes

RumbaTextured Plains

ForenzaCotton Velvet

SirenteWide-Width Taffetas

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OrtegaContemporary Prints


An eclectic mix of decorative pattern from across the globe inspires this imaginative collection of stylised florals and geometric prints.

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Bright contemporary shades of Amaranth and Camellia on a light, natural ground accentuate the painterly effect given to this airy floral.

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OrtegaContemporary Prints

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Watercolour shades of Hay and Solent give these confident designs a soft, restful feel.


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CharlburyTicking Stripes Layered stripes coupled with small scale geometrics

with pops of vivid Henna, give classic elegance a modern edge.


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CharlburyTicking Stripes

Page 17: Romo September 2012


Fresh Gentian Blue offset by warm Feather Grey gives a smart, crisp look to a light, airy room.


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SoleaChecks & Stripes


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A playful mix of stripes and checks gives this linen-look collection a lively, versatile appeal.


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RumbaTextured Plains



Striking shades of Moroccan Blue and deep Lazuli are perfect for accents of colour.

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The Rumba collection of textured plains offers endless possibilities to create unique, effortless schemes with subtle texture and a palette of vibrant yet soft colours.



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ForenzaCotton Velvet

A luxurious, combed cotton velvet with a soft, sumptuous touch. Forenza is available in an array of 46 tempting shades.

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SirenteWide-Width Taffetas

Voluptuous wide-width faux-silks: one with a light, crisp texture of taffeta; the other with a smooth, supple handle that drapes beautifully. A combination of rich, warm tones and fresh contemporary hues

give both qualities stunning two-tone effects.

Argento Taffeta

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IndexFront Cover DRAPeS: Mendoza Lagoon, Saros Natural.

CHAIR: Zamera Camellia. CuSHIONS: Sarandi Jasper, Ortega Stone.

Page 2 DRAPe: Foreanza Faroe. CHAIRS: Forenza Mole, Forenza Mulberry. CuSHION: Forenza Henna.

Page 3 FABRIC ROLLS: Chalbury Henna, Aston Henna, Lindford Henna, Oakam Henna.

Page 4 SOFA: Raoul Camellia. DRAPeS: Sarandi Jasper, Saros Natural. CuSHIONS: Sarandi Jasper, Zamera Camellia, Ortega Stone, Carmen Camellia.

Page 5 DRAPeS: Carmen Camellia.

Page 6 CuSHIONS: Raoul Camellia, Zamera Camellia, Sarandi Jasper, Carmen Camellia, Ortega Stone.

Page 7 DRAPeS: Sarandi Jasper, Saros Natural. CHAISe LONGue: Ortega Stone. CuSHIONS: Sarandi Jasper, Ortega Stone.

Page 8 DRAPeS: Carmen Hay. CHAIR: Mendoza Hay. CuSHION: Ortega Hay.

Page 9 CuSHIONS: Raoul Sweet Pea, Ortega Hay, Zamera Hay, Sarandi Solent, Carmen Hay, Mendoza Hay.

Page 10 DRAPe: Sarandi Solent.

Page 11 DRAPe: Ortega Hay. SOFA: Leoni Poppy Seed. CuSHIONS: Mendoza Hay, Zamera Hay. CHAIR: Mendoza Hay.

Page 12 & 13 DRAPeS: Hamble Feather Grey. CHAIR: Wimborne Henna. SOFA: Charlbury Grey Seal. CuSHIONS: Aston Henna, Wimborne Grey Seal, Hamble Feather Grey, Oakham Henna.

Page 14 DRAPeS: Charlbury Henna.

Page 15 DRAPeS: Hamble Feather Grey. SOFA: Lindford Henna. CuSHIONS: Wimborne Grey Seal, Oakham Henna, Aston Grey Seal, Wimborne Henna.

Page 16 DRAPeS: Wimborne Navy. CHAIRS: Aston Gentian. TABLeCLOTH: Hinton Navy. CuSHIONS: Charlbury Gentian, Hinton Navy, Aston Gentian, Hamble Feather Grey.

Page 17 FABRIC ROLLS: Wimborne Navy, Oakham Navy, Charlbury Gentian, Hamble Feather Grey, Hinton Navy.

Page 18 DRAPe: Oakham Navy. CHAIR: Charlbury Gentian. CuSHION: Hinton Navy.

Page 19 DRAPe: Wimborne Navy. SOFA: Aston Feather Grey. CuSHIONS: Aston Gentian, Hamble Feather Grey, Hinton Navy, Charlbury Gentian.

Page 20 DRAPeS: Minera Solent. SOFA: Tarantus Steel Blue, Rumba Steel Blue. CHAIR: Cante Verbena. CuSHIONS: Solea Verbena, Tarantus Steel Blue, Cante Narcissus, Rumba Steel Blue.

Page 21 FABRICS: Solea Verbena, Rumba Chartreuse, Cante Verbena.

Page 22 DRAPeS: Minera Solent. CHAIRS: Minera Marine. CuSHIONS: Minera Peacock, Minera Chartreuse.

Page 23 SOFA: Rumba Moroccan Blue. CuSHIONS: Minera Marine, Rumba Chartreuse, Cante Chartreuse.

Page 24 DRAPeS: Forenza Husk. SOFA: Forenza Mulberry. CuSHIONS: Forenza Henna, Forenza Mole. CHAIRS: Forenza Mulberry, Forenza Mole.

Page 25 DRAPeS: Argento Crocus. CHAIR: Argento Dragonfly.

Page 26 & 27 DRAPeS: Sirente Teaberry, Sirente Cypress, Sirente Lake.

With grateful thanks to…

Aura Interiors

B&B Italia

Bo Concept, Notting Hill

Charlotte James edinburgh

Christopher Wray

The Dormy House

George Smith

Jessica Zoob Desire

Morgan Furniture

Oficina Inglesa

Robert Langford



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