Rolling Forged Camshaft

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Transcript of Rolling Forged Camshaft

The advantage of rolling forge High Efficiency One or two parts are finished in one rotation of the roller, 2-12 parts are finished one minute. It can save the machining cycle time also. Save Material Rolling forge made by wedge rolling technology have high precision and can be made with various shapes like tapered flange or rightangle flange. It saves 10-20% material than die forging and 20-40% than bar cutting in average. Good Quality The part's mechanical property can be raised by 25% synthetically resulting from complete steel fiber and the grain refining after rolling. Lower cost For the above reasons, the cost can be reduced 20-40% comparing with the traditional bar machining.

Rolling Forge MachineArea: 6500 m2 Machine quantity: 60 machines,3 forge lines Employees: 150 Shifts: 3

Production: 1800,000 pieces a year

H1200 rolling forge machine

Rolling forge

Rolling forge raw camshaft

Rolling Forge Workshop

Rolling forge processmaterial checking cutting induction heating rolling forge


straightening &detecting

raw bar of camshaft

Finished machineArea:8000 m2 3 produce lines Employees: 120 Shifts: 3 Production: 500,000 pieces a year

INSTRUMENT ADCOLE MODEL-911 Made in USA 2002 Cam grinding machine JUNKER JUN5000/10 Made in Germany 2002 Cam grinding machine SCHAUDT CF-61 Made in Germany 2002

Machining Workshop Overlooking

camshaft machining processRaw bar of camshaft center drilling& turninglobe milling

rough grinding

induction hardening& tempering

Finished grinding

Crack detecting


marking& packing

Checking machine

Hardness measurement HRC,HB,HV Future FV700,Japan

Metallography Microscope Electronic strength instrument Olympus PMG3 Japan Made in China

Checking Machine

3D-Coordinate measuring machine Made in china

Instrument for camshafts ADCOLE MODEL-911 Made in USA

Comparison with the traditional machining Raws Size of WeightExample Steyr 6 cyl. camshaft Caterpillar 6 cyl.

lay-off Rolling forge Bar Results Rolling forge Bar Results65715 65985

(kg) 18.63 25.64

turning Time

Mechanical charactercharacter improve 25% ; Metallograph refine than the bar.

16.5min. The mechanical 24.5min.efficiency improve 48%

Material Save 27.3% 65615 65876

15.89 22.81

12min. 19min.efficiency improve 58%


Material Save 30.3%

SampleCutting Rolling forge Turning

Steel bar 65715

Raw camshaft 65985

Semi-finished camshaft 61.8980

Steyr 6 cyl. Camshaft

SampleCutting Rolling forge Turning

Steel bar 65615

Raw camshaft 65876

Semi-finished camshaft 62.2872

Caterpillar 6 cyl. Camshaft

Different state camshaftsRolling forged Turned Lobe milled Lobe grindedMaterial : SAE1080 CF53 45 20Cr