Rocking the Boat! Image Development Workshop™, the signature course of the INTERNATIONAL...

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Rocking the Boat! Image Development Workshop™, the Rocking the Boat! Image Development Workshop™, the signature course of the INTERNATIONAL AMBASSADOR signature course of the INTERNATIONAL AMBASSADOR INSTITUTE™ INSTITUTE™ Photo courtesy of Robert Photo courtesy of Robert L. Allen, Jr. L. Allen, Jr. Rocking Rocking The Boat! The Boat! Music track courtesy Music track courtesy of Keith King of Keith King

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Rocking the Boat! Image Development Workshop, the signature course of the INTERNATIONAL AMBASSADOR INSTITUTE Photo courtesy of Robert L. Allen, Jr. Rocking The Boat! Music track courtesy of Keith King Slide 2 Launch out into the Deep Shallowness only discovers shallowness, but never substance Learn how to change your approach in mid-stream. Reach for the anchor that holds and grips the solid rock. There are travelers who go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters. Then arises the stormy wind, which lifts up the waves thereof. They mount up to the heavens. They go down again to the depths. The souls on board are melted because of trouble. They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wits end. Then they send out a SOS. They soon discover an impenetrable refuge that delivers them out of all their distresses. Their storm is now calm. The waves are still. Now they are glad and have become quiet. Their rescuer has brought them unto their desired haven. The distinction, they experienced the image development phenomenon -- Rocking the Boat! Image Development Workshop. [email protected] Slide 3 Discover Transformation moving from a mud pie self-portrait to an irresistible image You can navigate through the murk and mire to your own breakthrough. The path to irresistibility lies just ahead. With your compass set on True North, you wont miscalculate your destination. Once you get on board as captain, you will better understand how transparency will guide, gauge, guard, and govern your course of life to complete transformation. Ultimately, that change will usher in wave after wave of success. Guide Gauge Govern Guard [email protected] Slide 4 Revolutionary Course Pre-course assessment OCEAN Personality Test Course arrangement Full-day life coaching that you will receive in eight hours what it took eight years to birth Post-course assignment Hooked! Journal self-development and service-development accomplishments for 120 days Rocking the Boat! is an instructor-led full day workshop that introduces you to a rock-solid integrated culture building system that sets the mood for any cruise: includes exercises, reviews, assessments, discoveries, journaling, live music performances, and games innovative solutions within your reach [email protected] Slide 5 Itinerary on Board a whole new way of living and working by design True North Indicators The Captains Creed Mission Impossible or Inevitable Overcoming Gusts & Gales Casting the Vision Alert of Dispatch Signals Blazing through Uncharted Territory The Eye of the Storm Preparation before the Launch Preserved from the Flood Harboring whats Grounded Map Reading Environment Skills Testing the Waters Reel-in Change Deliverables to supply Generations Introduction to your World Atlas Shifting Immovable Gears Life Preservers for Deep Waters The Undisputable Anchor Navigational Instruments Christening of Irresistibility The International Distribution Center Building the Flood-proof Vessel Steering Plans in Sand Change your Approach Global Positioning System [email protected] Slide 6 All Weather Conditioning a timeless curriculum repositioned for all generations Recommended uses Brand Management Career Building/Transitioning Change Management Cognitive Therapy Community University Corporate University Customer Service Employee Benefit Package Employee/Volunteer Morale Executive Leadership Training Faith-based Programming Family Nurturing-Centered Principles Guidance Counselors Holistic Therapy and Rehabilitation Leadership & Management Teams New Employee Orientation Parenting Assistance Personal and Professional Development Succession Planning Workforce Development Initiatives Course can be exclusively designed for business, government, military, community, religious organizations, rehabilitation programs, educational institutions, faith-based initiatives, and individuals [email protected] Slide 7 Endorsements major impact upon audience I learned a lot from this workshop. I needed this for myself. Thank you. And God bless you. B. Isaac This workshop is good for the self-esteem to. The Host or shall I say instructor was straight to the point and on time with the point. L.P. McGill Ms. Foster was wonderful. The workshop was an eye-opener. I loved the handouts the PowerPoint presentation was awesome. D. Bacon Very uplifting and very knowledgeable with no dull moment. T. Buffington You did very well. Very motivational. gave plenty to think about. A. Mitchell When you love and feel personally what you do and say makes a better impression and I felt the instructor believed in what she talked about. C. Jackson The workshop was very helpful and gave me insight of what I can achieve if I just believe I can and to dont be afraid to try. The instructor was excellent in all of graciousness and her glory. Thank you so much. God Bless! T. Kennedy [email protected] Slide 8 The Vantage Point directing your course from origin to destination Destiny Coach Marketing/Customer Service Professional Business Performance Consultant Instructional Designer Workshop Leader Faith-based Counselor Publisher & Charismatic Author Songwriter and Performing/Recording Artist for Kaleidisc International Powered by KATHRYN JOY FOSTER Published by READ ALL OVER PUBLISHING Photo courtesy of Robert L. Allen, Jr. BS, Business Administration, Dyke College Instructional Design Certificate, Langevin Institute Faith-based Counseling Certificate, Light University Professional Life Coach Certificate, Light University Project Management, Villanova University Stress & Trauma Counseling with Military Application Curriculum, Light University [email protected]