Rocking the boat and staying in it: a presentation for Healthcare Improvement Scotland

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This is the presentation that Helen Bevan, Chief of Service Transformation at NHS Improving Quality, England made for Healthcare Improvement Scotland on 23rd September 2014

Transcript of Rocking the boat and staying in it: a presentation for Healthcare Improvement Scotland

  • 1. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect and staying in it: How to be a great change agent @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect Helen Bevan Source of image:
  • 2. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect New truths begin as heresies (Huxley, defending Darwins theory of natural selection) Source of image: installation by the artist Adam Katz Via @NeilPerkin
  • 3. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect Starts on the fringe (at the edge) Starts with the activists Gary Hamel always
  • 4. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect Our new White Paper Examines leading trends in change and transformation globally How to make change happen at a faster rate and be more disruptive Join the new breed of leaders of health and care globally, rewriting the rules of change and leading change from the future for different results
  • 5. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect Leading change in a new era Dominant approach Emerging direction
  • 6. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect The essential flaw of quality improvement methods The essential flaw of [quality improvement methodology] is that, when implemented, it tends to reinforce the mechanistic and hierarchical models that are consistent with the mental maps of most managers Chris Argyris, Flawed advice and the management trap Source of image: Read more at:
  • 7. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect Leading change in a new era Dominant approach Emerging direction Most healthcare transformation efforts are driven from this side
  • 8. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect
  • 9. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect We are on a collision course between the new, organic, human-focussed forces of social media and the machine world of our organisations Source of image: Source: Maddie Grant
  • 10. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect Whats your theory of change? Source of cartoon:
  • 11. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect John Kotter, the most influential thought leader globally, recognises new approaches are needed FROM
  • 12. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect John Kotter: Accelerate! We wont create big change through hierarchy on its own We need hierarchy AND network Many change agents, not just a few, with many acts of leadership At least 50% buy-in required Changing our mindset From have to to want to TO
  • 13. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect From have to to want to Source of image of-the-cipd-online-community
  • 14. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect Unleashing the spirit of the volunteer You may be able to buy a persons back with a paycheck, position, power or fear but a human beings genius, loyalty and tenacious creativity are volunteered only. The worlds greatest problems will be solved by passionate, unleashed volunteers Stephen Covey, Turn the ship around, via @MarkGraban Source of image: www.volunteerweekly.
  • 15. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect The Network Secrets of Great Change Agents Julie Battilana &Tiziana Casciaro 1.As a change agent, my centrality in the informal network is more important than my position in the formal hierarchy 2.If you want to create small scale change, work through a cohesive network If you want to create big change, create bridge networks between disconnected groups
  • 16. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect Five enabling themes
  • 17. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect is the new normal! By questioning existing ideas, by opening new fields for action, change agents actually help organisations survive and adapt to the 21st Century. Cline Schillinger Image by
  • 18. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect What happens to heretics/radicals/rebels/mavericks in organisations? Source of image:
  • 19. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect
  • 20. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect What is a rebel? The principal champion of a change initiative, cause or action Rebels dont wait for permission to lead, innovate, strategise They are responsible; they do what is right Rebels aim for greatness, healthy fire, worthiness They name things that others dont see yet They point to new horizons Without rebels, the storyline never changes Source : @PeterVan
  • 21. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect The 90/30 conundrum of senior leaders say that to create more innovation, they need to activate the radicals/ disruptive innovators in their organisations or systems of senior leaders are very satisfied that radicals/innovators can provide this value in their organisations or systems Source:
  • 22. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect We need boatrockers! Rock the boat but manage to stay in it Walk the fine line between difference and fit, inside and outside Able to challenge the status quo when we see that there could be a better way Conform AND rebel Capable of working with others to create success NOT a destructive troublemaker Source: Debra Meyerson
  • 23. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect Source : Lois Kelly Theres a big difference between a rebel and a troublemaker Rebel
  • 24. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect Reflection What are your insights around rebels and troublemakers? What moves people from being rebel to troublemaker? How do we protect against this?
  • 25. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect Source : Lois Kelly Theres a big difference between a rebel and a troublemaker Rebel
  • 26. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect You cant cross a chasm in small steps David Lloyd George
  • 27. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect A new kind of improvement team: the Horizons Group To stimulate new and disruptive approaches in support of health and care transformation, operating at the edge of current thinking and practice: skip a generation of thinking about how to create radical, system-wide change skip a generation in a wider level of connection: emerging leaders, clinical trainees, students skip a generation of methods for change: open innovation, open source, social media, crowdsourcing, hacking
  • 28. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect Dont have emotional equity invested in the past Gary Hamel
  • 29. @HelenBevan #HISQIconnect Some challenges: Create organisations that are activist at their core Find ways to: marry innovation with complexity and scale balance control and freedom out-love everyone else Source of image:
  • 30. @HelenBevan Peter Fudas Transformational Change Agent framework Skills and methods for creating change Ability to make sense of, and reshape perceptions of reality Personal characteristics and qualities
  • 31. @HelenBevan Peter Fudas Transformational Change Agent framework: my perspective Doing Where most change agents in health and care put most of their effort and emphasis What others typically judge us on What we often perceive we need to do to add value What most change and improvement courses focus on
  • 32. @HelenBevan Peter Fudas Transformational Change Agent framework: my perspective Seeing and Being We can only do effective doing if we build on strong foundations of seeing and being Change begins with me Hopeful futures, creative opportunities and potential Multiple lenses f