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Presentation to WA’s Road Transport Industry Safety Forum by Road Trauma Support WA COPING WITH TRAUMA AFTER A ROAD CRASH
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Transcript of Road Trauma Support - Transafe ·...

  • Presentation to WAs Road Transport Industry Safety Forum

    by Road Trauma Support WA



  • Road Trauma Statistics WA


    194 people killed (119 regional vs 75 metro) 235 seriously (critically) injured Hundreds more involved in crashes

    Source: Road Safety Commission. 2016 Summary of Preliminary Fatal and Critical

    Injuries n West ern Australian Roads

  • Approximately

    13 peopleare affected by every fatal


  • Who is affected by road trauma?

    1. Drivers (causing and impacted)

    2. Passengers

    3. First on scene/assisting

    4. Witnesses

    5. Emergency Services

    6. Tow truck drivers

    7. Family, friends, work-mates, wider community

  • Case study


    Joseph - experienced truck driver Forced off road by another truck during road

    rage incident 12 months earlier

    Suffered multiple injuries Surgery and time off work Offered anti-depressants but no counselling

  • Case study

    Presenting Issues:

    Couldnt stop thinking about crash Very anxious when driving Stopped going out/socializing Angry, guilty, depressed, drinking more Felt hopeless and stuck in a nightmare Suicidal thoughts

  • Common reactions after trauma

    Re-living the crash memories, feelings, nightmares

    Physical & emotional reactions e.g., shock, anger, crying, fear, shaking, heart rate

    Trying to avoid the trauma & feelings drinking, not talking about it, avoiding reminders

  • What helps after trauma

    Spend time with people who care about you Recognise that its normal to react Permission & time to adjust Look after yourself rest, eat, exercise Plan relaxing & meaningful activities Talk about your reactions

  • What helps after trauma

    Get back to normal routine Reduce stimulants e.g., coffee Dont use alcohol/drugs to cope Graduated or flexible return to work Supportive employer Accept that your world has changed SEEK HELP if needed

  • Education & Training


    How do we provide support?


  • Dont give medical orinsurance advice

    Not a crisis service

    No referral


    Free counselling


    No time limit

  • What happened to Joseph?

    Trauma counselling reduced trauma and depression

    No more nightmares Less guilt, more understanding and greater

    confidence to make choices

    Spent more time doing things that made him happy

    Returned to work but ultimately opted for a sea change


    08 9420 7262 or 1300 004 814