Road- Pathology for Capacity Building in Road Crash ... Capacity Building in Road Crash...

download Road- Pathology for Capacity Building in Road Crash ... Capacity Building in Road Crash Investigation Traffic Management Towards improving Global Road Safety ... Road Rage: Crime Loss

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Transcript of Road- Pathology for Capacity Building in Road Crash ... Capacity Building in Road Crash...

  • Road- Pathology for Capacity Building in Road Crash Investigation & Traffic

    Management Towards improving Global Road Safety

    Dr. Rohit Baluja President

  • New Delhi, India, 2013

    How many Road Traffic Violations have you noticed in these 25 second traffic Video?

    Type of Mode Number

    Car 738 Auto 101

    Two Wheeler 455 Bus 24

    Tractor 2

    Truck&Tempo 2

    Pedestrian 2

    Total 1324

  • 1 2 3 4


    9 6 7 8 10 11


    Road Designed for - 4Lanes

  • Indian Example Year 2011

    Fatalities 1,42,485

    Est. Serious Injuries 18,00,000

    Automobiles : 110 Million Automobiles Increasing by 3.4 Million annually

    Est. Road Traffic Violations (Daily) 2.0 billion Est. Annual increase of 90 Million (Daily)

    Traffic Congestion : Road Rage: Crime Loss of life due to various road related issues: ?

    Loss of man-hours, ??

  • Safety Factor

    Traffic Legislation

    Traffic And Road Engineering

    Vehicle Regulation

    Elements And Methodology Of

    Driver/Rider, Training& Testing

    Traffic Enforcement

    Public Awareness

    Post-crash Management

    Manifestation In Each Of The Components Of

    Traffic Management

    Road Safety: Definition

  • Roads Like Arteries Determine The Health Of A Nation



    factual causes behind serious & fatal road crashes

    catalytic agents which are leading to unsafe roads

    consequences of road crashes.



    mechanisms of development (pathogenesis),

    structural alterations of cells (morphologic changes), and

    the consequences of changes (clinical manifestations)


    Human Disease Road Crashes

  • The First Step to Solution

    Scientific Means of Investigation :

    Factual Causes behind: Serious & fatal Crashes

    What are the issues/agents Catalyzing

    Road Traffic Violations/ hazardous situations

  • Road Crash Investigation is rudimentary

    To book a guilty person: 95% fault is attributed to the

    driver of a vehicle, and is generally the larger vehicle

    In Many Developing Countries India

  • Value of Data

    In the absence of Scientific and Procedural


    Data generated is only figurative, and of no

    consequential value for initiating remedial measures

    Data is as Abstract as the Term Road Safety


    Collaboration to: Catalyze the improvement of Global Road Safety

    Strengthen & Capacity Build Traffic Management Systems to enable sustainability of road safety

  • IRTE's commitment towards Decade of Action


    Supporting UN Decade of Action For Road Safety

  • Departments at CTM

    Department of Traffic Engineering

    Department of Traffic Enforcement

    Department of Driver Training & Road Safety Education

    Department of Public Health for Road Safety

  • Department of Driver Training

  • Department of Traffic Enforcement

  • Department of Public Health

  • Department of Traffic Management

  • Comprehensive Diploma/ Post Graduate Degrees

    From 2015

  • Working Party 1 Session at the College

    Together with our association with UNECE

    IRTE will be hosting a Special Session of the WP1 at the College of Traffic Management India

    On 4,5 & 6 December 2013

  • IRTE recommends that such dedicated non-profit

    research organizations like the IRTE should

    be promoted in respective developing nations

    towards capacity building of their traffic

    management institutions and also

    support the UNSRC in defining micro-level

    initiatives for sharing, initiation and promotion.

    In addition:

  • Let us abstain to give remedial road safety

    prescriptions and grants thereof to developing

    countries without making an inquest into their

    pathological road safety tests

    To Doctors & Advisors of Global Road Safety

  • Financial grants and expertise should be directed

    to strengthen the capacities of developing nations

    in all respective domains of traffic management by

    involving the primary need of capacity in road

    accident investigation, rather than on pre-

    determined and ad-hoc measures which are short-


  • The IRTE as a member of the UNRSC & Commission for

    Global Road Safety offers to support members of the

    Collaboration as well as Governments of developing

    countries towards catalyzing capacity building initiatives in

    their respective domains.

    IRTE Offers our Support

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