RMZ FOUNDATION art encompassing sitespecific Installation Art, Sculptures, Paintings, New Media Art...

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Transcript of RMZ FOUNDATION art encompassing sitespecific Installation Art, Sculptures, Paintings, New Media Art...

  • RMZ FOUNDATION We Care for the Future

    In helping extend the reach of the art community, RMZ created RMZ Art Foundation (RAF). It is a non- profit foundation creating opportunities through grants and scholarships, while supporting the ideas of emerging and established artists, igniting an emotional and visceral artistic exchange and developing creative practice through residencies and partnerships. The foundation will create Art Walks, Art Galleries at our urban assets and build on initiatives for students and emerging artists across major cities in India.

    RMZ Art Foundation aspires to create and expand international cultural alliances, to make each of its collections accessible to broader audiences, to reimagine spaces through contemporary art encompassing sitespecific Installation Art, Sculptures, Paintings, New Media Art to explore collaborative exchanges, publishing and awareness programs and to facilitate each institution’s long term goals.

    Initiatives The vision of RMZ Art Foundation is defined by its initiatives.

    Promoting Contemporary Art Awareness Programs Outreach Programs RMZ Family Lab The impact of art goes far beyond the aspect of visual appeal. RMZ Art Foundation aims to bring out the essence of art, which is a constant quest for perfection that paves the way towards achieving a state of harmony.

    A showcase of inspiring artistic expressions Art Shows A Platform to promote emerging, mid-career and established contemporary artists across the globe through art shows showcasing sculptures, installation art, paintings, new media and digital art.


    Enabling art to reach out and touch lives

    Community Engagement The focus is on creating opportunities for participation in various art programs and initiatives, resulting in a positive impact on the individual and, by extension, on the community at large.

    Workshops Conducted by renowned by significant contemporary artists, these workshops will be a source of inspiration for students of various institutions, including art schools and regular schools.

    Guided Tours Art walks for an audience conducted by the artists, to provide unique insights into the world of creativity.

    Studio Visit Students will get an exciting glimpse into the artist’s life, with a visit to an artist’s studio in Bangalore.

    - Art Walks Visitors will be invited to engage in a conversational & educative Art Walk conducted by the artist.

    -lnter school Competitions lnter school competitions will be held across India allowing new media artworks to be created by the students, fostering an appreciation for artistic endeavors from an early age.

    -Art Shows The selected works of Interactive Installation Art created by the students during the lnter school competitions will be provided a platform for exposure.

    Events Promoting and educating the public at large about new mediums of art by hosting various festivals with a focus on interactive immersive art, performance art, light and sound and events on art and technology, to name a few.

    Collections Creating engaging and unique art collections from renowned artists, will allow visitors to indulge in a truly distinctive experience. It will be a setup that will be the first of its kind in the country and is sure to delight art lovers.

    AWARENESS PROGRAMS Unveiling a world of exciting possibilities

    Talks Interaction between artists and the community will enable discussions on the concepts behind works of art and the exploration of ideas for using innovative mediums for artistic expression.

    Screenings Capturing the imagination through art films and documentary screenings at film festivals, where movie makers will be invited to showcase their work in a 20-30 day event.

    Art Walks Artists will engage with the audience to share their experiences, talk about their ideas, the artworks displayed and mediums explored and their bodies of works.

    Grants, Scholarships and Fellowships Open calls to support emerging and mid career artists providing opportunity for growth and exposure.

    Internships Providing internship programs to students of art institutions for various initiatives, such as guided tours, gallery assistance to name a few.

    A Journey Into art, science and technology for the whole family

    - Art lab Children, along with their families, will be invited to experience the Interactive Installation Artwork, which will enable them to unlock their own imaginations.

    - Art Movies Screening The artist’s outlook will be explored through the screening of movies and videos of the artist responsible for the Interactive Installation Artwork on display.

    RAF Gallery One of the major highlights of the RMZ Art Foundation is the world class art gallery that has been designed at RMZ Ecoworld, termed the RAF Gallery. The RAF Gallery would be the hub of creativity, that would periodically house shows from prominent artists of National & International acclaim, besides talks, workshops and such other interactive activities with a focus on visual art in various mediums and forms.

    The RAF Gallery represents a passion for all forms of art, forming an integral part of the work environment through breathtaking installations placed throughout the project to create a unique visual impact that leaves a lasting impression.


    Printmaking has intrinsic qualities that allow the medium to evolve and permeate into a variety of combined processes. As a set of techniques for producing multiples- woodcut, engraving, etching, lithography and other forms have both maintained their uniqueness and also addressed the requirements of a contemporary milieu. In the Indian context, from the late 19th century until present times, one can see a sea-change in the technology of the multiple with the continual development of digital mediums. This has generated immense creative possibilities, but also fuelled certain confusions with regard to the understanding of a ‘fine-art’ print. The Printmaking workshop 2018 hosted by RMZ foundation was directed towards establishing a comprehensive experience of the medium’s many possibilities. The workshop also found a critical balance between honouring the authenticity of tradition and encouraging experimentation.

    Many among the group of artists who participated in the program have been instrumental in setting standards for printmaking practices in India. Laxma Goud, with several decades of committed artistic exploration behind him, creates a distinctive work with deeply etched lines contouring the powerful portrait of a woman. In the untitled work, subtle colours highlight the frank stare of the figure, while the viewer’s eye is led through the ornamentation within the frame. Sonal Vershneya’s etching ‘Permanent Issue’ portrays a commentary on gender, reflecting on contemporary events and connecting them through cryptic symbols left to the audience’s interpretation. ‘Heads’ by Viraj Naik continues the artist’s often satirical observations on complex human/animal nature – the delicately etched lines of each section richly perceivable against the pale paper surface. Jayakumar G. Reddy, in his aquatint etching ‘Project Decoding’ visualises a narrative that mixes the imaginary and real, producing a hybrid atmosphere in which anything is probable. An approach towards surreal representation is also apparent in the untitled print of Walter Emilio D Souza, which seems to personify a throne/chair; he often creates composites of figuration and abstraction within his art.

    Nature, with its unbounded and often mysterious vastness comes across strongly in the works of Kavita Nayar and Tejendra Singh Baoni. Nayar embodies a dynamic cloud that extends across the picture plane in ‘Seeds of Love’ and indicates an almost painterly handling of the print medium. Baoni on the other hand brings forth his background in sculptural practice, depicting an organic form alluding at once to elements in the microcosm and macrocosm – ‘Panchabhuta’. Fragments of the existential world construe different meanings in G.R. Iranna’s work – in ‘Tempered Branches’ he peels off the outer layers of a visual construct to present the bare minimum. Time and space, motion and suspension are traced through the minimal mapping in Rm Palaniappan’s ‘Still not Arrived’. As a pioneer of printmaking experimentation and international expansion, Palaniappan has inspired several generations of practitioners.

    Printmaking is being seen as an extension of new media practices, with artists venturing into fresh territories with alternative materials. Practices now encourage innovation alongside discourse, as well as more environmentally safe methods that are gaining popularity. Kavita Shah, who has been attempting to adopt non-toxic methods personally as well as within her community studio ‘Chhaap’, displays a poetic confluence of the built and organic world within her untitled cyanotype that utilises a layering of photo- transfer techniques.

    The group of artists in the workshop brought together diverse styles, approaches, critical standpoints and conceptual frameworks that resulted in a veritable melting pot of artworks. Emphasising an idea that the gaps between disciplines are narrowing down considerably, several artists enjoy the combined explorations of science and aesthetics, politics and printing, and many other interdisciplinary spaces.

    Vivek Vilasini’s vividly coloured ‘Bangalore Blossoms’ presents a micro worldview of organic material resembling flower petals. It appears as a sign for a period of transfor