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First HomecomingTo operate on his mothers eyesTo serve his people who had long been oppressed by Spanish tyrantsTo find out for himself how the Noli and his other writings were affecting Filipinos and SpaniardsTo inquire why Leonor Rivera remained silent

Because of the publication of the Noli and the uproar it caused among the friars, Rizal was warned by Paciano and other friends not to return home


He established a medical clinic and his first patient was his motherWithin few months Rizal earned P900 and by Feb 1888, he earned a total of P5, 000 as a physician

Rizal arrived in Manila on August 3, 1887 and in Calamba on August 82

Storm over the NoliRizal received a letter from Gov.-Gen. Emilio Terrero (1885-88) requesting him to come in Malacaan

A few weeks after his arrival, an attack broke over his novelHe appeared at Malacaan and was informed by the Gov. Gen. that his novel contains subversive ideas but Rizal denied it and added that he merely exposed the truth


The Gov. Gen. read the Noli and found nothing wrong with it, but Rizals enemies like the Archbishop of Manila, Msgr. Pedro Payo (a Dominican) were powerfulFor security measure, the Gov. Gen. assigned a Spanish lieutenant, Don Jose Taviel de Andrade, as bodyguard of Rizal


The Archbishop of Manila sent a copy of the Noli to Father Rector Echavarria of UST for examination, and they concluded that the Noli was heretical, impious, and scandalous in the religious order and the Spain


Fr. Font found the novel to contain subversive ideas against the Church and Spain, and recommended that the importation, reproduction and circulation of the book in the islands be prohibitedThere were also attackers of the Noli like Fr. Font, Fr. Jose Rodriguez (made 8 anti-Noli pamphlets), and Vicente BarrantesDefenders of the Noli also appeared like Del Pilar, Jaena, Morayta, Blumentritt , Fr. Sanchez and Fr. Garcia

The banning of the Noli made it popular, everybody wanted to Many Filipinos were able to get a copy and read it at night behind closed doors


Anonymous threats against Rizal were present so his parents and other friends advised him to go awayThe Gov. Gen. also summoned and advised him to leave the country for his own good


Rizal in JapanOne of the happiest interludes in the life of Rizal was his sojourn in JapanHer real name was Seiko UsuiBut Rizal affectionately called her O-Sei-San

He was enchanted by the natural beauty of Japan, the charming manners of Japanese people, and he fell in love with a Japanese girl


El Filibusterismo Published in Ghent, BelgiumThe writing of El Fili was started by Rizal when he was in Calamba (1887), and then in London (1888), wrote more chapters in Paris and Madrid, and finished the manuscript in Biarritz, France (1891)


Ventura, Savior of the FiliValentin Ventura in Paris learned of Rizals predicament and immediately sent him the necessary fundsOn Sept. 18, 1891, El Fili came off the press

SECOND HOMECOMING AND THE LIGA FILIPINAAfter the arrival Rizal has been interviewed by Governor General DespujolFounding of the Liga Filipina- a civic league of Filipinos, which he desired to established and its role on the socio-economic life of the people.

Rizals 2nd homecoming was on June 1892; arrival in manila with sister he arrived in June 26 with Lucia going to the hotel de oriente with a major


President Ambrosio SalvadorSecretary Deodato ArellanoTreasurer Bonifacio ArevolaAgustin de la Rosa FisalConditions of Liga FilipinaObjectives:1. To unite the archipelago into one compact and homogenous body2. Mutual Protection in every want and Necessity3. Defense against all violence and injustice.4. Encourage of Education, agriculture and commerce.5. Study of application and reforme

Motto of Liga Filipina: ONE LIKE THEM (unus instar omnium)Rizal Arrested and Jailed in fort Santiago July 6 he resume his interview with the governor general but suddenly showed him a printed leaflets were entitled Pobres Frailes (Poor fiars) under the authorship of Fr. Jacinto from ParisRizal insisted having those leaflets when they arrived in Hong Kong that found nothing He was arrested and exiled in Dapitan

Exile in Dapitan, 1892-96


Rizal could live at parish convent on the ff. conditionsThat Rizal publically retract his errors concerning religion and make statements that were clearly pro-Spanish against revolution.

That he perform the church rites and make a general confession of his past life.

That henceforth he conduct himself in an exemplary manner as a Spanish Subject and a man of religion.


TheHomeof Commandant Carnicero


Beginning of Exile in DapitanA Don Ricardo Carniceropoem which Rizal wrote for Captain Carnicero on the occasion of captains birthday August 26,1892


Wins in Manila LotteryButuan mail boat which brought the news about Rizals winning in the lottery


Wins in Manila LotteryThree (3) pesetas amount Rizal allotted forlottery tickets every month


Lottery Ticket No. 9736P20,000 lottery prize P6,200 of it was givento Rizal P2,000 of his share he gave to his father andP200 to Basa in Hong Kong, the rest heinvested thru purchasing agricultural lands from the coast of Talisay about kilometre away from Dapitan


Volunteers as Military Doctor in CubaWhen Cuba was under revolution and raging yellow fever epidemic, Rizal wrote to GovernorGeneral Ramon Blanco offering his services as military doctor.


Governor Blanco later notified Rizal of the acceptance of the offer. The notification came along with an instruction of acquiring first a pass for Manila from thepolitico-military commanderof Dapitan.Volunteers as Military Doctor in Cuba


The Song of the Traveler

Upon receiving the acceptance of his offer to go to Europe then to Cuba to help in the curing ofpatients suffering yellow fever, he wrote a poem El Canto del Viajero


Adios, DapitanEspaa steamer which brought Rizal to Manila from Dapitan Rizal was accompanied by Josephine, Narcisa, Angelica (Narcisas daughter), his three nephews and six pupils. As farewell, the town brass of Dapitan played the dolorous Funeral March of Chopin. He stayed in Dapitan for four years, thirteen days and a few hours.