Riverton City Cake Decorating Class Learn how to decorate cakes like a pro! Exclusive Wilton method...

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Transcript of Riverton City Cake Decorating Class Learn how to decorate cakes like a pro! Exclusive Wilton method...

  • Looking for a great place for lunch or socializing? Maybe you are hoping to learn a new skill or take a fun exercise class? If youre 60 or older, look no further than the Riverton Senior Center located at 12914 S. Redwood Road. Jeanne and I have spent many pleasant hours socializing with friends at the Riverton Senior Center. It is a great recreational facility for independent adults 60 years and older. The center is provided through a joint effort between the cities of Riverton, Herriman, and Bluffdale, and Salt Lake County Aging & Adult Services.

    Nutritionally balanced and delicious meals are served five days a week for a suggested donation of three dollars. Van transportation is also available to the Riverton Senior Center for residents of Riverton, Herriman, and Bluffdale.

    They provide free exercise and health classes like yoga, Zumba, and dancing. Educational opportunities such as computer classes and writing classes are also offered. Arts and crafts classes available include: Pottery, painting, and ceramics. Occasionally there are even evening events and activities to enjoy. There is no fee to participate in most activities.

    The senior center relies heavily on volunteers who donate their time and talents to keep the center operating so well. They are always seeking individuals who are willing to teach classes and share their expertise with others. Statistics show that seniors participating in these programs often remain more healthy and independent than they might be otherwise. The Riverton Senior Center encourages seniors to keep learning, moving, and actively living each day to the fullest. Seniors attending the center can participate in activities independently or they can bring a caregiver, family member, or friend to assist them.

    Dont let your perception of what a senior center is stop you from checking out what todays senior center is. Come and see what they have to offer! I look forward to having you join Jeanne and me at the Riverton Senior Center.


    Mayor Bill

    Riverton City Contacts12830 S. Redwood Road (801) 254-0704

    Mayor:Bill Applegarth [email protected]

    Council Members:Brent Johnson [email protected]

    Trent Staggs [email protected]

    Sheldon Stewart [email protected]

    Tricia Tingey [email protected]

    Paul Wayman [email protected] Manager:Lance Blackwood [email protected]

    September 2016

    Its Time For Whats Up In Riverton!

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    The Riverton Senior Center


    Connect with us on social media


    Landfill coupons available in October.

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    For the latest City information,visit www.rivertoncity.com

    Riverton City News

    COMMUNITY CLASSESAll Community Classes are held at the Sandra N. Lloyd Community Center, 12830 S. Redwood Road, unless otherwise noted.

    Please pre-register for all classes at the Parks and Recreation office at least one week before class begins. Walk-ins are welcome in Yoga classes. Space is limited in most classes so please register early.

    Report A Problem Online

    Legal NoticeFor your convenience, the following websites are available to review Riverton Citys Public Meeting and Legal Notices:

    www.rivertoncity.com www.utah.gov/pmn/index and www.utahlegals.com/index

    If you need additional information,

    To report a problem online, visit the Citys website at www.rivertoncity.com and follow the Report A Problem link at the top of the page. Thank you for your feedback! It helps us better communicate and manage requests effectively.

    The Riverton Senior Center offers a wide range of programs to enlighten, educate, and enrich the lives of active seniors.

    Gentle Movement for HealthGentle movements and strengthening exercises at a comfortable pace for all body types. Ages: 16 & up Cost: $7 per class or $42 for 7 class-es (Payments received by instructor during class) Day: Mondays (except holidays) Time: 6:30 7:30 p.m.

    Hunter Education Cost: $2 + $10 Hunter Ed. Voucher that must be purchased wherever you can buy a hunting license before the first night of class.All ages Time: 6:00 9:00 p.m. Location: Sandra N. Lloyd Community Center, Room S109Dates: Nov. 2, 4, 9, 11, 16 & 18

    Love & Logic Parenting the Love and Logic Way. Love and Logic is a well-known parenting program that teaches parents how to raise responsible children and have more fun in their parenting role. Topics covered will include ending power struggles and teaching respon-sibility, setting limits and preventing arguments, problem solving and com-pleting chores without conflict. Register: HealthyRelationshipsUtah.org Cost: free Ages: 18 & older Time: 9:00 - 11:15 a.m. Dates: Saturdays, Sept 10, 17, 24, & Oct 1

    Self-Defense Karate & Safety Awareness Gain self-discipline and self-confi-dence while learning to defend against bullies and strangers. Family fun and recreation for ages 5 and up. Students advance in Rank. For more information call A.S.A.P. (801) 597-5707

    Wilton Cake Decorating ClassLearn how to decorate cakes like a pro! Exclusive Wilton method now being taught in our City! Decoration de pasteles metodo Wilton clases en Espanol disponibles. Taught by Daisy Little.Dates (Mondays): Session 1: September 26-October 17 Session 2: October 24-November 14 Time: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Location: room S101 Ages: 16 & older Cost: $30 per session

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    Riverton City Parks & RecreationOnline Registration is now available for most recreation programs with no additional fee.

    To register, and for more information on these and other events, please visit our website: www.rivertoncity.com.

    12830 S. Redwood Road (801) 208-3101 [email protected] Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm

    Food trucks begin at 6:00 p.m. and movie starts at dusk.

    Please keep chairs toward the back so people on blankets can see the screen.

    Be Ready Riverton: Be Prepared for a Month Being prepared for a month is an important component to the smooth functioning of a family in the event of an emergency. There are a variety of man-made and natural events that can cause you to rely on the stores you have in your home. You never know when potential disasters may occur, which is why you should prepare in advance.

    This year the Citys goal is to have every Riverton family be prepared for a month by November 30, 2016. Planning is easier than it sounds. Simply purchase the goods you need over the next few months to stock the items you normally use. By adding a few extra supplies, soon you will have a months worth sitting on the shelf.

    To help with your preparation, go to rivertoncity.com and follow the Preparedness Tips tab to find a free weekly meal planner and shopping list so that you can plan and purchase what you need. Additional preparedness information will continue to be added so that you can achieve your preparedness goals.

    October is Clean-Up MonthOctober is Clean-up Month and a great time to get your homes and yards cleaned and ready before winter. To help you get going, the City is offering coupons to residents for a discount on one load of disposal at the Trans-Jordan Landfill. Coupons for the month of October will be available for pick up at the Utility Billing and Reception windows at City Hall at the end of September. Please RECYCLE

    Home, Hand & Harvest

    Bring your family for food, crafts & fun in the sun.


    Riverton City Park12600 S. 1452 W.

    Saturdays: August - October

    9 am to 1 pm

    Calling All Quilters!Do you have a family quilt that you are proud of? Or, are you ready to cre-ate something new? Put it on display during Riverton Citys Quilt Show, October 3 - November 4. Novice and experienced quilters are welcome. Categories will be made and prizes will be given. Our area quilt guilds will help choose which quilts to display and the visiting public will cast their vote for the favorite quilts. Contact Bradley Dance for more information at [email protected] or 385-237-3421.

    Riverton UPD: 1 in 4 Car Crashes Caused by Distracted DrivingDistracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on Americas roadways today. In 2014 alone, 3,129 people were killed in distracted driving crashes. Utah Zero Fatalities states that in 2013, Utah crash statistics showed that distracted driving caused 17 fatalities, 1,944 injuries, and 5,013 crashes. Distracted driving is the number one killer of American teens. Alcohol-related accidents among teens have dropped. But teenage traffic fatalities have remained unchanged, because distracted driving is on the rise.More than 80 percent of drivers admit to blatantly hazardous behaviors, such as: changing clothes, shaving, painting nails, etc. Drivers on mobile phones are more impaired than drivers driving at twice the legal limit. An estimated one million people each day chat on their phones or send text messages while driving. Approximately one in four car crashes today involve some sort of distracted driving. The average time a drivers eye is away from the road when receiving or sending a text messages is approximately 4.6 seconds. In that amount of time while driving at 60 mph, you will go as far as the length of a football field. Utah distractive driving laws falls under two specific Utah codes which are:

    41-6a-1715. Careless driving 41-6a-1716. Prohibition on using a

    handheld wireless communication device while operating a moving motor vehicle.