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One of the most important benefits of achieving a college education is learning how to learn. You have skills that will enable you to adapt as the world around you changes.


  • A R I O S A L A D O CO L L E G E P U B L I C AT I O N

    Summer 2012


    THE GRADUATION ISSUE: Take the Next Step

    GED Graduation Speaker Aims High

    1Location Serves Downtown Residents


    Library Services Save the Day (and Night!)

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  • Career Choices A to Z2

    Graduate Quotes6-7

    Library Services Save the Day (and Night!)


    Location Serves Downtown Residents


    Rio Lingo Tuition Comparison

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    Rio Salado College Locations


    Current is published 4 times a year by the Institutional Advancement Office at Rio Salado College.

    Rio Salado College President

    -Dr. Chris Bustamante

    One of the most important benefits of achieving a college education is learning how to learn. You have skills that will enable you to adapt as the world around you changes.


    GED Graduation Speaker Aims High


    2012 Graduation by the Numbers

    Tuition Comparison

  • Classes Start Monday!

    627 Associate Degrees

    23 Academic Certificates

    197 Recognitions of Academic Achievement (Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Education completers)

    Note: 453 of the above graduates received academic honors.

    576GED graduates

    BY THE NUMBERSCommencement GED

    2012 GR ADUATION

    Bachelor Degree Partnership Pathway Recognitions (Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Education completers)


    3,256 Certificates of Completion

    Rio Salado College Locations

    Rio Salado College President


    LISA MURILLO IS NO ORDINARY student. As a mother and grandmother, she may seem a bit older than other students, but she didnt let that get in the way of earning her GED and serving as student speaker at Rio Salados GED Graduation in May.

    Going back to school as an adult learner requires creating new habits and breaking old ones, Murillo said. It takes focus and determination, but it can be accomplished with perseverance.

    At the age of 14, Murillo moved to Arizona from Los Angeles after her parents divorced. Two years later, she dropped out of high school when her mother moved back to California and she was forced to fend for herself.

    She survived by finding employment at a tennis court where she performed routine

    maintenance and cleaning. Murillo got married at the age of 18 and started a family soon after.

    I had always wanted my GED,

    Murillo said. It was

    something that I envisioned, but I had to

    work to keep a roof over my

    familys head.On top of her duties

    as a parent, Murillo also worked as a payroll clerk for seven years.

    Numbers were always my forte, said

    Murillo, who was eager to get back into the classroom and use her number-crunching skills. Through the GED program, Im learning all new concepts that I never knew existed.

    Now that she has her GED, Murillos career goal is to earn an associate degree in dental office management by taking advantage of the IBEST program.

    IBEST students take 24 credits of dental assisting technology classes in addition to contextualized GED instruction.

    Murillo is proud of her accomplishments and is eager to share her success story with others. Starting a new career with the right education is a life-changing experience. Its one of the best decisions Ive made, said Murillo.

    By Jesse Woodbury


  • Career Choices Looking for a new career? Rio Salado College offers a variety of certificate and degree programs to get you started on your career path (full list of programs available online). And with our online classes, flexible start dates and affordable tuition, choosing Rio Salado just makes sense.

    Area of Study Degree or Certificate Prepares you to: AZ Median Salary*

    Accounting Certificate of Completion Associate in Applied Science

    Examine, analyze, and interpret accounting records, prepare/audit financial statements.


    Addictions and Substance Use Disorders

    Certificates of Completion (3) Professional Certificate Associate in Applied Science

    Counsel/advise individuals with alcohol, tobacco, drug, or other addictive behaviors.


    Computer Technology Certificates of Completion (6) Associate in Applied Science

    Work in information technology careers including networking, programming, web design, etc.

    Varies depending on specialization

    Creative Writing Academic Certificate Create original written works, such as scripts, essays, prose, poetry, for publication.


    Dental Assisting Certificate of Completion Associate in Applied Science

    Assist dentists, set up equipment, prepare patient for treatment, and keep records.


    Dental Hygiene Associate in Applied Science Clean teeth. Examine oral areas for signs of disease. Educate patients on oral care.


    Early Childhood Education Academic Certificate Certificates of Completion (4) Associate in Applied Science (4)

    Instruct preschool-aged children in activities designed to promote social, physical, and intellectual growth.


    eLearning Design Specialist Certificate of Completion Associate in Applied Science

    Design online training, curricula, and multimedia presentations using current technologies.

    $49,600 for Instructional Designer

    General Business Certificate of Completion Associate in Applied Science

    Work in business careers including finance, marketing, accounting, management and human resources.

    Varies depending on specialization.

    Organizational Management Certificate of Completion Associate in Applied Science

    Plan, direct, or coordinate one or more administrative services of an organization.


    Paralegal Certificate of Completion Associate in Applied Science

    Assist lawyers by investigating facts, preparing legal documents, or researching legal precedent.


    Public Administration Certificate of Completion Associate in Applied Science

    Plan, direct, or coordinate the operations of public or private sector organizations.


    Quality Customer Service Certificate of Completion Associate in Applied Science

    Interact with customers, respond to inquiries about products and services and handle/resolve complaints.


    Sustainable Food Systems Certificate of Completion Associate in Applied Science

    Plan, direct, or coordinate activities of an organization or department that serves food and beverages.

    $47,500 for Food Service Manager

    Teacher Education Bachelors Degree Pathway Post-Baccalaureate

    Teach elementary, secondary and/or special education.

    Varies depending on specialization.

    *A median salary is the middle number from a list of salaries listed from lowest to highest. Salary statistics taken from, the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Arizona Department of Administration.

    **Rio Salado College is a Maricopa Community College and an accredited institution. Online classes may have in-person components, testing requirements, block calendar guidelines and require proof of legal residency. Verification with a Rio Salado academic advisor is recommended. Payment plan options and financial aid are available to those who qualify. For program details, such as estimated costs and graduation rates, please visit

    A TOZ programs


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    2Ask a LibrarianThe Ask a Librarian services provide students with 24-hour access to a live librarian who can answer questions about online and in-person research tools, provide links to additional information and direct students to the proper resources.

    Rio students dont always have a traditional schedule, so they love that there is a librarian on call 24/7, said Karen Docherty, Rio Salado College librarian. The chat service is designed to be convenient and easy to use. It doesnt matter if its six in the morning before they go to work or 11 at night after they get the kids to bed. All thats needed is a computer and Internet access to connect to the service and start chatting with a librarian.

    Txt a LibrarianStudents can also contact a librarian by SMS text message. The Txt a Librarian service uses a secure third party program to anonymously connect users with a Maricopa district librarian. When a student texts RioLib to 66746, their phone number is converted to a Rio Salado user ID that lets the librarian respond without viewing any personal information.

    Respecting the students privacy is really important to us, said Rio Salado College librarian Janelle Underhill. We want students to use these services with confidence. We want them to know that we arent collecting phone numbers or anything like that. Our only goal is to help students find the information they need.

    Online Writing Lab (OWL)In addition to 24-hour research assistance, Rio Salado students can also take advantage of the librarys online writing lab.

    OWL provides students with a wealth of information, tips and tricks to help them write at a college level. The Writing Rubric section covers basic elements such as sentence structure, organization and content. Other sections like General Writing and Critical Thinking cover topics such as evaluating and citing sources, paraphrasing and quoting, as well as more advanced topics like analysis, inference, and reasoning.

    How Do I? Video SeriesThere are also quite a few video tutorials available in the How Do I? section of the Rio Salado College Library web pages. The tutorials cover everything from basics like logging in or accessing an e-book to using library databases.

    The tutorial videos are a great tool to help students who prefer to do things independently, Underhill said. They walk the viewer step by step through each process. Theyre very easy to follow.

    In-Class VisitsMany course instructors invite Rio Salado librarians to visit their classes and teach students how to formulate search strategies and to use library databases to find relevant and reliable journal, magazine, newspaper articles, books, and media (such as images and streaming films).

    1 3

    6District Library Services All MCCCD libraries offer free in-person, phone, Txt a Librarian and Pregntele al Bibliotecario (Chat en Espaol) services. These services are available to MCCCD students, faculty and staff. To get help from a librarian now, visit

    By Patricia Moore

    LIBRARY SERVICES SAVE THE DAY (AND NIGHT!)Starting a research assignment can be intimidating. Formulating search strategies and finding relevant, reliable sources for a paper or other project can seem overwhelming to students who have never done it before.

    Rio Salado College and the Maricopa County Community College District libraries offer several services to help students navigate the library systems, find information and properly cite sources.

    Classes Start Monday!


  • Associate Degree: A degree awarded for the completion of a minimum of 60-64 credits selected to meet specific requirements and designed for transfer to a university.

    Bachelors Degree: A degree awarded by a four-year college. The B.A., B.S., B.I.S., or B.A.S. requires approximately 120 credits.

    Block Term: The academic calendar at Rio Salado that is divided into 16 blocks each term. Each block is 16 weeks long, and has a fixed start and end date. Your start date will determine your block for that term, and all coursework for that term must be completed within your blocks start and end date.

    Book Advance: A one-time only advance of funds to eligible students. To qualify, the student must have an anticipated financial aid award, and have sufficient aid to cover his or her outstanding student account balance.

    Certificate of Completion (CCL): A certificate awarded for the completion of a specified career program.

    Dual Enrollment: A program, in which students take classes at their high school, and earn high school and college credit simultaneously. Classes are taught by high school instructors who have the necessary professional credentials to instruct community college classes.

    ESF (Electronic Student File and Retention System):An online advisement tool providing students with access to degree and certificate check sheets, data about the arrival and evaluation of transcripts from other institutions, and program admittance status.

    MCCCD or MCCD: Maricopa County Community College District, made up of 10 colleges, 2 skill centers and numerous education centers, all dedicated to educational excellence and to meeting the needs of businesses and the citizens of Maricopa County.

    MEID: Maricopa Enterprise ID is your student username for logging into RioLearn and

    Mini Syllabus: A preview of course content including course description, prerequisites, assignments and exams and required course materials. Online student center where you access registration, transcripts, grades, financial aid, payment options, personal information, class add/drop/withdraw and more.

    RioLearn: The online course delivery system at Rio Salado College.

    Online student orientation to help new students get started at Rio. Visit

    Syllabus: A course outline and information on classroom policies, tests, dates, and materials to be used in a class.

    Transfer Credit: Credit earned at other regionally accredited institutions that is accepted at Rio SaladoCollege. Credits accepted in transfer do not necessarily apply to all certificates and degrees.

    Here are some terms to know while preparing for your Rio Salado College journey.

    RIO L-I-N-G-O

    RioStart: Begins August 2012!


  • 5Classes Start Monday!

    RSC ThomasServices include testing center, Adult Basic and Secondary Education, English Language Acquisition for Adults, and workforce training in sustainable food systems, dental and healthcare, and green energy programs.

    SPOT 127This youth media center is a partnership with KJZZ 91.5FM and Phoenix Union High School District to provide at-risk students ages 14-24 with career training and mentoring in digital media professions and sustainable foods journalism.


    By Mira Radovich

    ReSIDeNtS AND StUDeNtS whO LIve in downtown Phoenix can take advantage of Rio Salado Colleges newly-renovated facility that is geared toward serving educational and community needs.

    Rio Salado College Downtown welcomes students of all ages by providing convenient access to educational opportunities that lead to employment and career advancement, said Chris Bustamante, Rio Salado College president.

    The center offers in-person Adult Basic Education and English Acquisition for Adults classes, student support services and specialized workforce training to

    help local residents prepare for careers in fields related to sustainability and green technologies.

    Rio Salado College Downtown was built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification, using sustainable building practices including: A gray water system to reduce

    wastewater and re-use water for irrigation

    A light harvesting system to utilize daylight to save energy

    Sunshades, tinted glass, and a high insulation roof to reduce energy usage

    Phase two of the facility includes a partnership with...